Friday, May 29, 2009

James Wu is Conwused

According to an article in the Queens Chronicle "James Wu says he’s the one for Liu’s council seat"

Mr. Wu feels that he is the best democratic candidate and will win the primary on September 14th. However, James Wu voted on Sunday to endorse John Choe as the winning democratic candidate. It seems a bit confusing or is it? Maybe there are some behind the scenes deals going on between Wu and Choe.

Here is what Wu had to say about some of his democratic rivals, Currently, he has five Democratic opponents running for the City Council seat which Liu is vacating to run for comptroller. Wu believes not all will get on the ballot. The ones with the least chance, according to him, are Ronald Kim, “no political organization or backing”; Constantine Kavadas, “new kid on the block and we don’t know much about him”; Yen Chou, “no election experience with her resources in Bayside”; and S.J. Jung, “an unknown who moved here from New Jersey in October, has no money and is a carpetbagger.”

Notice how he left John Choe off his hit list!

maybe we should give the new kid on the block a chance, Constatine Kavadas, looks like he may be the only one not tarnished by corrupt party politics.

Wu also forgot to mention that he recently worked for Geraldine Chappey, a candidate who used dirty politics to get candidates kicked off the ballot. Reports state that he still hasn't gotten paid for his service.


  1. All are not with right mind.

    James Wu: MaMa's boy who really doesn't know what he's doing. Just a man with lots of talks.

    S.J.Jung: Man flew from New Jersey in Oct. 2008(voted in New Jersey in 2008), claiming that he served our Flushing community for 20 years which I have never seen him in any civic or community activity at all. He is a liar and politician WANABEE.

    John Choe: John Liu's toy

    Ron Kim: Quiter

    Constantine Kavadas: Con-Artist, Fraud and Cheater.

    Isaac Sasson: Don't understand him. How could he lose the election? Lots of stange people around him.

    Yen Chou: Another being flew from Bayside in Nov. 2008, and never voted since she registered in 1999. Divider, Liar, an incompetent and unlikable person.

    I'm kind of sad that we have to deal with Chou for many years... Peter Koo is nice guy but he is also an imcompetent one and he is republican. Oh Lord!!!

    DC. W.

  2. Look who we have now, Peter Koo, (Oh brother!) because all the democrat candidates were idots. James Wu; who doesn't know that he is always confused, Yen Chow; who doesn't know why she lost, Isaac Sasson; a strange person with strange people around him, Ron Kim; who doesn't know what it takes to be a man, politician, John Choe; Yeah! so well described. Constantine; Cheater. You know? you have some keen sense of humor, so profoundly described about individuals.

    J. S.