Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yen Chou Trashes Fellow Democrats

Remember YEN when you point a finger 3 are pointing back at you!

In a sleazy Political attack Yen Chou has resorted to calling good loyal Democrats “Losers”

Yen Chou has attacked Terence Park, Isaac Sasson, Ethel Chen, Pauline Chu, Martha Flores-Velasquez, John Baez all as Losers and the list goes on. Who is she to label long time trailblazers and civic minded citizens as “losers”

Truth be told they are, in my mind, TRUE LEADERS! Individuals who chose by the candidate and not by the Party.

Yen Chou can not hide her feeling of hate.

Peter Koo is a good candidate and a good person and many people recognize his leadership and Experience.


  1. Watch out Peter here comes the dirty Chou tricks... She has no honor at all!

  2. I for one am a Korean American who was going to vote for SJ in the City Council Race, I wanted a Korean this year to represnt my proud community.

    Now I can't I have to Vote for Peter Koo. he is nicer and has more Leadership.

  3. I admire Pauline Chu she is a true leader who has blazed the trail for all future leaders. I have the utmost respect for her if she chooses Koo I will vote for Koo

  4. Yen Chou is the most arrogant and ignorant candidate imaginable. She is only for herself and would be a disaster for Flushing as well as a setback for Asians and especially Asian women in Politics. Anyone who knows who they are voting for will vote for Peter Koo.

  5. Thank God some Democrats refuse to be intimidated into supporting Yen Chou.

    Yen Chou in a position of power would send the corruption meter off its scale.

  6. No one is going to believe that a respectful individual like TERENCE PARK as a loser. He is a loser? becuase he stood up for the community? I've got his literature and I admire him for his decision. If Peter wins he wins becuase of TERENCE PARK'S courageous inititive which has awaken the concious of the voters. If Peter loses, he lost because the voters didn't care. I say to voters, let's make right decision for our community on Nov. 3. It is just horrible to imagine Yen Chou representing our community. She is entitle to do the job because she is Chinese? NO WAY. Anyone who is entitle to do the job is who has put years of service in our community.

  7. Why is Yen Chou and her campaign manager Mike Olmeda keep attackin Terence Park? Don't they know that will hurt them eventually?

    J Brown

  8. Apparently it takes no less that 5 different colors of text to tell us what a terrible person Yen Chou is.

    I look foward to your next post full of generalizations and accusations lacking any evidence.

  9. Martha is a sell out pay her and she supports you but she is a Loser perhaps the biggest of them all