Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Future Depends on This Tuesday Vote Peter Koo Vs. Yen Chou

With the race for City Council coming down to the last days… we here at Save Flushing Queens ask that each of our readers exercise our right to vote and make a decision! Failure to vote is abdicating your civic responsibility and only empowers others over yourself.

The choice for City Council in District 20 could never be clearer. The Choice is Peter Koo. Peter deserves a chance to represent us; he has lived in Flushing, worked in Flushing, Employs people in Flushing, and has financially supported so many charitable events and organizations in Flushing but more important he is a man of honor and unfortunately his opponent Yen Chou cannot say the same.

Yen Chou has desecrated the RKO Theatre with Illegal Posters
Yen Chou has Failed to Vote in 10 years
Yen Chou’s AIM academy failed to pay rent and was evicted having to pay $9300.00
Yen Chou Missed or was late to 70% of her official meetings and was forced to resign in disgrace.
Yen Chou used anti-Jewish propaganda in her Primary Election
Yen Chou was petitioned by 300 angry parents demanding her School Board removal accusing her of specific acts of fraud.
Yen Chou has accepted all the Special Interest money, and will be the special interest best friend
Yen Chou may face an investigation into her Campaign Finance Fraud
Yen Chou’s non-for-profit raises over 115,000 and does not show where it is spent leading to potential Fraud.

Yen Chou is simply unfit to serve. So this Tuesday Vote as if the future of our community depends upon it…because Ladies and Gentleman IT DOES!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yen Chou Trashes Fellow Democrats

Remember YEN when you point a finger 3 are pointing back at you!

In a sleazy Political attack Yen Chou has resorted to calling good loyal Democrats “Losers”

Yen Chou has attacked Terence Park, Isaac Sasson, Ethel Chen, Pauline Chu, Martha Flores-Velasquez, John Baez all as Losers and the list goes on. Who is she to label long time trailblazers and civic minded citizens as “losers”

Truth be told they are, in my mind, TRUE LEADERS! Individuals who chose by the candidate and not by the Party.

Yen Chou can not hide her feeling of hate.

Peter Koo is a good candidate and a good person and many people recognize his leadership and Experience.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Yen Chou I Needed The Laugh

Yesterday I received in the mail a piece of Literature to my home from Yen Chou. Now I realize that in Politics, Politicians will say anything to get elected! No matter what! No truth? That's OK! I am Yen Chou what I saw must be true even when it is a lie.

Point One:

Yen Chou has photo's of herself with Various ethnic groups saying she is "bringing our community together" Really Yen? Then explain to the Jewish Voters why your campaign's anti-Semitic rants during the primary were made and explain to the voter why you never apologized? Maybe because you needed to divide the Community to win!

Yen why did you say this Council seat is a "Chinese Seat" are there not others who can represent this district with honor? Maybe a Korean American or a Latino American or African American or yes even a White American. Why Yen do you needed to divide our community to win the primary? Maybe you have no record of experience and the things that you do are mired in corruption and illegality or lack of civic responsibility.

Point Two:

Yen Chou shows herself with Congressman Ackerman calling him her mentor. Really Yen then explain why you never voted for your "Mentor" Is that what the Congressman teaches? Did your Mentor approve of you missing over 60 percent of all your CEC meetings? Do you make your Mentor proud? I am sure he looks at your record and is embarrassed.

Point Three:

Yen why have you accepted the endorsement of Council Speaker Christine Quinn? Do you read the papers? She had an illegal Slush Fund and is under investigation by the Federal Government for Fraud. Already Council Staffers and Council Members have been arrested and charged. Is that the leader you will support if you are elected? I say yes because you are not independent you are a tool with no original thoughts.

We need Real Change we need a Council Member who shows up for work! We need a Council Member who votes we need a leader not a tool of Politics and Special Interest.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Elect Yen Chou You Get 2 Nasty Venal Bullying Politicians For The Price Of 1

I love Flushing, I have lived here my entire life, yes it has changed, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse! I became active this year in the Primary becuase I needed to get off the sidelines and help my community. I voted for Isaac Sasson and almost voted for James Wu. I at first went to help Yen Chou but she never responded back to me. It was clear that her campaign would not care for white voters. She has shown disdain for us since day one! Her Primary remarks that this is a "Chinese Seat" and if "you wait to the General election, you help elect a Jew" are divisive statements.

As a preservationist, I was extremely angry at Yen Chou for allowing the desecration of the RKO, by her campaign team. Her Posters are illegally up everywhere! She acts as if she is Above The Law! I understand Politics is a tough business, but it does not have to be dirty! Yen Chou's camp viciously attacked James Wu with mailings at the last minute and I am sure she will try and tarnish the reputation of Peter Koo.

But now I have heard the worst of Yen Chou! Her husband is going through the Chinese papers and calling supporters of Peter Koo and threatening them. He is telling them when she gets elected that she will use her power to destroy them! Did someone empower him? Who is he? Does he still live in Bayside?

These underhanded tactics are so low that I have asked the New York City Department of Investigation to look into voter intimidation and will forward a similar complaint with the Federal Government seeking immediate actions. Yen Chou's husband has some answering to do! because some of the people who he has threatened are ready to speak. Including Presidents of non profits, small business owners and regular citizens who have felt his wrath.

We do not need people representing us who will resort to dirty tricks and intimidation to get what they want!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yen Chou Announces Her Failure to Vote

Yen Chou Announces Her Failure to Vote

A local Queens newspaper, the Queens Examiner stumbled across an interesting fact, Yen Chou has failed to vote for 10 years! When she did decide to vote it was for herself in the recent primary! Why would someone who claims to be so active in the community not participate at all in the Democratic Process? A Democratic District leader who doesn't Vote? Clearly, voting in elections is not only an honor but many feel a duty and responsibility. Our American Democracy is founded upon the ability for us to choose our leaders. What is so great about the United States is that we can change leadership with the power of a vote and not by shedding blood. It is a dishonor to all our Veterans and those who paid the supreme sacrifice to fight to protect our freedoms. Yen Chou wants the power for herself but she does not want to advance our democracy and freedom.

Last night I attended a debate Yen Chou openly admitted to the small audience that she did not Vote! She offered poor excuse after poor excuse, Instead of saying "I have failed in my civic responsibility!"

We give her credit for taking on the issue, but she deserves to lose the election for her lack of civic responsibility. Remember this is not just about voting, it is also about being appointed and accepting the responsibility of representing parents as a member of the CEC Community Education Council, she missed or was absent near 60% of the time missing votes that were urgent in the field of education and affected our community.

Please, you don't have to believe us go on-line and check the CEC for District 26, go to the minutes and see Yen's failure to Vote.

Please go on-line and check the Editorial for the Queens Examiner and read why they rejected Yen Chou
Yen Chou only cared enough to vote for herself and she will never care about you or the community when elected!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

The Race for City Council is only 13 days away and the pace is picking up with community leaders now taking sides and some jumping sides and some playing both sides. If you put your ear to the ground you can tell that people were not expecting this close of a race in Flushing. We are not surprised Peter Koo and Yen Chou are waging this epic battle what we are surprised is how many people have emailed us encouraging us to continue with our site. We admit we are angry at the way Yen Chou sent out nasty attack pieces directed at James Wu and John Choe in the primary. We are angry how Yen Chou puts posters everywhere making our community look like a slum. So we accept the criticism that we have shown anger towards Yen Chou but we challenger her to show us that she can live within the law, if she does we have less to be critical about.

Is Bena To Be Arrested?

Word on the street is that the Happy Hobo of Flushing James Bena was caught red handed by Officers of the 109th Police Precinct illegally removing Peter Koo signs from private property; this comes in the wake of the Chou campaign being issued thousands of dollars in fines for their desecration of the RKO Theatre.

Finally the campaign which has been run “Above The Law” is facing the music. This restores our faith in government.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Did John Liu Really Want to Endorse Yen Chou? You Decide?

John Liu and City Councilman Charles Barron at a Recent Rally for Comptroller

Yes it happened John Liu held his nose and did what people had been pressuring him to do since September 15th, the unthinkable he endorsed Yen Chou. But is he really supporting Yen Chou. Let’s look at the history and the facts and you decide.

Yen Chou in June of this year announces her support for David Weprin over John Liu in the race for Comptroller. Her announcement and comments were published on June 4th in Sing Tao Daily and the World Journal. Yen takes a few calculated shots at John Liu and opposes him in the vote for the Queens Democratic Organization nod for Comptroller.

Once John Liu becomes the choice of the Democratic Organization… does Yen Chou support him? No! She goes on to support and carry petitions for Weprin and herself against the Party.

Chou and her few supporters continue to bash John Liu in hopes of advancing Weprin.

On September 15th John Liu makes the runoff and Yen Chou narrowly escapes with a win in the Primary.

From the 15th on Yen Chou is doing all she can to get the now coveted endorsement of John Liu and Liu delays, the runoff comes and goes and Liu is the winner, our next Comptroller. Day by Day Democrats cross party lines to support Republican Peter Koo, some of John Liu’s inside power players are seen in open meetings in the Flushing Mall food mart and at the Sheraton. Koo’s campaign gains momentum. John Liu comes out and makes an endorsement for City Council yet it was not for Yen Chou it was for Kevin Kim a smack in the face for Yen Chou. Peter Tu a Liu loyalist becomes a campaign manager for Peter Koo to work on Chinese vote for Election Day.

Still no Endorsement, The Democratic Organization calls and pushes John until he plays Loyal to his party publically and he endorses Yen Chou. The next day a group of campaign strategist loyal to Liu are told to work and help Koo.

So Now one Candidate has the public endorsement and the other has the Campaign team sounds like John Liu has split loyalties. You Decide!!!

We at Save Flushing Queens feel John Liu would prefer the more experienced Peter Koo in his old Council Seat.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yen Chou Poster Crew Caught in Action

A concerned citizen who was angered with the proliferation of posters on public places has contacted Save Flushing Queens with numerous pictures and Video's of paid Chou supporters placing posters on government property and removing legally put up signs of both John Liu and Peter Koo.

We here at Save Flushing Queens will be Posting these Video's upon verification of their authenticity, for now please except these pictures as stage one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RKO Used as Yen Chou Poster Board

Yen Chou in perhaps one of the most disgusting and vile political self promotions has angered a community for her plastering her inexperienced face on our RKO Building. Clearly Yen believes that enhancing her Political Career supersedes our quality of life. She is no better than a Graffiti Vandal defacing our property and a Historic location for own Political Notoriety. Does she really believe this is how to get elected?

Yen Chou has No Respect.

Yen Chou has No Honor.

Yen Chou believes if you plaster posters you win races.

Yen Chou is void of substance.

Yen Chou should be rejected.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yen Chou Mudslinger and Dirty Campaigner

Yen Chou has become the perfect Politician in the most negative of ways. Let us for the moment forget her blind allegiance to the developer of the Caldor site Sam Chan, who continues to try and pad her pockets and allegedly makes illegal contributions for what I am sure will be future favors should the public turn a blind eye to honesty and integrity and put Chou in office.

Let us warn you she is poised to attack her opponent Peter Koo and was ready to attack SJ Jung before he pulled out of the race. Why may you ask?

Because when you can't win on substance, experience or record you lie, cheat and demean honest people!

You heard it here first.

What will she say??? She was ready to attack SJ as a candidate who can't win, who had connections to Korean leftists and just moved into the district. She will try to divide Flushing by telling Chinese you can't have a Korean representative like she did in the Primary. She will tell you that he has the support of Unions and he is a Liberal Democrat. She was going to use the politics of fear and hate.

What else will she say? She will lie and say that Peter Koo can't win despite the polls that say something else, she will spread lies about the amount of time he has represented Flushing, she will attack that he is an immigrant and he does not speak perfect English. She may even talk about how Peter was unsuccessful in his first attempt at Public office. So what?

In the Primary Yen Chou started false rumours against Isaac Sasoon a good man and leader.

Yes she will attack and attack and throw mud all so she does not have to answer questions about her own record.

Call Yen Chou ask her how many times she was late or absent from her official department of Education Position representing parents on the Community Education Council.

Call and ask Yen Chou if she has the proper license for teaching?

Call and ask Yen Chou why she did not support Flushing's own John Liu in the Primary but instead David Weprin.

Why do candidates Mudsling? Because they are hiding their own failures. Yen Chou you can run but you can't hide your record of failure and corruption follows you where ever you go.
周燕霞最近已经把政客能做的坏事都一一做尽了。像是大开发商Sam Chan不断把钱塞进周燕霞的口袋,还非法利用人头捐款给周燕霞,我相信这些将来周燕霞要昧著良心把这些恩惠一一回报给她。












Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Park Endorses Koo Yen Chou Weakened

Terence Park a fixture in the Korean American Community has publicly crossed party lines to endorse and support Peter Koo for the race for City Council. Clearly Park long known for thinking clearly and then making an educated decision must realize that Democratic Council candidate Yen Chou is in deep trouble. Park has also made the determination that Political newcomer SJ Jung can never win on the Working Families Party Line.

As the election comes closer Political pundits are wondering why Yen Chou's opponents have yet to come out publicly to endorse her. The reason is that most of them believe that Yen Chou is incapable of leading the community. Rumor has it that most of the Democrats that sought office are working with Republican Peter Koo.

Hold tight this Election is not over yet!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yen Chou Making Flushing Look Like A Corrupt Dump

We here at Save Flushing Queens recognize that putting up campaign posters is part of the Political Process. When in storefronts that is positive, when on Public property it is downright unacceptable. The above photo is a perfect example of why Yen Chou should not be elected to the New York City Council. She firmly believes she is above the law, her arrogance is her downfall.

You may think that this is petty of us but the reality is she abuses all laws and official complaints have been filed with regard to allegations of Fraud in her campaign financing, letters have been sent to the City Campaign Finance Board and she may face a legal review from the District Attorneys office right here in Queens County!

If she is elected will this mean she will have to resign if brought up on charges and if so we as a community lose.