Sunday, June 13, 2010

Isaac Sasson to Enter Senate Race?

I was surprised to have learned that civic leader and perennial candidate Isaac Sasson is seeking the Democratic nomination for State Senate in our community running against Toby "Out of Touch" Stavisky.
Isaac ran a poor campaign against Yen Chou for the City Council the demographics of the race clearly favored him over his 5 minority opponents. His campaign focused on Jewish Voters and failed to encompass all the diverse constituencies that encompassed the 2oth Council District.
Isaac did show tremendous political acumen by strongly endorsing Peter Koo for Council who defeated Yen Chou. many pundits say Isaac's support tipped the scale towards Peter. So the questions of the week are.
Will Peter Koo return the Favor to Isaac?

Will Isaac run an inclusive campaign?
Will this district suit Isaac better with the strong Religious vote?

John Messer or Isaac Sasson Let us see who can win our support....clearly Save Flushing Queens can not and will not support Toby Stavisky, our community is crying for New leadership.


  1. Isaac owes me money but I still think he is the best candidate

  2. Isaac is a happy meal without the toy.

  3. Is Isaac Sasson a Racist?

  4. John Messer is the best candidate he has his finger on the pulse of our community.

  5. I like John, i have seen him at three events in the past two weeks...that's more than i seen my current representative or any of the other candidates for that matter. Messer can count on my vote!

  6. I like Sasson. he has only done good in his life. army vet, cancer researcher, philanthropist, community board member, what's not to like?

  7. It is mildly ironic that Messer's campaign is trying to astroturf the local blogs.

  8. Isaac for sure- he knows what he is doing!
    ...& To the above comment,
    NO he is not racist.