Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Flushing BID Buying Influence?

Is the Flushing BID (Business Improvement District) buying influence for opposition to The Popular Flushing Commons Project?

Last week I sat in the Borough Presidents Office listening to one and all on the Flushing Commons, the public topic was same old story... Korean merchants airing legitimate complaints...Unions decrying the need for jobs in this crappy economy.

But I was sitting near some folks whom I did not recognize who were talking about the BID taking an active role in opposing the project. They were talking about hiring lobbyist, raising money to halt the project and their unwavering support to Comptroller John Liu.

I didn't think a BID could hire a Lobbyist.... I thought funds would be used for improving our community? Why is the BID opposing this project does its members of the Board seek to profit if the project is not built?

Something is rotten in Flushing and the stench seems to be coming from the BID.


  1. I think the BID has oversteped their bounds. I believe that Government should have an Investigation as to how the BID is spending their money.

  2. I know Gearson he is just a nasty guy who has too much time and doesn't know what to do.

  3. Gerson Resigns...perhaps to join John Liu