Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Flushing Commons: No Easy Answer!

I sat through hours of the Flushing Commons debate, wondering if I could be swayed. I sat hoping Mike Myers would announce a sweetening of the pot. Hoping DOT had all the answers to our traffic dilemma. Praying we found more parking. Nothing changed except people got louder maybe a bit more angry. The crowd lashed out at their Elected Officials, the Unions cried for more jobs and the rhetoric seems to get more outlandish.

Yet nothing changed. This project is by no means perfect... I am worried about its impact on Flushing. Yet I think we can withstand it. We need the jobs, we need to put people to work. We need to build Flushing in a way that paves the way to the future without destroying us today.
I for one will speak out in favor of this project not as vociferously as others but nevertheless in support, because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This project will improve downtown Flushing. Please God Build it but Help the Community. Maybe the Mayor will hear our call and do more to promote amenities for our community.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grace Meng A True Leader For Flushing

Grace Meng Flushings Finest

Flushing is know for its "Leaders" Every local organization has its President. If someone loses out as President then a splinter group is formed and a President is found.... it is a vicious cycle! Everyone seems to have become more active in Government and Politics perhaps because of the success of Comptroller John Liu.

Yet there is a presence in Flushing that makes a mark every day that is Assemblywoman Grace Meng. She is there on every issue, she fights for her community, she is willing to stand up for those who government seem to care less about.

The other day I was present in her office, I watched first hand how her able staff dealt with the constituents , some speaking English, most speaking Chinese. Everyone was patient and caring, clearly adopting the demeanor of their boss.

Rumors are abound of a Political challenge to Assemblywoman Meng. Its good for her to be challenged she will prove to all in Flushing how she is now the dominant Political Figure...Bye Bye John Liu Welcome Grace Meng

Friday, March 19, 2010

On Health care Is Obama Right?

OK I am always a skeptic, but maybe Obama is not crazy when it comes to Health Care. Many people in this crappy economy are without insurance a friend of mine with heart disease has to choose between his medicine and food for his family and he chooses food!

Health care cost run wild! Doctors Bills are off the chart! Insurance carriers are charging a fortune! Families keep sick kids home and can't afford the Doctors bill.

Yes I am worried about socialized medical, we have seen its failure. But clearly something has to be done!

We give benefits to so many non-citizens and in many ways it is nice to help those who are trying to be new citizens and productive members of society. But we must also protect our existing citizens who need health care.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terence Park Fighting for his Community or Fighting for Press

Terence Park has been a favorite of this Blog. We have admired his independence and his willingness to put his community first over Party Politics. I have been reading with great interest Terence latest endeavor: Fighting the Development of the Municipal Lot.

I am not sure I agree. I am like Terence I believe we need to fight to get as much as we can for the community, but I am not willing to oppose this project.

As a Flushing resident I believe we need parking who wouldn't agree with that? But am I willing to tell 2,000 families that their bread winner will not have a job, and they can't put food on the table because of a few parking spots? I say no. Terence should not be willing to tell Union Labor that they can't build a $800 million dollar project because of parking.

I for one looked at the plan at the CB meeting. Yes I was disappointed about the parking but I was excited about the open space and other public amenities. Imagine free concerts in downtown Flushing under the sky with trees water fountains... sounds lovely. Should we abandon this because we came a few parking spots below what John Liu wanted?

How about a YMCA for our at risk kids to go to programs? Should we stop the project because of a few spots?

How about Doctor's offices for our underserved kids and families?

How about a development that will be the crown Jewel of downtown Flushing..Should we give up our vision because we lost a few spots?

I hope Terence is opposing this project for the right reasons I would respect that. If he is opposing it for Press that would destroy how I feel about him.

Terence please respond:

City Government Debt Addicts and Crooks!

Our City and State are in such a bad way! Our Legislators are looking for additional ways to Tax our citizens. The latest "SODA TAX"!

Now they choose to promote "Health Reasons" to further Tax! Next the Ice Cream Tax??
Perhaps the "Cup Cake Tax" ?? Please maybe the "Lollipop Tax"?

Maybe if our Government officials represented us in good faith we could use real programs instead of padding the pockets of corrupt Pols. Maybe we could save money on Criminal Investigations, Slush Funds could be used to help real people!

I wonder if we could have a public accounting to determine the price tag of how much money was spent Investigating the Slush Funds and I wonder what did David Weprin and Speaker Quinn know and when did they know it?

Can you imagine if you were in charge of Finances for a Corporation and the Stock Holders found out you were misdirecting their money to a fake account to spend on programs and services that helps you. How long would you last in your job? You would be fired right away!

Yet that is what happened in this City and what did we do: We elected and promoted David Weprin the Finance Chair without putting him under subpoena.

We give Speaker Quinn a new 4 year term without making her publicly testify before the State or City to find out what she knows.

We know this Council Staffers Council members are being arrested left and right and those in charge get promoted.....WHY?