Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mabel Law New Politician - To Empower John Liu

I guess we can now understand why Community Leader and civic dynamo Mabel Law is leaving her post as Director of the Flushing BID. She has thrown her hat in the ring to become a Democratic District Leader.

John Liu may be losing some of his influence here in Flushing. Clearly this is an attempt to empower him again. Remember this past election cycle John Liu showed no coattails, as his had picked successor failed in the primary. Then he came out and endorsed Yen Chou for the General who was easily defeated by Peter Koo the Republican.

Mabel is hardworking and has a genuine interest in promoting our community. Even when she disagrees with you, we understand that she is intellectually honest.
Good Luck Mabel and after the race join John Liu in the Comptroller's office.


  1. Ask Mabel Law what 1 and 1 is she says 11

  2. Civic Dynamo lol...she is a John Liu circus clown. If John ask her to jump she ask how high. She ran before and was defeated.

    Julia Harrison at 100 will beat Mable.

  3. No she said 2 on Monday and 11 on Friday.

  4. This Blog is so racist, just like the person who runs it- Isaac Sasson.