Monday, February 22, 2010

Yen Chou Holds New Position On Political Involvement

I realize that some Politicians have no shame whatsoever. Hirim Menstruate is one... Jose Peralta is another...Tony Seminerio, Miguel Martinez, Larry Seabrook, Brian McLaughlin the list goes on and on!

Now it is time to add Yen Chou on the list! How dare she chose herself to lead a coalition on Political Action and Involvement. She never even voted until it was time to vote for herself.

People abhor Politics and are fighting back because people who have egos and no records seek public office. Yen Chou's ego enters a room an hour before she does.

She has never worked on behalf of the community...she never will. Running for office was about making her and her husband became rich beyond belief.

Make no mistake about it the people of Flushing dodged the political bullet on Election Day. A bullet that would have destroyed or community and its future.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bearak Quits Civic Congress

Amid Scandal Corey Bearak has resigned as President of the Queens Civic Congress. It appears that Corey approved an Anti Jewish flyer using the hateful symbol of a swastika in the recent State Assembly special election. It was bad enough to use it...then he defended it.

This clearly will not bode well for Corey, and will damage him in his career as a lobbyist.

Corey has managed to dodge the bullet while under investigation with his former boss Sheldon Leffler who was jailed on campaign finance fraud.

We at Save Flushing Queens were the first to point out the inherent conflict of interest with Corey serving as a Lobbyist, Campaign manager and President of the Civic Congress.

Fare Well Corey...Its nice to see you go!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speaker Quinn David Weprin: Tell Us What You Knew And When You Knew It

OK so while I was sunning myself in West Palm, it seems like half the City Council are either indicted or under a cloud of suspession or on the verge of getting indicted.

Am I surprised? No

Am I shocked? No

Am I appalled? Yes
But with all the media attention on disgraced Council Members Miguel Martinez and Larry Seabrook, one question calls for an answer: The two individuals most responsible for the budget Speaker Christine Quinn and Assemblyman David Weprin are silent over the scandal. The Speaker is rolling out new phony pony BS reforms... Weprin runs for his dads old Assembly seat while bragging about his service as Finance Chair. Can you imagine bragging about a record where millions of dollars are being misspent right under your nose. perhaps Davids rug blocked his vision (Sorry that was an unfair shot- but this guy must have been covering for the thieves).

Why isn't any investigative body calling these jokers in
and asking them questions under Oath?

We are Back!

I just returned from Florida... taking some much needed time off and now I am ready to delve into all that I missed. Over the next few weeks I will begin to look at some of those interesting things that Queens Politics has to offer.

Until then I am going to go outside and walk in the snow!