Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terence Park Fighting for his Community or Fighting for Press

Terence Park has been a favorite of this Blog. We have admired his independence and his willingness to put his community first over Party Politics. I have been reading with great interest Terence latest endeavor: Fighting the Development of the Municipal Lot.

I am not sure I agree. I am like Terence I believe we need to fight to get as much as we can for the community, but I am not willing to oppose this project.

As a Flushing resident I believe we need parking who wouldn't agree with that? But am I willing to tell 2,000 families that their bread winner will not have a job, and they can't put food on the table because of a few parking spots? I say no. Terence should not be willing to tell Union Labor that they can't build a $800 million dollar project because of parking.

I for one looked at the plan at the CB meeting. Yes I was disappointed about the parking but I was excited about the open space and other public amenities. Imagine free concerts in downtown Flushing under the sky with trees water fountains... sounds lovely. Should we abandon this because we came a few parking spots below what John Liu wanted?

How about a YMCA for our at risk kids to go to programs? Should we stop the project because of a few spots?

How about Doctor's offices for our underserved kids and families?

How about a development that will be the crown Jewel of downtown Flushing..Should we give up our vision because we lost a few spots?

I hope Terence is opposing this project for the right reasons I would respect that. If he is opposing it for Press that would destroy how I feel about him.

Terence please respond:


  1. come on. That guy is doing EVERYTHING for press.

  2. Can someone tell me how many times exactly Park has been having press conferences in the parking lot? I at least saw three times on the paper recently but I never get his point.

  3. I don't drive I don't need parking at all. We need a strong leader to get things done not just to chase the camera. I guess I am asking to much.

  4. This Blog will soon realize what everyone in Flushing has known for years Terence Park is for Terence Park only!

    He worked for Peter Koo for himself. The Democrats didn't want him! He even spoke at Dan Halloran's event turning his back on Democrats and his fellow Koreans.

  5. Terence Park will sell his ASS to see his Picture in the paper! His favorite activity is to look in the mirror and tell himself just how great he is.

  6. I would work an extra job to pay Terence to leave Flushing.. Keep his wife here she seems nice.

  7. Terrence is a glory hound with no guts. He is like that big turd that no matter hard you try to flush it down the toilet it keeps coming back to smell up the place

  8. 1.The YMCA is located at the corner of Northern and Bowne. No need to re-locate it just to give the space for developers who have been eyeing that coveted spot.
    2. There are many empty offices for doctors who need spaces, thanks to over-development.
    3. Our parks that do exist need an influx of $$ to keep them in good shape. Let's take care of them first.
    4. The RKO/Keith should be re-opened as a cinema. We don't need to construct a new one in Muni lot.
    5. Why don't you talk about the damage to the local business and environment the Muni lot development would give rise to, as brought up at the CB7 meetings? why overlook them?

  9. Where is the Peter Koo? This is my slogan. No one knows where he is? Even his young African American staff doesn't know. I never see him in CB7 meeting or elsewhere discussing about Muni Parking Lot #1 development or anything concerned issues of our community. He must parting everyday with cucKOOs at his mansion in Port Washington. At least Terence is there all the time fighting for more space, more community facility and etc. and everyone knows that!!! One thing for damn sure is that he is fighting for our community. Yeah! I agree, his wife is very very nice looking... oh yeah!!! Don't get it wrong Terence, with respect, OK? Get it right bros, he is not opposing the development. He is for the development. He is simply asking more parking space for God sake. I believe we have this Councilman KOO who flew over to the cuckoo's nest and he is gone with cuckoos!!! He's gone, man!!! It's a joke that he is our councilman. The KOO KOO is gone to the cuckoo's nest, man, he's gone...

    Concerned Citizen of Flushing

  10. To all those who show anger towards Terence Park... You are mad because he backed Peter Koo that was a right decision Terence has his faults we all agree but he is a good man. I dont like cowards who attack good people like Terence Park.

    If you want to attack him Put your name up, Put your Number Be a man not a Mouse!

  11. Concerned Friend of FlushingMarch 16, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    To the Concerned Idiot of Flushing:

    How orginal "Koo Cuckoos" Did you sit up all night thinking about that??

    How creative! I am so impreseed! You have spent so much time thinking up silly one liners you are misssing everything that is going on in the streets.

    Peter Koo has so far been one of the most hardworking Councilman we have seen in years. I saw him at the bus stop the other day at 7:00 am protesting the X51 Bus. he has worked very hard and I respect he is not using his influence to control the Municipal Lot vote.

    I like Teremce I believe he is a good man a little full of himself but a good man.

    You Concerned Idiot should take off your funny hat at Community Board meetings and realize what is really going on in Flushing!

  12. To all the dispicable cowards attacking Terence... You guys are so low attacking him and sugestively harrassing his wife becaue no one can't see you... man, that's low. What goes around comes around. Do you have a wife? You're not even worthy of being a man. Tell what you wrote abut Terence's wife to your wife.


  13. I know who you are now. I know who is running this blog. There is an old saying, "people live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." I know who you are... O.K. So it is you, a snake playing the dark...uh? O.K.


  14. I read the Flushing Times, and saw his picture and the article about Terence and his political club fighting for 6 rights for the people of Flushing. I thought it was a great effort and understood clearly what he's fighting for. Accept the angle parking in Union Street, and Terence understood when Commissioner McCathy explained why not possible at the CB 7 when Terence asked. I believe who ever attacking Terence is whom are jeolous/afraid of Terence because he works so hard. Hey, reporters are not going to cover Terence's story because of it is Terence. They are covering Terence because he is fighting for the community, and it is a worthy enough article to put up. You guys are jeolous/afraid of him and bunch of a loser.

  15. toxic_avenger@live.comMarch 17, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    This is to both "Mr. Be a Man Not a Mouse" & "Concerned Friend of Flushing," to begin with these statements by the above mentioned names were probably written by Richard Jannaccio (producer of this blog), but that’s besides the point. Terence Park & Peter Koo both knew that the “Flushing Commons” project would go forward even before Mr. Koo got elected, and it is rumored that they worked together to be part of this lucrative project. So for those who really care about our community we must not allow politicians (Koo) and wannabe politicians (Park) to dictate through devious methods what should be built in our communities. This is just the beginning for them. Just wait and see. I've heard that the traffic flow plan for Main Street has already changed and the other public parking areas are slated for development also. Flushing is already congested, and with these two knuckleheads running around wheeling and dealing in Flushing, may God save us all!!!

    I know who you are, you are big time loser - Mikchael Olmeda. You are filled with toxic anger because you lost the game that you couln't lose, and you have named yourself as a "toxic avenger"-poor guy. You are real loser because you don't learn from your mistake, but being toxicated with vengeance. And your concept and the way of vengeance is so low and dispcialble. Be a man! Be grow up! Be a proud dadddy and husband. What goes around comes around!


  17. Hello Michael. Long time no see! You are the best campaign manager in my mind, no matter what people say about you!