Friday, November 27, 2009

Grace Meng Announces Re-Election

Politics in Flushing is always a step ahead then the Politics of the City. You have the Asian Media who are relentless in covering their Politicians as evidenced by the recent race for the New York City Council. Political pundits are questioning the press conference of Assembly Member Grace Meng who went out of her way to announce she is seeking Re-election. Why? Everyone seems to like Grace and she is an active Assembly Member. Clearly she is more than the odds on favorite she is the eventual winner. So why the early announcement?

Does she expect a challenge from Yen Chou? She should only pray that Yen is her opponent Grace would get 75% of the Vote.

Does she expect a challenge from SJ Jung? Maybe, but again Grace would clearly be the victor.

Grace keep up your fine work as an Assembly Member and realize you will win, because people appreciate a devoted public servant who is honorable.

A Happy Thanksgiving to All.... God Bless

Happy Thanksgiving To All Bless You

I must admit I watched the entire Giant game last night and I was thinking there was not much to be Thankful for then as I opened my mail. I received a letter from Peter Koo asking my opinion on the issues of concern to the community. Imagine an Elected Official reaching out -- not for money, not for a vote but asking me what I thought!

I believe we will be in good hands for the next 4 years. Peter remember we here at Save Flushing Queens will be a hard group as we look for a better place to live. The issue you will have to address is Over development, Taxes, and the Economy.

I will write you at the Flushing Mall!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Peter Koo Congratulations and Good Luck

The 1980 Men’s Olympic Hockey team will forever be known as “The Miracle on Ice” and the 2009 Flushing City Council race will be forever known as the “Koo Miracle Election” This is not said to disparage Peter Koo on the contrary it is intended to pay him the greatest of compliments.

With an enrollment disadvantage of five Democrats to each one Republican, no one gave Peter Koo a chance. We here at Save Flushing Queens, made a decision after the primary to support Mr. Koo, because he is a man of honor and conviction and the decision was correct. We are proud of our decision and frankly the community will be proud that they stood up for change and rejected a candidate who was an empty “Red” suit.

Since the Election things have been quiet, everyone is back to their day to day lives, the annoying phone calls have stopped, the ugly proliferation of Posters has ceased. Peter Koo has begun his graceful Transition. He is attending Civic Associations, Senior Centers, Churches, and has avoided the nonsense of boring insignificant press conferences as he prepares to represent us in the City Council.

We should all work to support Peter and offer guidance and assistance as he begins the new stage in his community service as our Council Member.

Good Luck Peter.