Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RKO Used as Yen Chou Poster Board

Yen Chou in perhaps one of the most disgusting and vile political self promotions has angered a community for her plastering her inexperienced face on our RKO Building. Clearly Yen believes that enhancing her Political Career supersedes our quality of life. She is no better than a Graffiti Vandal defacing our property and a Historic location for own Political Notoriety. Does she really believe this is how to get elected?

Yen Chou has No Respect.

Yen Chou has No Honor.

Yen Chou believes if you plaster posters you win races.

Yen Chou is void of substance.

Yen Chou should be rejected.


  1. RKO Should Be SavedOctober 14, 2009 at 6:21 PM

    This is one of the dumest things I have ever seen in Politics. Yen Chou is a total disgrace she is such a bad candidate I hope she gets fined like Jon Liu!

  2. Thanks for your email linking me to this site. I am not much of a Political guy but I am a preservationist...I am now a dedicted anti Chou voter thanks, and I will spread the word.

  3. Enough with the emails I got 11 emails on this site...leave me alone!

  4. Who ever her campaign manager is, it is a bad campaign strategy, a total disrespect for our community.

  5. Winston said...
    I'm a preservationist, too. I was wondering what that was. I don't like what I'm seeing with Chou's posters all over the place, and I will spread the word, too.

  6. Yen Chou is so stupid that she hires drug addicts and drunks as staff members

  7. How dare Yen Chou put up her posters at RKO.

    I think this is a clear sign that she will be unable to solve our transportation issues, improve the quality of education, and increase economic development.

    Only candidates who know where to put posters have the experience and ability to solve real community issues.

  8. How do we know Terence Park did not put these Posters up?

  9. I think that remark is absolutely ridiculous.

    Terrance Park is an outstanding man with an outstanding reputation. How dare you suggest that he would disgrace our beautiful city with ugly posters? He hates Yen Chou passionately and he would not touch a Yen Chou poster if you offered him the world.

    Terrance Park is a great figure in our community and I believe he has seen Yen Chou as a threat long before she even considered running for City Council. He knows that she is the enemy of the community. He knows that she is running for the sole purpose of destroying everything our community values.

    I mean look at her, she doesn't even know where to put up her posters. Of course she can't be trusted to run our community. And that's why it is ridiculous that Terrance Park would disgrace himself by touching a Yen Chou poster even if it could be used to discredit her.

  10. All of this needs to be translated into Chinese because people who read English are already NOT voting for Yen Chou.

  11. I believe that Terence Park and Ethel Chen are behind this blog to exact revenge against Yen Chou

  12. the guy who is pulling down posters gets his drugs from a friend of mine. She drives a brownor purple shitbox