Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speaker Quinn David Weprin: Tell Us What You Knew And When You Knew It

OK so while I was sunning myself in West Palm, it seems like half the City Council are either indicted or under a cloud of suspession or on the verge of getting indicted.

Am I surprised? No

Am I shocked? No

Am I appalled? Yes
But with all the media attention on disgraced Council Members Miguel Martinez and Larry Seabrook, one question calls for an answer: The two individuals most responsible for the budget Speaker Christine Quinn and Assemblyman David Weprin are silent over the scandal. The Speaker is rolling out new phony pony BS reforms... Weprin runs for his dads old Assembly seat while bragging about his service as Finance Chair. Can you imagine bragging about a record where millions of dollars are being misspent right under your nose. perhaps Davids rug blocked his vision (Sorry that was an unfair shot- but this guy must have been covering for the thieves).

Why isn't any investigative body calling these jokers in
and asking them questions under Oath?

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  1. In the real world Quinn would have been indicted as well...but government protects their own