Monday, June 14, 2010

Penny Pinching 109 Precinct Screws up Traffic

How many times do we walk down Main Street and see the Police pulling cars over for seat belt or to check license and registration? Each time they cause back ups as evidenced by the above photo. Do you see how far the Police Car is from the curb? Do you realize the Police car and the one pulled over is in a Bus Stop? Clearly blocking traffic!

Maybe the 109 Police Precinct should really do a little soul searching...Do we need Police officers to write tickets or fight crime?

Flushing is not as safe as it once was. The local murders the drug dealing in the open the prostitution problems. Yet the NYPD seems to want to get more tickets... Don't we have enough traffic enforcement agents?

Let the Police Fight Real Crime not be Meter maids.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Isaac Sasson to Enter Senate Race?

I was surprised to have learned that civic leader and perennial candidate Isaac Sasson is seeking the Democratic nomination for State Senate in our community running against Toby "Out of Touch" Stavisky.
Isaac ran a poor campaign against Yen Chou for the City Council the demographics of the race clearly favored him over his 5 minority opponents. His campaign focused on Jewish Voters and failed to encompass all the diverse constituencies that encompassed the 2oth Council District.
Isaac did show tremendous political acumen by strongly endorsing Peter Koo for Council who defeated Yen Chou. many pundits say Isaac's support tipped the scale towards Peter. So the questions of the week are.
Will Peter Koo return the Favor to Isaac?

Will Isaac run an inclusive campaign?
Will this district suit Isaac better with the strong Religious vote?

John Messer or Isaac Sasson Let us see who can win our support....clearly Save Flushing Queens can not and will not support Toby Stavisky, our community is crying for New leadership.

Friday, June 11, 2010

John Messer Dinkins Speech Writer

A Painful Time in New York City History

After I Blogged how we needed to Elect someone other than Toby Stavisky...I learned that Mr. John Messer was a close confidant and Speech Writer to former Mayor David Dinkins...Ouch! A long time Korean Leader came to me and was complaining how he still remembers the hurt and pain caused by the Korean Boycott by the Radicals of the time and how David Dinkins stood idle and did nothing.

Many say that Dinkins failure to stop the violence and his support of the radicals turned the race over to Rudy Giuliani. So I wonder aloud...

Did Messer write Dinkins speech on the Korean Boycott?

Does Messer share the same failed ideology that near ruined the City?

Will he publicly denounce Dinkins his old boss for his divisive politics?

We need a true outsider for Senate... Not a Political hack since the days of Dinkins! I will still support him over Toby but not with any enthusiasm.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mabel Law New Politician - To Empower John Liu

I guess we can now understand why Community Leader and civic dynamo Mabel Law is leaving her post as Director of the Flushing BID. She has thrown her hat in the ring to become a Democratic District Leader.

John Liu may be losing some of his influence here in Flushing. Clearly this is an attempt to empower him again. Remember this past election cycle John Liu showed no coattails, as his had picked successor failed in the primary. Then he came out and endorsed Yen Chou for the General who was easily defeated by Peter Koo the Republican.

Mabel is hardworking and has a genuine interest in promoting our community. Even when she disagrees with you, we understand that she is intellectually honest.
Good Luck Mabel and after the race join John Liu in the Comptroller's office.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stavisky Faces Primary..Who is John Messer>>> Who cares No Toby!

Rumors are abound that Senator Toby Staivsky will have a true challenge this September! This is a first...Senator Staivsky has been absent from our community for years. Rumor has it she does not even reside in her district.

As a resident and activist I salivate at the chance of voting this woman out of office. Name something she has done for Flushing? She is the Poster child for Albany Term Limits! The relationship between her and her son's business is well documented, and should be subject to criminal investigation.

John Messer announced he is running I saw his Poster in the Palace Diner...Do I know him? No (which is scary), Do we know what he stands for? No. Has he ever been involved in our community? No.

If he is the only choice I am sure he is better than Senator Stavisky. Petitions will be circulated this week lets see if some other candidates jump into the Fray!

I went to his web site noticibly absent is any indication of anything he has accomplished, any civic involvement, never a member of a civic association or fraternal group. I worry that he is just another Attorney looking to Albany for Power and Influence.

If it is Toby Vs Messer Then Messer it is.....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yen Chou Exits Race>>>> Loser!

(Yen Chou with SJ Jung recently arrested and Communist sympathizer John Choe)

Say it isn't so Yen Chou the poster child for "Political Power Craving Neophyte" does not have the courage to run for District Leader... Was she afraid of Martha Flores? Was she afraid the voters would reject her again? Was she worried that all that money she paid in cash to her workers was under investigation by the New York City Campaign Finance Board?

Personally I am glad she chose not to run...I would have to spend more time making sure that Yen the idiot does not get elected to office.

Actually she had a good chance against Martha, people are still reeling from Martha's steadfast support for Former Senator turned Boxer Hiram "I have gloves instead of a glass Monsarette"

Stay Tuned the time is near for Yen to have another press conference with one of her phony groups.

SJ Arrested Now Announces Run

SJ Jung under investigation and subpoenaed by the Feds was recently arrested. Jung who says SJ stands for Social Justice appears to believe that violent protest is the way to achieve attention for him.

The same SJ who failed to speak out on behalf of the Korean merchants, now decides to speak out and get arrested.

SJ seems to feed his ego by reading his press clips.

For the record this man is s selfish self promoter who moved into Flushing to run for City Council, then changes his address to run for District Leader.

Please let us have one candidate WHO IS FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR HIMSELF.

When SJ gets arrested again this time
lock him up and throw away the key.