Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Hate Jersey.... and Our Elected Officials

Am I the only one who is sitting in Flushing today unhappy about the 2014 Super Bowl being brought to the Meadowlands?

That Superbowl should be on the West Side or even here in Flushing! How dare they call it the New York Super Bowl it is the Jersey Bowl, The Swamp Bowl, rid the name of New York from the Jets and Giants...they are no longer ours.

Thank our elected idiots, who fought against the Stadium. The Super Bowl can bring in over $100 Million in Revenue that's a lot of School Teachers, a lot of Fire Houses, a lot of Senior Centers, a lot of money to give Tax rebates.

Shame on our Government Officials...... Shame on the Giants and Jets and.....Shame on us all for allowing our New York name to be used to promote New Jersey!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

109 Police Precinct Ticket Monsters Not Crime Fighters

All one has to do is travel up and down College Point Boulevard and see the 109th Police Precinct Police cars poised to pull you over and issue summonses! Park for 2 seconds and BAM! Ticket!

Random stops to try and find anything wrong to meet quotas! One officer blatantly told a driver "Sorry buddy command needs the numbers".
As a Flushing resident whenever I am in Downtown Flushing all I see are NYPD Traffic enforcement agents hoovering over cars waiting for the second they can pounce with a command has our "Real Men in Blue" doing the same? Shame!!!!

You would think if the 109th Command would read our local papers like I do they would see that Latimer Gardens had a shooting and residents had to take to the streets to fight for Police protection, the residents are angry about illegal drug peddling, prostitution, random acts of violence against kids and families.

And what is the Police Response? Lets find more tickets! Lets harass every law abiding citizen if they park for an extra minute. God help you if your inspection is past due for 15 minutes! Be damned if your tail light is broke!
Let the Police Fight Crime! Don't use them for Tickets. The residents of our community deserve Police Protection not harassment!