Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yen Chou Spends Most and Still a Loser

Well the latest numbers are in and Yen Chou spent a remarkable $516,319 to try and get elected in a district that is near 5 to 1 Democrat to Republican and she losses! This has to be one of the worst showings in Political History.

Chou navigated her way through a crowded Democratic Primary field and escaping with a narrow win over SJ Jung a man who moved into Flushing 2 months before the petition period started (And has since moved again clearly for Political purposes).

Yen was criticized for her lack of Civic involvement, her failure to vote in an Election for 10 years, and her horrific attendance record as a member of the Community Education Council.

This race restores many peoples faith in government where money seems to buy election as evidenced by Mayor Bloomberg.
We as a community have to stand up to those empty suits who try to buy government and choose those who are right for the job.

Let this be a lesson for all those the electorate has awoken.
PS: We put this Poster Picture up just in case you missed it! After all it was everywhere and probably the reason she lost!


  1. I want to rip down that poster but I cant

  2. I just heard Yenny Poo is crying at the Board of Elections... She is trying to find a way to overturn the results.... She is such a loser

  3. James Bena is a cheap shot, unreliable drunken man with no honor. Stay away from him.

  4. Yen Chou is not finished. I think she is going to run again.