Friday, November 27, 2009

Grace Meng Announces Re-Election

Politics in Flushing is always a step ahead then the Politics of the City. You have the Asian Media who are relentless in covering their Politicians as evidenced by the recent race for the New York City Council. Political pundits are questioning the press conference of Assembly Member Grace Meng who went out of her way to announce she is seeking Re-election. Why? Everyone seems to like Grace and she is an active Assembly Member. Clearly she is more than the odds on favorite she is the eventual winner. So why the early announcement?

Does she expect a challenge from Yen Chou? She should only pray that Yen is her opponent Grace would get 75% of the Vote.

Does she expect a challenge from SJ Jung? Maybe, but again Grace would clearly be the victor.

Grace keep up your fine work as an Assembly Member and realize you will win, because people appreciate a devoted public servant who is honorable.


  1. Grace Meng is a true leader and a friend to the Chinese community! She will be elected again not SJ Political Whore.

  2. Grace will be holding her seat as long as she wants. No one is able to defeat the Mengs in the next few years.

  3. Bring Back Barry!

  4. Yen Chou for New York State Assembly
    Grace Meng for State Senate
    SJ Jung for NY City Council

  5. I think Grace Meng can be defeated by a candidate that can really point out the quality of life issues that effect Flushing. From the rise in crime within her district to the rise of prostitution that has been known to be within her district as well... The candidate should speak for all residents of Flushing and not be a daughter of a man who used Flushing's diverse community as a political weapon of division...

  6. Grace Meng is the only Elected official with her ear to the ground fighting to protect Flushing John Liu could care less about Flushing it was all about him.
    In a way I hope Grace has a race so she can prove that she is now the dominant politicl Flushing figure.

  7. S.J. Jung is just like Yen Chou. He moved into Flushing to run for city council Nov. 2008 from New Jersy. I don't know his 20 years of service at Young Korean American Services and Educational Fund, but NOT in our Flushing community. Because I've involved in Flushing community as an active community advocate and CB #7 member for 25 year, but never have seen him any community participation at all. What a liar!