Thursday, December 24, 2009

2008 Political Winners and Losers

Save Flushing Queens is proud to have stood up for what we believe in this Political year and we intend to become more vocal each and every year because an independent voice of the people is needed to help save our community. We are pleased to announce a list of some of our Political Winners and Losers for the Year 2008

Political Winners

John Liu - Did anyone ever expect that a local Chinese American would rock the Political world and surge ahead in the Polls and win the Runoff to make Political History? No! But he did and he will forever be a part of NYC History and the First Winner of Save Flushing Queens

Peter Koo - Like John Liu a Political underdog who shocked the world with his Political Victory. It proves that a nice guy can finish first. We supported him as a political novice who wants to go to City Hall and shake things up! We need a Businessman who knows how to lead!

Isaac Sasoon, Terence Park, Martha Flores, Pauline Chu, Ethel Chen - winners for showing the strength to cross party lines and put community first a rarity in today's political world, they exemplify what leadership is all about.

Grace and Jimmy Meng - For working behind the scenes to defeat Yen Chou a horrific candidate who believes only in self interest. Serving the people was last on her agenda as evidenced by her campaigns insistence that Party was more important than community.

Helen Marshall - facing a primary opponent and defeating them with ease while other incumbents fought challengers and were either toppled or barely survived.

Queens Republicans - Picked up seats in districts that were overwhelmingly Democratic. Showed some life!

Political Losers

Yen Chou - Spend money alienate and threaten people run for public office after not voting in 10 years divide community with anti white and anti Jewish rhetoric. Call yourself an "Educator" after missing 64% of CEC meetings. Becoming the First Democrat in 100 years to lose to a Republican in Flushing for a City Council Race. Need we say more.

SJ Jung - Moves to Flushing to run for office. Does will only because of the Working Families Party, now has to answer question to not only the CFB but to the Feds about Voter Fraud, Illegal Expenditures and more Social Justice Jung may now have a chance to Indict people unfortunatly it is not by his willingness to stand up but by Subpeona.

Mike Olmeda - Campaign Manager to Yen Chou a robust man full of bravado has certainly been deflated. His divide and conquer strategy failed and was rejected. He should go back to candidates school and learn how to be civil. I believe he will be a loser for years to come.

Senator Toby Stavitsky - She backed Yen Chou all while screwing up Albany at the same time. This relic of a Politician ought to be retired immediately! Stavitsky is a perfect example of the disfunction in Albany she attends no events has no base in the Asian community, and she is a complete sell out to the special interest in Albany. She a Loser for seeing 2 Council Members who she supported lose.

Tony Avella - This pompous ass thought he was above all! he ran for Mayor and was lucky if he garnered his wife's vote. He head is so high in the clouds he forgot that he represents the people and not the people must bow in his presence.

Jerry Ianacce - What can we say-if we carved a district of only his house he would probably lose. This man will never understand that public service is about exactly that serving the public not about feeding his ego!

Queens Dems - Sometimes being loyal to a Political Party is asking too much and the Queens Dems can no longer put Mickey Mouse up and expect Voters will vote for him. People want change and want elected officials who will put community before Politics. As soon as we get rid of parties we will all be better.

So for the New Year may we as citizens be able to effectuate real change to rid Albany of those who do not serve our interest! Please God help us preserve our community and City.

A Blessed Holiday Season To All!

Monday, December 21, 2009

SJ and The Feds Flim at Eleven

Is This what SJ will look like when he meets the Feds and discusses his role with The Working Families Party and ACORN?

We here at Save Flushing Queens questioned SJ Jung as to why he would associate himself with Acorn and the Working Families Party some time ago in our Post we Said:

"In a recent mailer sent to voters, S. J Jung proudly announces that he has been endorsed by the notorious left wing radical group Acorn. Unfortunately for S. J, it is illegal for any candidate to be endorsed by an organization claiming to be a non-for-profit organization.

We guess that S. J Jung doesn’t care that the FBI launched an investigation into ACORN, because of allegations that the scandal scarred anti-American group has been accused of voter-registration fraud across the country.

We will give him a pass on taking the leftist Working Family Party’s line. We will even allow him to tout that he has been supported by legislators who wouldn’t know where Flushing was on a map, but those who are expected to lead with integrity and honor should be denouncing fraud not praising it."

I guess SJ will now have to sing to the Feds and talk about how a man who moves into Flushing a few days before the petition process can become such a viable candidate.

Who rasied his money?

Who ran his Field ops?

Who gave him the List?

Did he participate in scams?

Was campaign Finance Laws Violated?

Will This Damage SJ's Future?

SJ Ran for public office, now he can't hide from the Feds!

Click Here For Story on SJ and the Feds!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello: Toby Stavitsky Where Are You?

Our State's fiscal crisis is now reached epidemic proportions, talk of school budgets being slashed, health reform stifled, taxes to increase, our Legislature is acting in a dysfunctional manner refusing to cut the pork, find the waste or eliminate the non essentials. Some crazy Senators would rather eliminate Police then their "Special Projects"

Our community expects and demands leadership, and in these trying times, and of our 4 representatives two are failing us, two are being responsible but of them all --Toby Stavitsky our Senator has become the biggest joke in all the political circles. Where is Toby? What are you doing as a member of the Senate Majority to help us close the deficit? What would you cut out of the budget? What are you doing? Besides decrying the opposition vote on gay Marriage?
Senator Stavitsky frankly is doing nothing! and why should she? She has never accomplished anything except to make sure she carried on the failed agenda of the Late Leonard Stavitsky. Toby now is Lobbied by her son for funding and finds nothing wrong with that. She collects her Salary and has raised almost $577,000 through Unions and special interest all to make sure she stays in Albany to be a "Political Puppet"

Yes Politics in Albany stinks! Why because useless legislators who have no work ethic and only show up to kiss babies and cut ribbons are re-elected without a fight.

Shame on us! We here at Save Flushing Queens are Posting this in the hopes that someone will step forward and run an aggressive campaign on the real issues against Senator "No Show" Stavitsky. The electorate is smart we want to hear about creating jobs, protecting small business, improving education and "REAL CHANGE" in government not flase promises and meaningless rhetoric from "Empty Suits"
With the New Year upon us is it to much for us to ask that our Politicians work for us instead of us working simply to to pay for their greed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Corey Bearak Ethics Reform Should Start at the Beginning

Hey Corey Bearak Ethics reform Should Start at the Beginning

I recently was invited to attend the Queens Civic Congress annual event to meet and greet the Legislators of our great Borough. Now I really don’t know too much about this organization so I decided to Google and do a web search and I was shocked what I found.

Corey Bearak the President of the Queens Civic Congress is a registered Lobbyist and Political Consultant! Joe Bruno gets indicted for using his influence, Corey’s old boss Sheldon Leffler gets sent to jail abusing his Power, Assembly Members Seminerio and McLaughlin both will spend time in jail for their transgressions, and yet a community leader can use his Political clout and his community position to make a ton of money and to pad his pockets.

Now Corey is rumored to be running the election of David Weprin for State Assembly. Isn’t this a conflict? How can he purport to be a “Volunteer for the Community” as he gets paid by campaigns and Lobbies Legislators and uses his Community business card to garner entry and influence?

Yes we need to reform Albany Right Away! But we also need to reform “Civic Politics” where the corruption starts.

Corey B. Bearak Biography of Political Service: A professional Hack

Government & Public Affairs Counselor Attorney-At-Law

Consulting Services
Public Policy and Government Affairs
Political Consulting and Strategic Campaign Management
Media and Public Affairs Political Lobbyist

Corey Bearak provides strategic consulting services for public officials, government and community agencies, unions, institutions, private firms, individuals, and political candidates, and manages non-clinical operations of a human services agency

Corey was named Legislative Counsel to then-Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer in 1999, where he developed issues and new policy initiatives, counseled the Borough President on legislation and served as a legal, media and policy advisor. Through April 2003, Corey served Mr. Ferrer's successor, Adolfo Carrion Jr., as Director of Planning, Policy and Budget. Before heading to the Bronx, Corey served more than 16 years as Counsel/Chief of Staff to a northeast Queens City Council Member who chaired the Public Safety Committee and previously the Committee on Environmental Protection. From June 2003 through May 2005, he authored a weekly column on public policy, The Public Ought to Know. Corey also served as an Assistant to then-Secretary of State Mario Cuomo and in the Office of Bronx District Attorney Mario Merola.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liu and Koo at Fundraiser Signals New Generation Of Leaders Who Put Community First

Councilman Elect Peter Koo hosted a fundraiser just a few days ago to apparently assist in paying down debt from his successful campaign. The turnout was quite impressive, I attended as a guest of a prominent Korean leader who was a full pledged Koo fan, he is unaware of my private life as a blogger.

Well it is true Koo always stated "This is not about Republican or Democrat but Leadership and Experience" His fundraiser showed that to be true. Leaders from all Parties flocked through the door enthusiastically showing Koo's broad appeal. Senator Frank Padavan, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, Former Senator Serf Maltese, Democratic Council Candidate Isaac Sasson, Mike Niebauer Independence party Chairman, Former Republican Council Members not sure but I think Tom Ognibene, Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, Democratic leader Terence Park, Vince Tabone Executive Vice Chairman of the Queens GOP.

The list goes on, but perhaps even more impressive was the racial and religious and political diversity of the 350 attendees. Democrats sitting with Republicans Jews sitting with Hindus and Catholics. Chinese with Koreans, Whites with Hispanics and Blacks sitting with Indians.

The fundraiser proved one thing to me Peter Koo is a Uniter and if this is an example of how he is to govern we are in good shape!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dan Halloran Tries to Make Peace

Say what you may about:
Councilman Dan Halloran
Is he Wild? Outspoken? Crazy? Pompous? Smart?
Ambitious? Hardworking? Capable? Arrogant?
Yes to all!

Clearly, Dan Halloran is quite a character but we at Save Flushing Queens believe he may be the one leader who may surpass all of our expectations. He has to calm down and stop defending his religion and defend his community with the same vigor (all of his community including Korean Americans).

Halloran is bright, has a grasp of the issues, has a high level of energy and is battle tested. He can step in at City Hall and make a difference, so long as he does not fall into the political trap of thinking City Hall is there to serve him rather than he serving his community at City Hall.

He may be the guiding light that his community has been looking for having had 8 years of self serving ineffective leadership under Tony Avella.

I for one am hoping that Dan will be the Man.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yen Chou Spends Most and Still a Loser

Well the latest numbers are in and Yen Chou spent a remarkable $516,319 to try and get elected in a district that is near 5 to 1 Democrat to Republican and she losses! This has to be one of the worst showings in Political History.

Chou navigated her way through a crowded Democratic Primary field and escaping with a narrow win over SJ Jung a man who moved into Flushing 2 months before the petition period started (And has since moved again clearly for Political purposes).

Yen was criticized for her lack of Civic involvement, her failure to vote in an Election for 10 years, and her horrific attendance record as a member of the Community Education Council.

This race restores many peoples faith in government where money seems to buy election as evidenced by Mayor Bloomberg.
We as a community have to stand up to those empty suits who try to buy government and choose those who are right for the job.

Let this be a lesson for all those the electorate has awoken.
PS: We put this Poster Picture up just in case you missed it! After all it was everywhere and probably the reason she lost!