Friday, January 21, 2011

Assemblywoman Grace Meng: Out of Touch with Community

New York Observer Article:

In a recent article on the New York Observer website, Flushing's very own Assemblywoman Grace Meng is featured discussing her "calling out" and demand for apology from Conservative Party member, Rush Limbaugh.

Assemblywoman Meng has been a relatively good representative for Flushing in Assembly and has remained as a stable representative not yet being subdued to Flushing's taboo of having a new Assembly member as what appears to be every Assembly election cycle for the 20th District.

The judgement of rather or not Rush Limbaugh comments was out of order will be tried in the court of public opinion, the concern here at Save Flushing Queens is if Assemblywoman Grace Meng is out of order?

With the New York State deficit looming in the range of $8.2-$11 billion dollars, a tanking economy, exuberant government spending and slumming revenues, countless numbers of displaced workers and to mention the least an out of control legislature; Assemblywoman Meng should hone in on issues in her own backyard.

Our once beloved Flushing has become home to illegal brothels disguised as "Massage Parlors", murders at what appeared to be on a monthly basis in 2010, increased population and decreased housing opportunities. In addition, the question of how long can Flushing's exclusive economy be sustained is brought into question.

In short, if Assemblywoman Meng is going after Rush Limbaugh for what was suppose to be seen as political satire and comedic, why not go after "Saturday Night Live" for their political satirical skits and every other late night talk show host and every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a bit of humor!

Reflecting back on an earlier article "stop the, stop the non-sense", Assemblywoman Meng take your pick at the slue of problems in Flushing to tackle and leave Rush Limbaugh to the court of Public Opinion.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Leadership in order for Community Board 7

The age old argument of term limits is ushered in with each new elected official who believes they will... Change the community, stop political corruption, etc.., etc... and all that good stuff.

With a new slew of electeds throughout the State and City, Flushing being the exception I am sure the discussion of term limits will once again be rejuvenated with new life. Does term limits in fact do anything aside from limiting the political life of an elected in a particular seat?

One thing is for sure, regardless of your pro or con views on term limits one thing is for sure the effects should be tested on the members of Queens Community Board 7. Pardon me, I mean Queens Traffic Advisory Board 7.

New York Community Board's, designed to gauge the CURRENT thoughts and opinions of local residents on local and current issues pertaining to the community such as re-zoning, development, and general run of the mill business.

Most of the City's Community Board's fit into this mold, but not Flushing very own CB 7. When most retire they go to Miami in Flushing they come to Community Board 7. The issues of importance to CB7 (which are always kept at the helm by there fearless leader Chuck Apelian) are parking, parking, and parking... I forget traffic patterns. In case some didn't know, once you become a lifer of Community Board 7 you receive a degree in Traffic patterns and all things traffic germane. CB 7 concerns for the community is not economic development, housing, entrainment or anything that helps with economic growth (which usually means growth in every sector of life) in Flushing but ensuring that everyone resident, business owner and consumer has an affordable if not free parking space.

Let me not under emphasis that parking is an important issue in Flushing but, not the sole, first and foremost one!

With a new development project soon to be underway, for those of you who haven't kept up with the local papers the RKO Keith theater on Northern Blvd is finally going to be transformed from its current eye sore to rental units. This means hours upon hours of CB 7 efforts to leverage the amended approval for more parking.. and what every other amenities, services, and infrastructure that will make Flushing living more cozy for them, regardless of the price tag!

Queens Tribune, RKO article:

( )

Let's make Community Board 7:
  • reflective of the diversity of the district it represents
  • inclusive members that want to preserve the spirit of the community but understand, incorporate and advocate for its sustainability and economic growth
  • home to members of all ages or at least members who want to see a safe and happy flushing of today not of 19..20...30..60.. or whatever 20th century that they hold dear
  • One with competent leadership and not a self serving, egotistical one

Call your Borough President and local elected officials let them know... reappointment's is a choice for the community and you will stand beside them...

Let's have a Flushing of today not of yester-year...

Term limits= Community Board 7

We here at Save Flushing Queens believe in being us members of the Board and tell us why you should stay?!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stop the Rhetoric...Stop the NON-SENSE!!!

In recent months their has been pleads by many citizens to their elected officials to stop the harsh rhetoric that takes place within Congress, Albany and City Hall. These pleads have been heightened by the tragic shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford's.

By no means do I condone the acts that surround Congresswoman Gifford's shooting but we

are drawing the WRONG ASSUMPTIONS from the shooting in pushing for the elimination of the harsh rhetoric. The pleads for a cease of harsh rhetoric is exactly what is causing America's pressure cooker of tension and hostility towards elected officials.

Perhaps if we stop the "dog and pony show" as it has been called in politics and dispense with the PARTY Politics and business of Quid Pro Quo we will have a solution to the harsh rhetoric.

A prime example of this is last week's show put on by City Council... Outraged New Yorkers watched in Jaw Dropping amazement as Member after Member went up and " STOPPED THE HARSH RHETORIC" and thanked the Department of Sanitation, Mayor's office and many other "WELL DESERVING" city agencies that were absent in middle of the Blizzard of December 2010 for showing up to the hearing.

Following Council's gratitude for respective agencies being present, was their apologetic remarks that the snowstorm was out of hands and sincerest apologies that mother nature did not follow the will of City Council.

Few and I mean very few, Council members put their foot down in outrage at the failure of New York City snow removal services. Rather or not you agree with their statements their efforts are applaud by members in and out of their districts. A round of applauds is in order for the few members who did have the courage and conviction to advocate for the members of their community even after most likely a council wide briefing of what not to say and what tone to use by Speaker Quinn.

Thank you Council members:
Darlene Mealy
Daniel Hollaran
Charles Barron
Peter Koo
Daniel Dromm
Peter Vallone Jr.
The solution does not exist within dispensing with the rhetoric in politics but, exist within:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Under New Management

Since the starting of Save Flushing Queens I have been a fervent reader of the site.

Save Flushing Queens delivered a much needed voice in the community by expressing the views and stating the often silenced or overshadowed voices in the Flushing area. Rather or not, I agreed with the views expressed in post is neither here nor there!

After noticing a lapse in the post I reached out to Save Flushing Queens to express my support for the site and urge that post resume, through such correspondence I learned that the owner of the site had a death in the family and was forced to take leave. Due to these unforeseen circumstance the owner moved from New York and no longer wishes to continue with Save Flushing Queens.

I expressed my interest in the desire to keep Save Flushing Queens alive and therefore, leads me to inform all readers that this site is under new management.

Although under new managment, this blog will remain the often lacking refreshingly honest and fair voice of the people in Flushing Queens!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Penny Pinching 109 Precinct Screws up Traffic

How many times do we walk down Main Street and see the Police pulling cars over for seat belt or to check license and registration? Each time they cause back ups as evidenced by the above photo. Do you see how far the Police Car is from the curb? Do you realize the Police car and the one pulled over is in a Bus Stop? Clearly blocking traffic!

Maybe the 109 Police Precinct should really do a little soul searching...Do we need Police officers to write tickets or fight crime?

Flushing is not as safe as it once was. The local murders the drug dealing in the open the prostitution problems. Yet the NYPD seems to want to get more tickets... Don't we have enough traffic enforcement agents?

Let the Police Fight Real Crime not be Meter maids.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Isaac Sasson to Enter Senate Race?

I was surprised to have learned that civic leader and perennial candidate Isaac Sasson is seeking the Democratic nomination for State Senate in our community running against Toby "Out of Touch" Stavisky.
Isaac ran a poor campaign against Yen Chou for the City Council the demographics of the race clearly favored him over his 5 minority opponents. His campaign focused on Jewish Voters and failed to encompass all the diverse constituencies that encompassed the 2oth Council District.
Isaac did show tremendous political acumen by strongly endorsing Peter Koo for Council who defeated Yen Chou. many pundits say Isaac's support tipped the scale towards Peter. So the questions of the week are.
Will Peter Koo return the Favor to Isaac?

Will Isaac run an inclusive campaign?
Will this district suit Isaac better with the strong Religious vote?

John Messer or Isaac Sasson Let us see who can win our support....clearly Save Flushing Queens can not and will not support Toby Stavisky, our community is crying for New leadership.

Friday, June 11, 2010

John Messer Dinkins Speech Writer

A Painful Time in New York City History

After I Blogged how we needed to Elect someone other than Toby Stavisky...I learned that Mr. John Messer was a close confidant and Speech Writer to former Mayor David Dinkins...Ouch! A long time Korean Leader came to me and was complaining how he still remembers the hurt and pain caused by the Korean Boycott by the Radicals of the time and how David Dinkins stood idle and did nothing.

Many say that Dinkins failure to stop the violence and his support of the radicals turned the race over to Rudy Giuliani. So I wonder aloud...

Did Messer write Dinkins speech on the Korean Boycott?

Does Messer share the same failed ideology that near ruined the City?

Will he publicly denounce Dinkins his old boss for his divisive politics?

We need a true outsider for Senate... Not a Political hack since the days of Dinkins! I will still support him over Toby but not with any enthusiasm.