Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yen Chou Making Flushing Look Like A Corrupt Dump

We here at Save Flushing Queens recognize that putting up campaign posters is part of the Political Process. When in storefronts that is positive, when on Public property it is downright unacceptable. The above photo is a perfect example of why Yen Chou should not be elected to the New York City Council. She firmly believes she is above the law, her arrogance is her downfall.

You may think that this is petty of us but the reality is she abuses all laws and official complaints have been filed with regard to allegations of Fraud in her campaign financing, letters have been sent to the City Campaign Finance Board and she may face a legal review from the District Attorneys office right here in Queens County!

If she is elected will this mean she will have to resign if brought up on charges and if so we as a community lose.


  1. I passed by this location on Tuesday and was offended. Yen Chou I voted for you in the Primary now I will oppose you.

  2. do you know what I smell? Smells like desperation...sweet sweet smell of desperation!

    do you like replying to your own posts? does it make you feel like someone is reading your horribly written blog that you try to pass off as a source of veritable source of new for the community. You know what makes Flushing look like a corrupt dump? People like you and writings like this

  3. Thank you for your encouragement! I guess you were one of the people who Voted for Yen Chou? How much money is she paying you?

    Once the fact are heard and the investigations are completed people will be sorry they voted for her as the Democratic nominee.

    We still can reject Yen Chou by voting again for SJ or Peter Koo. Or maybe folks will decide to vote for Yen Chou and if they do look out for more and more trouble. Yen Chou does not have the peoples interest at heart!

  4. I would be more worried abut Yen Chou selling out to the Developers at the RKO than putting a few signs up

  5. When will people realize that a new voice is needed for Flushing SJ Jung should be the Councilman, never Yen Chou he is more progressive and will make sure that government protects the people.

  6. How much is Yen Chou paying me? I neither work for Yen Chou nor did I know of her before this election race.

    I am an Asian American pediatrician in Flushing who started his own clinic in Flushing almost 5 years ago. I became intrigued by this race when I heard the number of Asian Americans participating in it. At first your site was a good source of news for this election as you would use veritable source of news to support your posts. Recently? You have nothing but your own vile opinions. I was never a huge supporter of Yen Chou, but after your site, I tell the families who bring their kids to me to vote Yen Chou. Why? Because unlike the candidates you support, she has done nothing but run a clean campaign. And my belief was confirmed when she came out and beat all 4 of the other Democrats.

    So congratulations, I hope you feel proud. In making this blog, you might have gain one vote from someone who actually checks the blogs and might listen to you. But I can assure you, you have lost many votes due to your disgusting tactics.

  7. Thank you for your comments, We respect your commitment to Flushing and the work that you do The fact that you seem to want to choose Yen Chou because she beat 4 other Democrats is disappointing. You seem like a very bright articulate person I challenge you to go on the new York City Campaign Finance Boards web site and look at the donations to Yen Chou's Campaign. You will see people with no address no place of employment, no information..Maybe thats why an investigation may be under way. Yen Chou has done nothing to better our community. Her history on education shows that she missed or was late nearly 70% of all the meetings of the Board of Educations CEC meeting in which she was an appointed official. Is that the message we want to send to our kids? Attend 30% of the meeting and you will be rewarded and entrusted with the charge of protecting our citizens?

    Maybe our tactics are harsh, Maybe we felt that Issac, James or SJ were better choices in the Democratic Primary, maybe now we must support someone who is not a Democrat but a better candidate. If you want Yen Chou you have that right but please look at all the facts before you choose.

  8. To all those that read this stuff. It is not about Democrat or Republican it is about Leadership and Experience.

    Yen Chou has a record that is Bad and Peter Koo has a good record the choice is clear.

  9. There are over 200 people who have made donations to Peter Koo. There's not one address for any of them listed on the Campaign Finance Board.

    Not one.

  10. If you know Yen Chou you would not vote for her. She is just a vacuous person in terms of understanding our community issues. How can you work without understanding the issues? I just don't understand. I just don't understand how in the world she won in primary. Are we stupid or what?


  11. Clean campaign? Whatever you are smoking, I'd like some, please. Don't just make these groundless claims, support them. You are a MD, you know the drill.

    A couple of days before the primary, Chou began circulating a flyer alleging that James Wu never had a job, never graduated from college, never served in the military, etc. These are all complete lies. Not only is Chou running a dirty campaign, she's a libel case waiting to happen not to mention possible criminal proceedings.

    During several news conferences, Chou claimed that she is a professional educator, even a professor. In fact Chou does not possess any New York State teaching credential nor has she taught in any New York State public school. She runs a tutorial school as a for-profit business. She tutored mathematics in Chinese to new Chinese students at the Queens Borough Community College as a result of Sam Chan’s donation of $250,000 to the college in a span of five years. Chou also received much of her political favors because Chan donated a lot of money to David Weprin’s campaign and asked Chou to be Weprin’s Asian Assistance. Don't just take what I say, check these facts for your own sake.

    Recently, when some Flushing residence confronted Chou with her actions, she threatened to “fix these ******** once I’m elected.” Is this someone you would like to represent you? I certainly hope not.

    You can’t win Flushing without courting the Chinese voters. Chou has repeatedly played the race card during her campaign. But just how does she treat her fellow Chinese Americans? While representing the 26th School District, the Chinese parents complained that Chou consistently refused to help them. Her usual reply was that her position did not give her a salary, and that it was not her job to help the parents.

    In February of 2002, after learning that many Chinese parents of the 26th School District (including several PS, IS and Chinese language schools) were jointly planning a Chinese New Year party at IS158, Chou told the School District that such party is the Chinese parents’ way to “confront the leadership of the school district.” When such tactic failed to produce the desired result, Chou resorted to fabricating the existence of asbestos in the IS158 auditorium the day before the event, and thus forcing the party to be held in the much smaller dining hall. IS158 later clarified that there was no asbestos in the auditorium whatsoever, and that it was a hoax.

    When the Chinese parents of the 26th SD tried to organize a Chinese parents PTA to alleviate communication issues with the schools (due to Chou’s derelict of duty) Chou deliberately sabotaged every effort.

    I cannot help but to ask, why is she so hostile toward the Chinese community that she is supposed to help and serve.