Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Flushing BID Buying Influence?

Is the Flushing BID (Business Improvement District) buying influence for opposition to The Popular Flushing Commons Project?

Last week I sat in the Borough Presidents Office listening to one and all on the Flushing Commons, the public topic was same old story... Korean merchants airing legitimate complaints...Unions decrying the need for jobs in this crappy economy.

But I was sitting near some folks whom I did not recognize who were talking about the BID taking an active role in opposing the project. They were talking about hiring lobbyist, raising money to halt the project and their unwavering support to Comptroller John Liu.

I didn't think a BID could hire a Lobbyist.... I thought funds would be used for improving our community? Why is the BID opposing this project does its members of the Board seek to profit if the project is not built?

Something is rotten in Flushing and the stench seems to be coming from the BID.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

John Choe John Liu's Political Flunkie

Each day passes I watch how John Choe carries himself and I realize why despite having the support of the Queens County Democratic Organization, The support of John Liu for City Council he still was an absolute failure and a disgrace. First I thought that maybe it was his support of communist Korea and his hatred of America. The I realized what the Voters realized


He does not have an individual thought. If he weren't part of John Liu's little minions, he probably would not be employed.

It is easy to see why the Voters rejected him. He can not lead he will always be a follower never a leader.

Maybe John Liu should evaluate his staff and not hire Political Hacks for his Comptrollers office.

Dems at War! Chou Resurfaces!

Is it true? Is Yen Chou throwing her hat back in the ring? Is she again seeking to run? This time for District leader? Will she remember to Vote?
In all my years on Gods great earth I have never seen someone so clueless as Yen Chou. She truly believes that the world revolves around her. Why would Democrats reward her with a chance to win a Democratic Leadership spot?

She failed her Party she failed her community and she proved to be a clueless empty suit put forth by powerful people to be their tool.
Her likely opponent Martha Flores Vasquez is a hard worker, and adds a little flair to the District Leadership post, but has the baggage of being a stern supporter of crazy State Senator Hiram Monsorate.

Let the war begin! This one is worth watching!

Friday, April 9, 2010

John Liu Where Were The Government Subsides On Sky View?

I was driving down College Point Boulevard, when passing by the The Sky View project I was stopped by two guys with construction vest, traffic was a nightmare! These guys backed up traffic all the way back to Northern Blvd. Then I was thinking to myself: How the can a project this size be developed in Flushing without a community give back? Why did John Liu let this go? How could something this large be placed in our community without a Senior Center? Public Parking? Youth Center? Pool? Moderate income housing? Housing for Seniors?

Then it occured to me Someone must have sold out!
There is no other answer!

Here is John Liu now the Comptroller calling for prevailing wage for all projects, he considers anything with a zoning change a "public project" yet under his leadership Flushing gets Sky View and the community gets screwed.

No wonder everyone is tired of Politicians....The are full of DUNK!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where is SJ Jung On The Commons?

I for one am most interested in finding out where is SJ on the Flushing Commons? He has attended the meetings, lurched in the rear as if an FBI agent was looking to slap him with another subpoena, but never, never even came forward to speak on behalf of the Korean merchants or on behalf of the Union workers who are starving for jobs.

Why is it" Maybe, because he is in the middle of a political quagmire? SJ was a tool of the Unions and Working Families Party, he was also the wonder child of the Korean community...A white night moving in from Jersey or wherever he came from to run for City Council. Here in lies the problem it is impossible to please both sides! So what does he do? Hides like a political wannabe who has no courage.

We may not always agree with our Political Leaders or those who have run for office and are seeking to run again, but we respect those with the conviction and courage to take a stand...They are leaders! Those who act like SJ is acting now are those who go into Politics to fuel their own ego.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mayor Mike Stop the Bleeding

We in Flushing have seen our fair share of crime this year, even if the 109 th Police Precinct refuses to take reports especially from Asian residents. We still see things slipping back to the times when our city was not safe.

We are down nearly 6,000 Police Officers from just a few years ago. Gang violence is a huge problem, recreational drug use is on the rise, and people are not feeling as safe as they once did.

So what do you think Billionaire Mike Bloomberg has to say when asked about this trend: "Our Police can't be everywhere" Yeah Mike...We have a budget that has wreaked with Fraud, with both Council and Bloomy Slush Funds. We continue to fund every failed social program you can imagine and even spend millions of dollars in City Council Pork and we are willing to let Police officers go, and close firehouses.
Mark my word 2010 will be a crime filled ugly year and our Billionaire Mayor won't care. Why should he...he is protected. Mr Mayor Stop the Bleeding Hire New York City Police Officers NOW!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Queens Courier Says "Build It Now"

Queens Courier editorial

Flushing Commons Must be Approved
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:24 PM EDT

Last week, Community Board 7 held a public hearing on the proposed “Flushing Commons” project. Over 70 people registered to talk about the privately funded $800 million project that would transform the five-acre Municipal Lot 1 site in the heart of Main Street Flushing into a dynamic mixed-use urban center.

The majority of those who spoke were in favor of The Flushing Commons LLC, builders – a joint venture of TDC Development & Construction Group and the Rockefeller Group Development Corporation – proceeding with the Department of City Planning certified project.

We support this project and its designers. They have carefully considered and responded to the wishes of the community and have done their homework well.

In addition to approximately 620 condominiums with a mix of unit sizes, there will be up to 275,000-square-feet of retail space for national, regional and local retail shops and restaurants and 234,000-square-feet of office space, all designed around the 1.5-acre landscaped “town square” that will include outdoor cafes and seating areas.

Parking was a major issue for local merchants and residents, and the TDC and Rockefeller groups hired parking experts to survey the lot’s current usage and project the future use, hour-by-hour and day-by-day. They asked how many spaces would make the lot the “right size.” Their experts – who surveyed over 400 people a day – came up with 1,600 spaces – 500 more than the existing lot and 900 more than required by zoning.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has already praised the project saying, “Together with the Macedonian African Methodist Episcopal Church’s affordable housing component of the development, it will create approximately 2,000 permanent jobs and 2,600 construction jobs, mostly for local residents.”

“The continued input from city representatives, local elected officials and community leaders, combined with the commitment from the developer, which is investing more than $800 million in private capital, is a great example of what can be accomplished when the public and private sector collaborate,” Bloomberg said.

This project is a win-win for all of Queens and must be approved and passed onto the Borough President for her approval as quickly as possible. The time to build it is now! We call on CB 7 for its approval now.