Monday, February 22, 2010

Yen Chou Holds New Position On Political Involvement

I realize that some Politicians have no shame whatsoever. Hirim Menstruate is one... Jose Peralta is another...Tony Seminerio, Miguel Martinez, Larry Seabrook, Brian McLaughlin the list goes on and on!

Now it is time to add Yen Chou on the list! How dare she chose herself to lead a coalition on Political Action and Involvement. She never even voted until it was time to vote for herself.

People abhor Politics and are fighting back because people who have egos and no records seek public office. Yen Chou's ego enters a room an hour before she does.

She has never worked on behalf of the community...she never will. Running for office was about making her and her husband became rich beyond belief.

Make no mistake about it the people of Flushing dodged the political bullet on Election Day. A bullet that would have destroyed or community and its future.


  1. Maybe we should crown Mike Almeda "Political Genius of The Year" After all he lost the first Democratic seat in 100 one else did that!

  2. Yen Chou looks like a candidate for the future...she is not giving up! The only problem is she refuses to make friends she just angers people.

  3. Guess Richard Jerknausa is Back... So your gearing up for a run with Terence the Jerk. Good Luck!!! Everywhere you go I will be there... Butt necks like you who do not even live in the district need not continue. Go back to City Island and do your thing there, oh, that's right they don't like you there either. Oh well....

  4. Terence Park running for District Leader what a joke, he is crazy and het puts himself ahead of his community

  5. Stop with Yen Chou already she had her chance and she lost she is a loser

  6. oh gee. I miss those Yen Chou's red posters!