Monday, October 26, 2009

Elect Yen Chou You Get 2 Nasty Venal Bullying Politicians For The Price Of 1

I love Flushing, I have lived here my entire life, yes it has changed, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse! I became active this year in the Primary becuase I needed to get off the sidelines and help my community. I voted for Isaac Sasson and almost voted for James Wu. I at first went to help Yen Chou but she never responded back to me. It was clear that her campaign would not care for white voters. She has shown disdain for us since day one! Her Primary remarks that this is a "Chinese Seat" and if "you wait to the General election, you help elect a Jew" are divisive statements.

As a preservationist, I was extremely angry at Yen Chou for allowing the desecration of the RKO, by her campaign team. Her Posters are illegally up everywhere! She acts as if she is Above The Law! I understand Politics is a tough business, but it does not have to be dirty! Yen Chou's camp viciously attacked James Wu with mailings at the last minute and I am sure she will try and tarnish the reputation of Peter Koo.

But now I have heard the worst of Yen Chou! Her husband is going through the Chinese papers and calling supporters of Peter Koo and threatening them. He is telling them when she gets elected that she will use her power to destroy them! Did someone empower him? Who is he? Does he still live in Bayside?

These underhanded tactics are so low that I have asked the New York City Department of Investigation to look into voter intimidation and will forward a similar complaint with the Federal Government seeking immediate actions. Yen Chou's husband has some answering to do! because some of the people who he has threatened are ready to speak. Including Presidents of non profits, small business owners and regular citizens who have felt his wrath.

We do not need people representing us who will resort to dirty tricks and intimidation to get what they want!


  1. If it is true, it's harrible!

  2. I know how aggressive Yen Chou and her husband are they have been intimidating people in Flushing since the Primary saying she and John Liu will hurt them if they don't give money and support her.

  3. This election is so vital to our community. I hope people stand up to these oppressors and scoundrals

  4. Yen Chou is so bad. She doesn't have civic mind at all. She deserves nothing in this community. I will not vote for her.

  5. Former Yen SupporterOctober 27, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    I am glad you are reporting thest acts to the Federal Government new voting immigrants should feel confident about their Vote and not intimidated!

    This information makes we sad I voted for Yen Chou in the Primary she and her husband are a disgrace.

  6. One can only imagine what Yen Chou would do if given an elected government position. Don't we have enough crooks in government?