Friday, April 9, 2010

John Liu Where Were The Government Subsides On Sky View?

I was driving down College Point Boulevard, when passing by the The Sky View project I was stopped by two guys with construction vest, traffic was a nightmare! These guys backed up traffic all the way back to Northern Blvd. Then I was thinking to myself: How the can a project this size be developed in Flushing without a community give back? Why did John Liu let this go? How could something this large be placed in our community without a Senior Center? Public Parking? Youth Center? Pool? Moderate income housing? Housing for Seniors?

Then it occured to me Someone must have sold out!
There is no other answer!

Here is John Liu now the Comptroller calling for prevailing wage for all projects, he considers anything with a zoning change a "public project" yet under his leadership Flushing gets Sky View and the community gets screwed.

No wonder everyone is tired of Politicians....The are full of DUNK!

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