Monday, January 17, 2011

New Leadership in order for Community Board 7

The age old argument of term limits is ushered in with each new elected official who believes they will... Change the community, stop political corruption, etc.., etc... and all that good stuff.

With a new slew of electeds throughout the State and City, Flushing being the exception I am sure the discussion of term limits will once again be rejuvenated with new life. Does term limits in fact do anything aside from limiting the political life of an elected in a particular seat?

One thing is for sure, regardless of your pro or con views on term limits one thing is for sure the effects should be tested on the members of Queens Community Board 7. Pardon me, I mean Queens Traffic Advisory Board 7.

New York Community Board's, designed to gauge the CURRENT thoughts and opinions of local residents on local and current issues pertaining to the community such as re-zoning, development, and general run of the mill business.

Most of the City's Community Board's fit into this mold, but not Flushing very own CB 7. When most retire they go to Miami in Flushing they come to Community Board 7. The issues of importance to CB7 (which are always kept at the helm by there fearless leader Chuck Apelian) are parking, parking, and parking... I forget traffic patterns. In case some didn't know, once you become a lifer of Community Board 7 you receive a degree in Traffic patterns and all things traffic germane. CB 7 concerns for the community is not economic development, housing, entrainment or anything that helps with economic growth (which usually means growth in every sector of life) in Flushing but ensuring that everyone resident, business owner and consumer has an affordable if not free parking space.

Let me not under emphasis that parking is an important issue in Flushing but, not the sole, first and foremost one!

With a new development project soon to be underway, for those of you who haven't kept up with the local papers the RKO Keith theater on Northern Blvd is finally going to be transformed from its current eye sore to rental units. This means hours upon hours of CB 7 efforts to leverage the amended approval for more parking.. and what every other amenities, services, and infrastructure that will make Flushing living more cozy for them, regardless of the price tag!

Queens Tribune, RKO article:

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Let's make Community Board 7:
  • reflective of the diversity of the district it represents
  • inclusive members that want to preserve the spirit of the community but understand, incorporate and advocate for its sustainability and economic growth
  • home to members of all ages or at least members who want to see a safe and happy flushing of today not of 19..20...30..60.. or whatever 20th century that they hold dear
  • One with competent leadership and not a self serving, egotistical one

Call your Borough President and local elected officials let them know... reappointment's is a choice for the community and you will stand beside them...

Let's have a Flushing of today not of yester-year...

Term limits= Community Board 7

We here at Save Flushing Queens believe in being us members of the Board and tell us why you should stay?!

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  1. community Bds stinkJanuary 25, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Community Boards consist of malcontents and political wannabe's...abolish them and save Fire Houses