Saturday, January 15, 2011

Under New Management

Since the starting of Save Flushing Queens I have been a fervent reader of the site.

Save Flushing Queens delivered a much needed voice in the community by expressing the views and stating the often silenced or overshadowed voices in the Flushing area. Rather or not, I agreed with the views expressed in post is neither here nor there!

After noticing a lapse in the post I reached out to Save Flushing Queens to express my support for the site and urge that post resume, through such correspondence I learned that the owner of the site had a death in the family and was forced to take leave. Due to these unforeseen circumstance the owner moved from New York and no longer wishes to continue with Save Flushing Queens.

I expressed my interest in the desire to keep Save Flushing Queens alive and therefore, leads me to inform all readers that this site is under new management.

Although under new managment, this blog will remain the often lacking refreshingly honest and fair voice of the people in Flushing Queens!

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