Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yen Chou Exits Race>>>> Loser!

(Yen Chou with SJ Jung recently arrested and Communist sympathizer John Choe)

Say it isn't so Yen Chou the poster child for "Political Power Craving Neophyte" does not have the courage to run for District Leader... Was she afraid of Martha Flores? Was she afraid the voters would reject her again? Was she worried that all that money she paid in cash to her workers was under investigation by the New York City Campaign Finance Board?

Personally I am glad she chose not to run...I would have to spend more time making sure that Yen the idiot does not get elected to office.

Actually she had a good chance against Martha, people are still reeling from Martha's steadfast support for Former Senator turned Boxer Hiram "I have gloves instead of a glass Monsarette"

Stay Tuned the time is near for Yen to have another press conference with one of her phony groups.


  1. Yen Chou cut a deal with the County Organization not to run against Grace Meng. County knew that Grace would defeat her handily and the County wants to get Grace in the Fold. Grace has always been an independent!

  2. Poor Grace doesn't have a courage to stand up for herself. She should remember her friends. Her friends are not in Liu's slate, and Liu's slate didn't do anything for her to get elected.