Thursday, December 24, 2009

2008 Political Winners and Losers

Save Flushing Queens is proud to have stood up for what we believe in this Political year and we intend to become more vocal each and every year because an independent voice of the people is needed to help save our community. We are pleased to announce a list of some of our Political Winners and Losers for the Year 2008

Political Winners

John Liu - Did anyone ever expect that a local Chinese American would rock the Political world and surge ahead in the Polls and win the Runoff to make Political History? No! But he did and he will forever be a part of NYC History and the First Winner of Save Flushing Queens

Peter Koo - Like John Liu a Political underdog who shocked the world with his Political Victory. It proves that a nice guy can finish first. We supported him as a political novice who wants to go to City Hall and shake things up! We need a Businessman who knows how to lead!

Isaac Sasoon, Terence Park, Martha Flores, Pauline Chu, Ethel Chen - winners for showing the strength to cross party lines and put community first a rarity in today's political world, they exemplify what leadership is all about.

Grace and Jimmy Meng - For working behind the scenes to defeat Yen Chou a horrific candidate who believes only in self interest. Serving the people was last on her agenda as evidenced by her campaigns insistence that Party was more important than community.

Helen Marshall - facing a primary opponent and defeating them with ease while other incumbents fought challengers and were either toppled or barely survived.

Queens Republicans - Picked up seats in districts that were overwhelmingly Democratic. Showed some life!

Political Losers

Yen Chou - Spend money alienate and threaten people run for public office after not voting in 10 years divide community with anti white and anti Jewish rhetoric. Call yourself an "Educator" after missing 64% of CEC meetings. Becoming the First Democrat in 100 years to lose to a Republican in Flushing for a City Council Race. Need we say more.

SJ Jung - Moves to Flushing to run for office. Does will only because of the Working Families Party, now has to answer question to not only the CFB but to the Feds about Voter Fraud, Illegal Expenditures and more Social Justice Jung may now have a chance to Indict people unfortunatly it is not by his willingness to stand up but by Subpeona.

Mike Olmeda - Campaign Manager to Yen Chou a robust man full of bravado has certainly been deflated. His divide and conquer strategy failed and was rejected. He should go back to candidates school and learn how to be civil. I believe he will be a loser for years to come.

Senator Toby Stavitsky - She backed Yen Chou all while screwing up Albany at the same time. This relic of a Politician ought to be retired immediately! Stavitsky is a perfect example of the disfunction in Albany she attends no events has no base in the Asian community, and she is a complete sell out to the special interest in Albany. She a Loser for seeing 2 Council Members who she supported lose.

Tony Avella - This pompous ass thought he was above all! he ran for Mayor and was lucky if he garnered his wife's vote. He head is so high in the clouds he forgot that he represents the people and not the people must bow in his presence.

Jerry Ianacce - What can we say-if we carved a district of only his house he would probably lose. This man will never understand that public service is about exactly that serving the public not about feeding his ego!

Queens Dems - Sometimes being loyal to a Political Party is asking too much and the Queens Dems can no longer put Mickey Mouse up and expect Voters will vote for him. People want change and want elected officials who will put community before Politics. As soon as we get rid of parties we will all be better.

So for the New Year may we as citizens be able to effectuate real change to rid Albany of those who do not serve our interest! Please God help us preserve our community and City.

A Blessed Holiday Season To All!

Monday, December 21, 2009

SJ and The Feds Flim at Eleven

Is This what SJ will look like when he meets the Feds and discusses his role with The Working Families Party and ACORN?

We here at Save Flushing Queens questioned SJ Jung as to why he would associate himself with Acorn and the Working Families Party some time ago in our Post we Said:

"In a recent mailer sent to voters, S. J Jung proudly announces that he has been endorsed by the notorious left wing radical group Acorn. Unfortunately for S. J, it is illegal for any candidate to be endorsed by an organization claiming to be a non-for-profit organization.

We guess that S. J Jung doesn’t care that the FBI launched an investigation into ACORN, because of allegations that the scandal scarred anti-American group has been accused of voter-registration fraud across the country.

We will give him a pass on taking the leftist Working Family Party’s line. We will even allow him to tout that he has been supported by legislators who wouldn’t know where Flushing was on a map, but those who are expected to lead with integrity and honor should be denouncing fraud not praising it."

I guess SJ will now have to sing to the Feds and talk about how a man who moves into Flushing a few days before the petition process can become such a viable candidate.

Who rasied his money?

Who ran his Field ops?

Who gave him the List?

Did he participate in scams?

Was campaign Finance Laws Violated?

Will This Damage SJ's Future?

SJ Ran for public office, now he can't hide from the Feds!

Click Here For Story on SJ and the Feds!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello: Toby Stavitsky Where Are You?

Our State's fiscal crisis is now reached epidemic proportions, talk of school budgets being slashed, health reform stifled, taxes to increase, our Legislature is acting in a dysfunctional manner refusing to cut the pork, find the waste or eliminate the non essentials. Some crazy Senators would rather eliminate Police then their "Special Projects"

Our community expects and demands leadership, and in these trying times, and of our 4 representatives two are failing us, two are being responsible but of them all --Toby Stavitsky our Senator has become the biggest joke in all the political circles. Where is Toby? What are you doing as a member of the Senate Majority to help us close the deficit? What would you cut out of the budget? What are you doing? Besides decrying the opposition vote on gay Marriage?
Senator Stavitsky frankly is doing nothing! and why should she? She has never accomplished anything except to make sure she carried on the failed agenda of the Late Leonard Stavitsky. Toby now is Lobbied by her son for funding and finds nothing wrong with that. She collects her Salary and has raised almost $577,000 through Unions and special interest all to make sure she stays in Albany to be a "Political Puppet"

Yes Politics in Albany stinks! Why because useless legislators who have no work ethic and only show up to kiss babies and cut ribbons are re-elected without a fight.

Shame on us! We here at Save Flushing Queens are Posting this in the hopes that someone will step forward and run an aggressive campaign on the real issues against Senator "No Show" Stavitsky. The electorate is smart we want to hear about creating jobs, protecting small business, improving education and "REAL CHANGE" in government not flase promises and meaningless rhetoric from "Empty Suits"
With the New Year upon us is it to much for us to ask that our Politicians work for us instead of us working simply to to pay for their greed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Corey Bearak Ethics Reform Should Start at the Beginning

Hey Corey Bearak Ethics reform Should Start at the Beginning

I recently was invited to attend the Queens Civic Congress annual event to meet and greet the Legislators of our great Borough. Now I really don’t know too much about this organization so I decided to Google and do a web search and I was shocked what I found.

Corey Bearak the President of the Queens Civic Congress is a registered Lobbyist and Political Consultant! Joe Bruno gets indicted for using his influence, Corey’s old boss Sheldon Leffler gets sent to jail abusing his Power, Assembly Members Seminerio and McLaughlin both will spend time in jail for their transgressions, and yet a community leader can use his Political clout and his community position to make a ton of money and to pad his pockets.

Now Corey is rumored to be running the election of David Weprin for State Assembly. Isn’t this a conflict? How can he purport to be a “Volunteer for the Community” as he gets paid by campaigns and Lobbies Legislators and uses his Community business card to garner entry and influence?

Yes we need to reform Albany Right Away! But we also need to reform “Civic Politics” where the corruption starts.

Corey B. Bearak Biography of Political Service: A professional Hack

Government & Public Affairs Counselor Attorney-At-Law

Consulting Services
Public Policy and Government Affairs
Political Consulting and Strategic Campaign Management
Media and Public Affairs Political Lobbyist

Corey Bearak provides strategic consulting services for public officials, government and community agencies, unions, institutions, private firms, individuals, and political candidates, and manages non-clinical operations of a human services agency

Corey was named Legislative Counsel to then-Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer in 1999, where he developed issues and new policy initiatives, counseled the Borough President on legislation and served as a legal, media and policy advisor. Through April 2003, Corey served Mr. Ferrer's successor, Adolfo Carrion Jr., as Director of Planning, Policy and Budget. Before heading to the Bronx, Corey served more than 16 years as Counsel/Chief of Staff to a northeast Queens City Council Member who chaired the Public Safety Committee and previously the Committee on Environmental Protection. From June 2003 through May 2005, he authored a weekly column on public policy, The Public Ought to Know. Corey also served as an Assistant to then-Secretary of State Mario Cuomo and in the Office of Bronx District Attorney Mario Merola.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liu and Koo at Fundraiser Signals New Generation Of Leaders Who Put Community First

Councilman Elect Peter Koo hosted a fundraiser just a few days ago to apparently assist in paying down debt from his successful campaign. The turnout was quite impressive, I attended as a guest of a prominent Korean leader who was a full pledged Koo fan, he is unaware of my private life as a blogger.

Well it is true Koo always stated "This is not about Republican or Democrat but Leadership and Experience" His fundraiser showed that to be true. Leaders from all Parties flocked through the door enthusiastically showing Koo's broad appeal. Senator Frank Padavan, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, Former Senator Serf Maltese, Democratic Council Candidate Isaac Sasson, Mike Niebauer Independence party Chairman, Former Republican Council Members not sure but I think Tom Ognibene, Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, Democratic leader Terence Park, Vince Tabone Executive Vice Chairman of the Queens GOP.

The list goes on, but perhaps even more impressive was the racial and religious and political diversity of the 350 attendees. Democrats sitting with Republicans Jews sitting with Hindus and Catholics. Chinese with Koreans, Whites with Hispanics and Blacks sitting with Indians.

The fundraiser proved one thing to me Peter Koo is a Uniter and if this is an example of how he is to govern we are in good shape!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dan Halloran Tries to Make Peace

Say what you may about:
Councilman Dan Halloran
Is he Wild? Outspoken? Crazy? Pompous? Smart?
Ambitious? Hardworking? Capable? Arrogant?
Yes to all!

Clearly, Dan Halloran is quite a character but we at Save Flushing Queens believe he may be the one leader who may surpass all of our expectations. He has to calm down and stop defending his religion and defend his community with the same vigor (all of his community including Korean Americans).

Halloran is bright, has a grasp of the issues, has a high level of energy and is battle tested. He can step in at City Hall and make a difference, so long as he does not fall into the political trap of thinking City Hall is there to serve him rather than he serving his community at City Hall.

He may be the guiding light that his community has been looking for having had 8 years of self serving ineffective leadership under Tony Avella.

I for one am hoping that Dan will be the Man.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yen Chou Spends Most and Still a Loser

Well the latest numbers are in and Yen Chou spent a remarkable $516,319 to try and get elected in a district that is near 5 to 1 Democrat to Republican and she losses! This has to be one of the worst showings in Political History.

Chou navigated her way through a crowded Democratic Primary field and escaping with a narrow win over SJ Jung a man who moved into Flushing 2 months before the petition period started (And has since moved again clearly for Political purposes).

Yen was criticized for her lack of Civic involvement, her failure to vote in an Election for 10 years, and her horrific attendance record as a member of the Community Education Council.

This race restores many peoples faith in government where money seems to buy election as evidenced by Mayor Bloomberg.
We as a community have to stand up to those empty suits who try to buy government and choose those who are right for the job.

Let this be a lesson for all those the electorate has awoken.
PS: We put this Poster Picture up just in case you missed it! After all it was everywhere and probably the reason she lost!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Grace Meng Announces Re-Election

Politics in Flushing is always a step ahead then the Politics of the City. You have the Asian Media who are relentless in covering their Politicians as evidenced by the recent race for the New York City Council. Political pundits are questioning the press conference of Assembly Member Grace Meng who went out of her way to announce she is seeking Re-election. Why? Everyone seems to like Grace and she is an active Assembly Member. Clearly she is more than the odds on favorite she is the eventual winner. So why the early announcement?

Does she expect a challenge from Yen Chou? She should only pray that Yen is her opponent Grace would get 75% of the Vote.

Does she expect a challenge from SJ Jung? Maybe, but again Grace would clearly be the victor.

Grace keep up your fine work as an Assembly Member and realize you will win, because people appreciate a devoted public servant who is honorable.

A Happy Thanksgiving to All.... God Bless

Happy Thanksgiving To All Bless You

I must admit I watched the entire Giant game last night and I was thinking there was not much to be Thankful for then as I opened my mail. I received a letter from Peter Koo asking my opinion on the issues of concern to the community. Imagine an Elected Official reaching out -- not for money, not for a vote but asking me what I thought!

I believe we will be in good hands for the next 4 years. Peter remember we here at Save Flushing Queens will be a hard group as we look for a better place to live. The issue you will have to address is Over development, Taxes, and the Economy.

I will write you at the Flushing Mall!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Peter Koo Congratulations and Good Luck

The 1980 Men’s Olympic Hockey team will forever be known as “The Miracle on Ice” and the 2009 Flushing City Council race will be forever known as the “Koo Miracle Election” This is not said to disparage Peter Koo on the contrary it is intended to pay him the greatest of compliments.

With an enrollment disadvantage of five Democrats to each one Republican, no one gave Peter Koo a chance. We here at Save Flushing Queens, made a decision after the primary to support Mr. Koo, because he is a man of honor and conviction and the decision was correct. We are proud of our decision and frankly the community will be proud that they stood up for change and rejected a candidate who was an empty “Red” suit.

Since the Election things have been quiet, everyone is back to their day to day lives, the annoying phone calls have stopped, the ugly proliferation of Posters has ceased. Peter Koo has begun his graceful Transition. He is attending Civic Associations, Senior Centers, Churches, and has avoided the nonsense of boring insignificant press conferences as he prepares to represent us in the City Council.

We should all work to support Peter and offer guidance and assistance as he begins the new stage in his community service as our Council Member.

Good Luck Peter.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Future Depends on This Tuesday Vote Peter Koo Vs. Yen Chou

With the race for City Council coming down to the last days… we here at Save Flushing Queens ask that each of our readers exercise our right to vote and make a decision! Failure to vote is abdicating your civic responsibility and only empowers others over yourself.

The choice for City Council in District 20 could never be clearer. The Choice is Peter Koo. Peter deserves a chance to represent us; he has lived in Flushing, worked in Flushing, Employs people in Flushing, and has financially supported so many charitable events and organizations in Flushing but more important he is a man of honor and unfortunately his opponent Yen Chou cannot say the same.

Yen Chou has desecrated the RKO Theatre with Illegal Posters
Yen Chou has Failed to Vote in 10 years
Yen Chou’s AIM academy failed to pay rent and was evicted having to pay $9300.00
Yen Chou Missed or was late to 70% of her official meetings and was forced to resign in disgrace.
Yen Chou used anti-Jewish propaganda in her Primary Election
Yen Chou was petitioned by 300 angry parents demanding her School Board removal accusing her of specific acts of fraud.
Yen Chou has accepted all the Special Interest money, and will be the special interest best friend
Yen Chou may face an investigation into her Campaign Finance Fraud
Yen Chou’s non-for-profit raises over 115,000 and does not show where it is spent leading to potential Fraud.

Yen Chou is simply unfit to serve. So this Tuesday Vote as if the future of our community depends upon it…because Ladies and Gentleman IT DOES!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yen Chou Trashes Fellow Democrats

Remember YEN when you point a finger 3 are pointing back at you!

In a sleazy Political attack Yen Chou has resorted to calling good loyal Democrats “Losers”

Yen Chou has attacked Terence Park, Isaac Sasson, Ethel Chen, Pauline Chu, Martha Flores-Velasquez, John Baez all as Losers and the list goes on. Who is she to label long time trailblazers and civic minded citizens as “losers”

Truth be told they are, in my mind, TRUE LEADERS! Individuals who chose by the candidate and not by the Party.

Yen Chou can not hide her feeling of hate.

Peter Koo is a good candidate and a good person and many people recognize his leadership and Experience.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Yen Chou I Needed The Laugh

Yesterday I received in the mail a piece of Literature to my home from Yen Chou. Now I realize that in Politics, Politicians will say anything to get elected! No matter what! No truth? That's OK! I am Yen Chou what I saw must be true even when it is a lie.

Point One:

Yen Chou has photo's of herself with Various ethnic groups saying she is "bringing our community together" Really Yen? Then explain to the Jewish Voters why your campaign's anti-Semitic rants during the primary were made and explain to the voter why you never apologized? Maybe because you needed to divide the Community to win!

Yen why did you say this Council seat is a "Chinese Seat" are there not others who can represent this district with honor? Maybe a Korean American or a Latino American or African American or yes even a White American. Why Yen do you needed to divide our community to win the primary? Maybe you have no record of experience and the things that you do are mired in corruption and illegality or lack of civic responsibility.

Point Two:

Yen Chou shows herself with Congressman Ackerman calling him her mentor. Really Yen then explain why you never voted for your "Mentor" Is that what the Congressman teaches? Did your Mentor approve of you missing over 60 percent of all your CEC meetings? Do you make your Mentor proud? I am sure he looks at your record and is embarrassed.

Point Three:

Yen why have you accepted the endorsement of Council Speaker Christine Quinn? Do you read the papers? She had an illegal Slush Fund and is under investigation by the Federal Government for Fraud. Already Council Staffers and Council Members have been arrested and charged. Is that the leader you will support if you are elected? I say yes because you are not independent you are a tool with no original thoughts.

We need Real Change we need a Council Member who shows up for work! We need a Council Member who votes we need a leader not a tool of Politics and Special Interest.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Elect Yen Chou You Get 2 Nasty Venal Bullying Politicians For The Price Of 1

I love Flushing, I have lived here my entire life, yes it has changed, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse! I became active this year in the Primary becuase I needed to get off the sidelines and help my community. I voted for Isaac Sasson and almost voted for James Wu. I at first went to help Yen Chou but she never responded back to me. It was clear that her campaign would not care for white voters. She has shown disdain for us since day one! Her Primary remarks that this is a "Chinese Seat" and if "you wait to the General election, you help elect a Jew" are divisive statements.

As a preservationist, I was extremely angry at Yen Chou for allowing the desecration of the RKO, by her campaign team. Her Posters are illegally up everywhere! She acts as if she is Above The Law! I understand Politics is a tough business, but it does not have to be dirty! Yen Chou's camp viciously attacked James Wu with mailings at the last minute and I am sure she will try and tarnish the reputation of Peter Koo.

But now I have heard the worst of Yen Chou! Her husband is going through the Chinese papers and calling supporters of Peter Koo and threatening them. He is telling them when she gets elected that she will use her power to destroy them! Did someone empower him? Who is he? Does he still live in Bayside?

These underhanded tactics are so low that I have asked the New York City Department of Investigation to look into voter intimidation and will forward a similar complaint with the Federal Government seeking immediate actions. Yen Chou's husband has some answering to do! because some of the people who he has threatened are ready to speak. Including Presidents of non profits, small business owners and regular citizens who have felt his wrath.

We do not need people representing us who will resort to dirty tricks and intimidation to get what they want!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yen Chou Announces Her Failure to Vote

Yen Chou Announces Her Failure to Vote

A local Queens newspaper, the Queens Examiner stumbled across an interesting fact, Yen Chou has failed to vote for 10 years! When she did decide to vote it was for herself in the recent primary! Why would someone who claims to be so active in the community not participate at all in the Democratic Process? A Democratic District leader who doesn't Vote? Clearly, voting in elections is not only an honor but many feel a duty and responsibility. Our American Democracy is founded upon the ability for us to choose our leaders. What is so great about the United States is that we can change leadership with the power of a vote and not by shedding blood. It is a dishonor to all our Veterans and those who paid the supreme sacrifice to fight to protect our freedoms. Yen Chou wants the power for herself but she does not want to advance our democracy and freedom.

Last night I attended a debate Yen Chou openly admitted to the small audience that she did not Vote! She offered poor excuse after poor excuse, Instead of saying "I have failed in my civic responsibility!"

We give her credit for taking on the issue, but she deserves to lose the election for her lack of civic responsibility. Remember this is not just about voting, it is also about being appointed and accepting the responsibility of representing parents as a member of the CEC Community Education Council, she missed or was absent near 60% of the time missing votes that were urgent in the field of education and affected our community.

Please, you don't have to believe us go on-line and check the CEC for District 26, go to the minutes and see Yen's failure to Vote.

Please go on-line and check the Editorial for the Queens Examiner and read why they rejected Yen Chou
Yen Chou only cared enough to vote for herself and she will never care about you or the community when elected!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

The Race for City Council is only 13 days away and the pace is picking up with community leaders now taking sides and some jumping sides and some playing both sides. If you put your ear to the ground you can tell that people were not expecting this close of a race in Flushing. We are not surprised Peter Koo and Yen Chou are waging this epic battle what we are surprised is how many people have emailed us encouraging us to continue with our site. We admit we are angry at the way Yen Chou sent out nasty attack pieces directed at James Wu and John Choe in the primary. We are angry how Yen Chou puts posters everywhere making our community look like a slum. So we accept the criticism that we have shown anger towards Yen Chou but we challenger her to show us that she can live within the law, if she does we have less to be critical about.

Is Bena To Be Arrested?

Word on the street is that the Happy Hobo of Flushing James Bena was caught red handed by Officers of the 109th Police Precinct illegally removing Peter Koo signs from private property; this comes in the wake of the Chou campaign being issued thousands of dollars in fines for their desecration of the RKO Theatre.

Finally the campaign which has been run “Above The Law” is facing the music. This restores our faith in government.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Did John Liu Really Want to Endorse Yen Chou? You Decide?

John Liu and City Councilman Charles Barron at a Recent Rally for Comptroller

Yes it happened John Liu held his nose and did what people had been pressuring him to do since September 15th, the unthinkable he endorsed Yen Chou. But is he really supporting Yen Chou. Let’s look at the history and the facts and you decide.

Yen Chou in June of this year announces her support for David Weprin over John Liu in the race for Comptroller. Her announcement and comments were published on June 4th in Sing Tao Daily and the World Journal. Yen takes a few calculated shots at John Liu and opposes him in the vote for the Queens Democratic Organization nod for Comptroller.

Once John Liu becomes the choice of the Democratic Organization… does Yen Chou support him? No! She goes on to support and carry petitions for Weprin and herself against the Party.

Chou and her few supporters continue to bash John Liu in hopes of advancing Weprin.

On September 15th John Liu makes the runoff and Yen Chou narrowly escapes with a win in the Primary.

From the 15th on Yen Chou is doing all she can to get the now coveted endorsement of John Liu and Liu delays, the runoff comes and goes and Liu is the winner, our next Comptroller. Day by Day Democrats cross party lines to support Republican Peter Koo, some of John Liu’s inside power players are seen in open meetings in the Flushing Mall food mart and at the Sheraton. Koo’s campaign gains momentum. John Liu comes out and makes an endorsement for City Council yet it was not for Yen Chou it was for Kevin Kim a smack in the face for Yen Chou. Peter Tu a Liu loyalist becomes a campaign manager for Peter Koo to work on Chinese vote for Election Day.

Still no Endorsement, The Democratic Organization calls and pushes John until he plays Loyal to his party publically and he endorses Yen Chou. The next day a group of campaign strategist loyal to Liu are told to work and help Koo.

So Now one Candidate has the public endorsement and the other has the Campaign team sounds like John Liu has split loyalties. You Decide!!!

We at Save Flushing Queens feel John Liu would prefer the more experienced Peter Koo in his old Council Seat.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yen Chou Poster Crew Caught in Action

A concerned citizen who was angered with the proliferation of posters on public places has contacted Save Flushing Queens with numerous pictures and Video's of paid Chou supporters placing posters on government property and removing legally put up signs of both John Liu and Peter Koo.

We here at Save Flushing Queens will be Posting these Video's upon verification of their authenticity, for now please except these pictures as stage one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RKO Used as Yen Chou Poster Board

Yen Chou in perhaps one of the most disgusting and vile political self promotions has angered a community for her plastering her inexperienced face on our RKO Building. Clearly Yen believes that enhancing her Political Career supersedes our quality of life. She is no better than a Graffiti Vandal defacing our property and a Historic location for own Political Notoriety. Does she really believe this is how to get elected?

Yen Chou has No Respect.

Yen Chou has No Honor.

Yen Chou believes if you plaster posters you win races.

Yen Chou is void of substance.

Yen Chou should be rejected.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yen Chou Mudslinger and Dirty Campaigner

Yen Chou has become the perfect Politician in the most negative of ways. Let us for the moment forget her blind allegiance to the developer of the Caldor site Sam Chan, who continues to try and pad her pockets and allegedly makes illegal contributions for what I am sure will be future favors should the public turn a blind eye to honesty and integrity and put Chou in office.

Let us warn you she is poised to attack her opponent Peter Koo and was ready to attack SJ Jung before he pulled out of the race. Why may you ask?

Because when you can't win on substance, experience or record you lie, cheat and demean honest people!

You heard it here first.

What will she say??? She was ready to attack SJ as a candidate who can't win, who had connections to Korean leftists and just moved into the district. She will try to divide Flushing by telling Chinese you can't have a Korean representative like she did in the Primary. She will tell you that he has the support of Unions and he is a Liberal Democrat. She was going to use the politics of fear and hate.

What else will she say? She will lie and say that Peter Koo can't win despite the polls that say something else, she will spread lies about the amount of time he has represented Flushing, she will attack that he is an immigrant and he does not speak perfect English. She may even talk about how Peter was unsuccessful in his first attempt at Public office. So what?

In the Primary Yen Chou started false rumours against Isaac Sasoon a good man and leader.

Yes she will attack and attack and throw mud all so she does not have to answer questions about her own record.

Call Yen Chou ask her how many times she was late or absent from her official department of Education Position representing parents on the Community Education Council.

Call and ask Yen Chou if she has the proper license for teaching?

Call and ask Yen Chou why she did not support Flushing's own John Liu in the Primary but instead David Weprin.

Why do candidates Mudsling? Because they are hiding their own failures. Yen Chou you can run but you can't hide your record of failure and corruption follows you where ever you go.
周燕霞最近已经把政客能做的坏事都一一做尽了。像是大开发商Sam Chan不断把钱塞进周燕霞的口袋,还非法利用人头捐款给周燕霞,我相信这些将来周燕霞要昧著良心把这些恩惠一一回报给她。












Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Park Endorses Koo Yen Chou Weakened

Terence Park a fixture in the Korean American Community has publicly crossed party lines to endorse and support Peter Koo for the race for City Council. Clearly Park long known for thinking clearly and then making an educated decision must realize that Democratic Council candidate Yen Chou is in deep trouble. Park has also made the determination that Political newcomer SJ Jung can never win on the Working Families Party Line.

As the election comes closer Political pundits are wondering why Yen Chou's opponents have yet to come out publicly to endorse her. The reason is that most of them believe that Yen Chou is incapable of leading the community. Rumor has it that most of the Democrats that sought office are working with Republican Peter Koo.

Hold tight this Election is not over yet!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yen Chou Making Flushing Look Like A Corrupt Dump

We here at Save Flushing Queens recognize that putting up campaign posters is part of the Political Process. When in storefronts that is positive, when on Public property it is downright unacceptable. The above photo is a perfect example of why Yen Chou should not be elected to the New York City Council. She firmly believes she is above the law, her arrogance is her downfall.

You may think that this is petty of us but the reality is she abuses all laws and official complaints have been filed with regard to allegations of Fraud in her campaign financing, letters have been sent to the City Campaign Finance Board and she may face a legal review from the District Attorneys office right here in Queens County!

If she is elected will this mean she will have to resign if brought up on charges and if so we as a community lose.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yen Chou in Serious Trouble

So the Primary is over and the results are in and Yen Chou appears to have squeaked by despite spending the most money, buying off supporters and dividing the community with racially hurtful statements and a campaign that pitted Chinese vs. Korean, Asians vs. Jews and Hispanics vs. Whites.

The Flushing campaign is an example of what we all hate and despise about politics. During the Primary season, Special interest groups came into the district and tried to buy a City Council Seat by pouring money into political coffers so that if a candidate gets elected, they are forever indebted. Yen Chou’s financial disclosures read like a who’s who in “I’m going to screw Flushing”. But the good people of the 20th Council District in the Democratic Primary manage to recognize this and 76% of all those who voted rejected Yen Chou and her politics of hate and divisiveness. A political upstart in S. J. Jung, nearly toppled Yen Chou despite having only moved into the community a mere few months ago.

Let’s review why Yen Chou should have lost this primary despite being the overwhelming favorite.

1. People rejected her politics of hate.
2. They were angered when they learned of her abysmal record as an official representative of the people for the Department of Education.
3. Her anti-Semitic statements galvanized the Jewish vote and nearly propelled Isaac Sason to victory.
4. Yen Chou’s campaign finance disclosures are under investigation and people know where there is smoke there is fire.

All the political pundits had Yen Chou walking away with this Primary race, but now she faces the fight of her life in the November election. This district was perfectly suited for a true leader like Isaac Sasson but absent that, Peter Koo, the Republican candidate may be able to overcome the enrollment differences by beating a divided Democratic ticket as S.J. Jung stays on the “working families” line.

Yen Chou’s voter base will be divided and Peter Koo with 3 lines in November may very well pull off the upset of the century in Flushing. Yen Chou can be defeated and her vile brand of politics can be eliminated.

Stay tuned folks, the fight has just begun.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yen Chou an Educational Record of Failure for our Children and Families

Yen Chou an Educational Record of Failure for our Children and Families

Yesterday, we received an email most likely from some political candidate or another giving Yen Chou a report card for her term on the CEC. We are not great fans of Yen Chou she has displayed a level of arrogance in her campaign, as a matter of fact when I tried to reach out early on to see if I could help her, I was not even afforded a return call by her. I spoke with a campaign supporter, I realized then Yen Chou had no interest in white voters or support.

Now I am glad she shunned me and my family after reading of her abysmal record as an official member of the Board of Education’s CEC… Can you imagine her being absent or late nearly 74% of the time?

How is this woman going to represent us if she can’t show up for work? Her being a member of the CEC was designed solely for her to promote herself and her business. Each advertisement in the World Journal stated her Educational background for AIM, her for profit educational center.

It is unconscionable for someone to profit off of kids, while failing to assist in enhancing education as she was sworn to do.

Yen Chou is not suitable for Public Office…As a matter of fact Yen Chou is a disgrace as a human being.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yen Chou FAILS as Public Official

Jerry Iannece Burns Kevin Kim

Jerry Iannece is well known for his anger, arrogance and his notorious violent temper. This is precisely why, Jerry Iannece has been running for public office for 15 years! His abysmal political failure is a result of his haughty attitude, his abrasiveness and belief that he is better than everyone else.

His narcissistic tendencies make people feel uncomfortable and prevented them from supporting him for over 15 years. Tony Avella went so far as to state that, “Jerry Iannece is unfit for public office.”

This is precisely why we were not shocked when a concerned reader alerted us that Jerry Iannece and brainwashed members of his campaign set a Kevin Kim Poster ablaze as a stupid prank.

Well Jerry we fail to see the humor in setting things on fire. We here at Save Flushing Queens would like to hear your side of the story. Contact us Jerry.

This is why we feel that Tom Cooke, Debra Markell and Kevin Kim are better suited for public office.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Say No to Yen Chou

It is not surprising that the anti-white candidate, Yen Chou, decided not to attend a debate hosted by the Flushing Jewish Community Council. It is obvious that Yen Chou is not only ignoring White, Hispanic and African American voters but she is also unwilling to defend her anti-Semitic remarks she made in the local press. Clearly she hid in fear that her agenda would be put on public inspection prior to Primary day.

The 20th Council District needs a representative that unifies our diverse community and not divides us. Yen Chou will be a disaster if she is elected to any public office. As a community we need to act now and prevent her from continuing her politics of hate, prejudice and divisiveness.

If elected, Yen Chou will be unable to work with her fellow colleagues or the Mayor rendering her useless and ineffective thus hurting our community every other Council member will bring back the necessary funding we to support the many programs their community rely upon except Yen Chou, she will be sitting with Charles Baron wondering why hate hurts.

若周燕霞当选,她的无能与无效将无法与其他市议员和市长一起工作,进而伤害我们社区的权益。每位市议员都会分配到一定的政府经费,资助本地的各项计画所需,她将会跟 坐在一起,然后还不知道仇恨带来的伤害。
As a community, we need to say NO to Yen Cho.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

S.J Jung Steps in Acorn Dung

In a recent mailer sent to voters, S. J Jung proudly announces that he has been endorsed by the notorious left wing radical group Acorn. Unfortunately for S. J, it is illegal for any candidate to be endorsed by an organization claiming to be a non-for-profit organization.

We guess that S. J Jung doesn’t care that the FBI launched an investigation into ACORN, because of allegations that the scandal scarred anti-American group has been accused of voter-registration fraud across the country.

We will give him a pass on taking the leftist Working Family Party’s line. We will even allow him to tout that he has been supported by legislators who wouldn’t know where Flushing was on a map, but those who are expected to lead with integrity and honor should be denouncing fraud not praising it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Candidate Profiles District 20 by Calvin Prashad

Candidate Profiles: District 20 Flushing, New York

Fri, 08/14/2009 - 08:57 API candidates District 20 Flushing

Flushing - New York's other (and way way larger) Chinatown has seen a huge spike in Asian-American candidates running to represent it in public office. With current city councilman John Liu running for the
City Comptroller position, there is now a ferocious primary fight to replace him. Although the campaigning has at times turned ugly, it seems to have calmed down now with a better focus on issues rather than attacks. The outcome is not yet apparent and no candidate will win the primary along ethnic lines. The winner will have to appeal to the large Chinese, Korean, South Asian and Jewish communities as well as offer concrete solutions to improve issues facing the community.

Here are the candidates as of today:

**All fundraising figures are available on the New York City Campaign Finance Board**


Yen Chou - her candidacy focuses mostly on education as she was an educator and served on school boards. Also served as a liaison to API community under another city councilman.


Campaign promises include greater funding and accessibility to English and Second Language Programs, reduction of class sizes Promises to tackle traffic and pollution
Well versed and experienced in education issues


Unclear and limited platform; I cannot find anything more detailed than a few bullet points on her website, certain issues such as health insurance are beyond the reach of the City Council
Does not indicate how education reforms will be carried out since mayoral controls over the schools has been renewed.
Allegedly leaked campaign memo has critics accusing her of ethnic campaigning and racism
Has not garnered endorsements from teachers unions, education groups

The verdict: In a race such as this, a lengthy, solid platform is necessary in which you must be able to not only convince the voters that you can bring about what you promise. Otherwise, its just saying empty phrases like "business incentives" and "health insurance". Will need a major breakout to get support from places other than the Chinese-American community.

S.J. Jung

A small business owner in Flushing who is tied strongly to other Korean businesses in the area. Founder of YKASEC


Platform built mostly around compromise between factions within Flushing
Experience in community organization

Most funds among candidates

Has picked up impressive endorsements from ACORN, several labor groups and the Working Families Party (significant third party in NYC)

Hard to maintain a middle ground in battle between development and anti development groups

Persistent allegations that actual residence is in New Jersey

The verdict: Even if SJ Jung does not win the Democratic Primary, he may choose to run on the Working Families ticket during the November elections. The impressive endorsements and large war chest should keep him in the race until the end. Residency rumors are persisting in that he registered to vote in Flushing earlier this year.


James Wu

One of the current district leaders in District 20, Flushing. Also served in Marines and is a member of his civic association


Has made digital textbooks major campaign issue. Claims that city can negotiate a lower price with manufacturer and give every student digital textbooks rather than traditional paper ones. Will reduce strain on students and help environment Extensive knowledge of community due to his work as a civic and district leader Strong record of reinforcing voting rights, opening new polling sites

Has run a very quiet, low key campaign (signs were posted only this week)

Needs to assert himself, lack of presence allows opponent Yen Chou to convince the Chinese-American community that she is the only Chinese candidate running The centerpiece of the campaign, digital textbooks may become a logistical nightmare for the schools and bureaucracy

The verdict: He needs to make some noise and be heard or will be overshadowed be other candidates. His knowledge of the community is among the best among the candidates and has a long record of civic leadership in regards to parks, voting stations and youth sports.


Isaac Sasson

A former cancer researcher and lottery winner

Has won the lottery so will likely not accept donations from third parties

Has engaged in ethnic campaigning in the past

condemned by Congressman Gary Ackerman

Allies include anti-Asian former city councilwoman Julia Harrison,
other district leader Martha Flores Vasquez

"Rude merchants and criminal smugglers" - Julia Harrison

"The district can have a qualified candidate or an Asian candidate" -
Martha Flores Vasquez

Represents the older residents of Flushing, most of which resent the
new immigrants

Strongly anti-development platform leaves no room for new families

Engaged in vicious lawsuit to knock another candidate off ballot

Known for refusing to compromise, often out of touch with needs of community wanted Flushing hospital closed, defeated in vote 39 – 1

The verdict: In spite of the fact that he immigrated to America, Sasson clearly sides with the anti-Asian faction with Flushing. Regardless of the ethnic support he may receive, he is clearly banking his roots in the Jewish community and xenophobia to win the office. I've tried to be fair to all candidates but this individual and his views are reprehensible and it is undeniable that he is trying to play among ethnic lines.


Constantine Kavadas

Recent college graduate and youngest candidate in the race

Recent Political Science degree give him great understanding of the city's political system

Platform more extensive and organized that most opponents

Lots of practical experience

Extensive experience in affordable housing due to construction work, coordination with dept of buildings

Junior port master of Chios harbor in Chios, Greece

May be knocked off ballot due to allegedly fraudulent signatures

Currently defending candidacy in court after Sasson files lawsuit against him. Lost temper at candidates forum and accused Sasson of attempting to monopolize the White vote for himself

Political experience may be an issue
The verdict: Kavadas's campaign may or may not survive the week. Although he has the least experience in city politics, his recent political science degree indicates that he might already have a basic understanding. Fundraising is currently under severe drain due to legal defense. Should his campaign survive the legal issue he may be in a very weak position to continue. Likely has promising future in city politics nonetheless.

John Choe

Chief of Staff to current city councilman John Liu, civic leader


Worked eight years under current city councilman, extensive knowledge
of city hall and issues

Endorsement of many labor groups, Queens Democrats, 1199 SEIU,
Teamsters, League of Humane Voters and current councilman John Liu


Has worked on legislation at City Hall

Broad ethnic coalition

Endorsements from Latino, African American and LGBT groups

Has coordinated with 109th Precinct on community issues

Police-community relations not frequently addressed by candidates

Late entry into race has put him at fundraising disadvantage

The verdict: In spite of many citywide endorsements and the all important Democratic endorsement Choe has not been able to separate himself from the other candidates. He has chosen to files for matching funds as late as possible in order to maximize the amount he would receive. It remains to be seen if he can overtake his better funded opponents (Y Chou, Jung and Sasson).


Evergreen Chou (Green Party)

Health care worker and leader of the Flushing Green Party

Targeted recruitment for police department extremely important

Eco Friendly

Scoutmaster of Troop 888


Initiatives such as emphasizing Chinese medicine to fight swine flu and more cats to get rid of rats in Flushing are impractical and even a little dangerous

Not much is known about his candidacy

Was only allowed a minute to speak at recent candidates forum

3k raised is dwarfed by all candidates

The verdict: Although targeted recruiting of officers that represent (and speak the same language as) members of the community is exceptionally important, most of his other campaign promises seem impractical, especially using cats in traffic heavy and bustling downtown Flushing. Some ideals of the Greens will mesh well in helping to fix the severe pollution in Flushing, but as a third party candidate, his chances of winning are very slim.


Peter Koo

Small business owner and fixture in Flushing community

Very well known in community

Built chain of Starside Pharmacy from scratch, self made

Has worked with Business Improvement District across party lines to help attract tourism, promote events and cleanups

Tough on public safety and crime

Has called for direct election of State Judges

Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic District

Anti-development platform may be at odds with some residents

Residents and developers: affordable housing

Koo: quality of life and infrastructure issues

The verdict: Peter Koo is probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but his political party puts him at a distinct disadvantage. In his previous campaign against the incumbent
Democratic State Senator, he was crushed by a wide margin even withhis community ties and popularity. However, if the Democratic party cannot get its house in order by November, Koo may just pull off anupset. That being said, Koo is a major figure in the Business Improvement District where he worked with Democrats, business owners and community leaders to pull off some major events and benefited the community at large.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jerry Iannece "Political Bridezilla"

Save Flushing Queens has been organized to allow concerned citizens a voice in their community and the electoral process. Some people can sit idly by and not be concerned. Others must voice their opinion and take political action. The future of our section in Queens in local politics will be decided in September and November in the local elections for City Council.

In the 19th District, it is a classic battle with the top 3 Democrats being Jerry Iannece, Paul Valone and Debra Markell. The winner faces a strong Republican in Dan Halloran. Frankly, Markell and Vallone are qualified, energetic and have histories in political involvement for the right reason, while Jerry Iannece will forever be a political bridesmaid and never a bride. Here’s why. Despite what appears to be an impressive display of community involvement, Iannece is a pompous, self-centered political wannabe who serves not for the feeling of satisfaction of assisting those in need, but to further pad his already bloated ego.

Those in political circles raise their eyebrows and shrug their shoulders when they hear the name Jerry Iannece. They know that he is a political self-promoter who is void of substance and lacks integrity. If you listen to Jerry Iannece speak you will immediately notice that he believes that he is the anointed one, that he is already a councilman, he even believes he can cure cancer.

Ultimately, Jerry Iannece is a jackass and Tony Avella said it best, “Jerry Iannece is unfit for public office”

The Democratic Party has much more to offer than Jerry Iannece. They have candidates who actually care. So while we set out not to endorse candidates, we certainly feel strongly that he should be denied.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wu Slays "Queen of Mean"

Apparently, Yen Chou was giving dollar bills in exchange for individuals signing her petition sheets. This is just another example of the devilish tactics Yen Chou will use to eliminate her competition. It is clear that the demonic Yen Chou will not run a campaign based upon the issues but chooses to use dirty tricks, illegal tactics and political war to win election. She has proven to be a person who would rather divide and conquer rather than unite and win.

Thankfully, the fine people of the 20th Council District see through her devilish charade and are supporting James Wu and John Choe.

According to published reports, James Wu’s attorney Daryl Fox toldreporters that through an intensive investigation, they found out that Yen Chou’s campaign bought petition signatures from seniors inFranklin Senior Center for one dollar per signature.

Fox said, they accused Chou for petition fraud. However, all the senior witnesses were not willing to attend the hearing. In the UnitedStates a witness is only valid if he/she is voluntary. So Daryl Fox made an agreement with Yen Chou’s lawyer Lawrence Mandelker andwithdrew the motion on behalf of James Wu.




Tuesday, August 11, 2009

James Wu Fires Back

世界日報8月11日針對有媒體報導20選區市議員周燕霞呼籲所有拿到相對基金(matchingfunds)的參選人將錢捐給社區的說法,華裔選民聯盟總顧問李瑞生10日表示,相對基金的錢按照法律規定只能用於選舉,如果用在其它方面,不僅錢會被收回,更會受到紐約市選舉財務委員會(NewYork City Campaign Finance Board)的處罰。
World Journal

August 11

In response to Yen Chou's press conference, which demands all the candidates return the matching fund they've got from the City,Chinese American Voters Association General Counsel Johnson Lee said,according to law matching fund can only be used on campaign expenses.If not, the Campaign Finance Board would not only take the money back,but fine the candidate.

However, Yen Chou's campaign responded, they just emphasized candidates should raise their own money and return the matching fundto the City for the use of community establishments.

Johnson Lee pointed out, matching fund is designed to give opportunities to candidates who are not able to raise much money. In fact, after the City started providing matching fund, the number of candidates has increased tremendously. Thus, voters have gotten more choices and the rich special interest groups can no longer monopolizethe elections. Moreover, according to the law, the application and usage of matching money is strict and the matching funds can only be used for campaign purposes.

Otherwise the candidates would be punished. James Wu said, choosing to enroll in the matching fund program proves that his resourse and usage of campaign finance can stand the test.

Choosing to enrolled in matching fund program is not only for more transparacy and responsibility of elected officials, but good goverment and democratic system. This has nothing to do with wasting taxpayers'money.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yen Chou Political Novice, Rank Amateur And Campaign Finance Fraud?

Yen Chou Political Novice, Rank Amateur And Campaign Finance Fraud?
政治新手周燕霞是否搞不清楚状况 还涉及竞选财务欺诈?

We hear that Yen Chou is calling on her opponents to give back theirmatching funds from the City. While we here at Save Flushing Queensare not the big supporters of the NYC Campaign Finance Board... but itis the Law!
In order for Yen Chou not to be considered a whiny political hypocriteshe should stand up and announce that she will not exceed the spendinglimit set forth by law. Is she willing to do that? We doubt it!
Will she be a Slave to Special Interest? Most certainly!
Will she owe everyone under the sun if she were to get elected? Yesand when that happens it leads to corruption!
Yen Chou is coming under scrutiny for potential campaign FinanceViolations including what some are saying may be illegal tactics.Investigators from Democratic circles are following a lead that somecontributions are illegal because someone is fronting the money fordonors. Is this true? Time will tell!
One thing is for sure, those who live in glass houses should neverthrow stones. Might be wise words for Yen Chou to listen to.

Mudslinging Takes Over District 20 Forum

Mudslinging Takes Over District 20 Forum20市議員選區政見會 候選人互揭瘡疤

It was billed as a debate, but it turned into an airing of dirty laundry.原該是一場辯論,卻變成一場互吐口水的烏賊戰。

The six Democratic candidates running for the seat of City CouncilmanJohn Liu (D-Flushing) participated in a candidates’ forum in FlushingMonday night, but what started as a cordial discourse on issuesaffecting District 20 quickly devolved into a fracas replete withallegations of everything from racism to planted questions.六位角逐劉醇逸市議員遺留席位的民主黨候選人,上週一參加一場候選人論壇,但原本設定位討論20選區重要議題的論壇,卻演變成候選人相互指控彼此種族主義以及問題為特定候選人量身訂做的混戰。

During the course of the forum, held at Korea Village by TerencePark’s Our Political Coalition, candidates Yen Chou and Isaac Sassonwere openly called racists, John Choe was criticized for calling theUnited States imperialist in a 2006 speech, S.J. Jung was accused ofliving in another state and Constantine Kavadas erupted against forumpanelists whom he accused of asking questions planted by opposingcampaigns.這場論壇在韓國村舉辦,由补容範「我們的政治聯盟」所發起,周燕霞與沙頌被公開指責為種族主義者,崔容準被指稱曾於2006年一場演說中發表美國是帝國主義者的言論,鄭勝振被指居住在外州,卡瓦德斯則單挑主辦單位,指輪談的問題是為特定陣營量身打造。

“This was a zoo,” said Chou’s campaign manager, Michael Olmeda,following the event. “An absolute mess.”周燕霞的競選經理歐敏達說:「論壇就像動物園一樣」,他在論壇後指出:「根本是一陣混亂」。

The bizarre fracas started shortly after Choe left to attend a meetingof his co-op board at the Mitchell Linden Houses. As Choe left he wasaccosted by a member of the audience, who demanded he answer questionsabout his views on North and South Korean relations with the UnitedStates.這場乖誕的混亂在崔容準離席,準備去參加他所居住的大樓管委會會議後開始,一位觀眾要求他回答他對南北韓與美國關係的看法。

In his absence, Sasson and several audience members harped on theKorea point further, saying they wished he had been in attendance toanswer questions about a 2006 speech he gave on free tradenegotiations between the U.S. and South Korea, where he referred to himself as a “byproduct of U.S. imperialism.”崔容準離開後,沙頌與幾位現場觀眾繼續在韓國問題上做文章,說希望崔能在場回答觀眾對於他2006年對美韓貿易談判所發表言論的問題,他當時稱自己是「美國帝國主義的副產品」。

Reached for comment, Choe rejected the criticisms of his views on international politics.崔容準受訪時,拒絕對自己關於國際政治的評論發表意見。

“This election is about the future of Flushing, not past statementsabout Korea,” Choe said. “It is about working together toward a futurewith better schools, good jobs and improved quality of life.”崔容準說:「這場選舉是關於法拉盛的未來,而非過往對於韓國問題的評論」,他說:「選戰應該是要討論大家未來能怎麼合作,讓學校變得更好,創造更多工作機會與改善生活品質」。

Shortly after Choe left, the discourse between the remaining fivecandidates quickly deteriorated.崔容準離開後不久,其他五位候選人間的混戰越演越烈。

Kavadas was angered by the phrasing of a question about contextualrezoning and ripped moderator Richard Jannacio, accusing him andseveral of the forum’s panelists of planting questions on behalf ofSasson’s campaign — an accusation the debate’s organizers flatlydenied.卡瓦得司對主持人Jannacio問問題的用詞大表不滿,他指控這位主持人在很多論壇的問題都是為沙頌的競選團隊量身打造,辯論的主辦人斷然否認此項指控。

Not long thereafter, during a period in which the candidates wereallowed to ask questions of one another, Jung asked Kavadas “if hefelt the quality of life in the district had deteriorated during thelast eight years.”其後不久,辯論進行到候選人交互詰問,鄭勝振問卡瓦德斯,他是否覺得過去的八年來,選區內的生活品質逐年下滑。

“The reason you’re asking me that is because you just moved to thedistrict from New Jersey last Tuesday,” Kavadas said.卡瓦德斯說:「你會這樣問我是因為你上禮拜二才剛從紐澤西搬到選區裡面」

Jung responded that he “moved to the district 20 years ago” and has been serving the community ever since. City Board of Elections recordsshow Jung did vote from an address in Rivervale, N.J., in November2008, but has since moved to an apartment on Sanford Avenue inFlushing.鄭勝振表示,他在二十年前就搬到選區,並且從那時候就開始為社區服務。選舉局的資料顯示,鄭勝振去年11月大選確實在紐澤西登記投票,但其後就搬到位於法拉盛三福大道的公寓。

“You can tell you’re the frontrunner in a race because your opponentsstart kicking you,” Jung said.鄭勝振說:「當你的對手開始攻擊你的時候,你就知道自己的選情越來越好」

Kavadas then accused Sasson of leading a “racist” campaign againstKavadas and unfairly taking him to court by challenging his petitionsin an effort to become the sole Caucasian in the race.卡瓦得司指控沙頌對他發起「種族主義」宣傳,並且挑戰他的連署,把他告上法庭,希望成為唯一的白人候選人。

“Absolutely untrue. I would defy anybody that would say anything likethat,” Sasson said. “Every campaign has the opportunity to challengepetitions and almost all of them did.”「這當然是不實的指控,任何人說類似這樣的話,我都會跟他們辯解」沙頌表示:「每一個競選陣營都有機會挑戰他人的選民連署,幾乎每個陣營都會這樣做!」

Next, Wu accused Chou of circulating fliers, saying he, the only otherChinese-American candidate, was not running in the race.其後,吳明曉指控周燕霞散發一份文宣,指稱他(唯一的另外一位華裔候選人)並沒有在競選。

“Why have you been telling people I’m not running?” Wu asked.吳明曉質問:「你為何不斷告訴別人我並沒有在競選?」

“Well, you’re here, you’re running and I acknowledge that. So, there’syour answer,” Chou said. Later, a volunteer for Wu, whom he said actedon her own volition, demanded an apology from Chou for allegedlycirculating what she called “racist” campaign literature callingSasson a “Jew” and contending any vote not for Chou would elect “theJewish candidate.”周燕霞說:「好吧,既然你在這,你確實在競選,我也承認,所以這就是我的答案」,稍後,一位吳明曉的女性義工要求周燕霞道歉(吳明曉說那是義工的個人行為),因為周燕霞散發一份她稱作是「種族主義」的「競選」文宣,不但稱沙頌為「猶太姥」(Jew)還說只要不把票投給周就會幫助猶太裔候選人當選。

At one point, the discourse became so heated and decentralized thatthe organizer, Park, had to remind the moderator, Jannacio, that hewas not supposed to participate in the discussion or critique thecandidate’s responses.場面到後來瀕臨失控,活動主辦人甚至還需要提醒主持人Jannacio,告訴他不應涉入候選人的討論以及評論候選人的回應。

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save Flushing Queens To Be BiLingual

Since we started our Community Site Save Flushing Queens. We have received many different emails. Some saying we are the tools for a political candidate, some saying we are ignorant, some saying we are the voice of the silent majority.


Well thanks to the offer of a trusted friend our post will now be translated into different languages. We purchased an email list from a list broker and it seems that we were attempting to reach out but some did not understand our message.

So look for our new feature! Have a Great Day!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Only the Strong Will Survive

It is my understanding that tomorrow all the "Political Wanabees" and "Political King Makers" will swarm to the Board of Elections to fight to knock candidates off the ballot and to try to stay on the ballot. You see our archaic system of operation allows for opponents to keep candidates off the ballot and deny voters the right to a real choice in September and even in November for the most minor of reasons.

Yen Chou has become the "Queen of the Political Challenge." She must have something to be fearful about after all her minions are telling the Chinese press they will get her opponents off the ballot... we will see if she does knock anyone off the voters should deny her the right to be elected. What is even more deceitful is hiding behind attorneys and "challengers" I would have more respect if Yen Chou or anyone who was challenging would put their name to the challenge.

Never they are too scared! Well we will give you an update as the decisions are rendered. Only one fact remains for sure.... Taxpayers are losing money as these self serving candidates continue to run up a bill in Board of Elections overtime and soon Court cases. Shame Shame Shame... Let the Voters decide!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avella seat candidates blast petition challenges

By Stephen StirlingThursday, July 23, 2009 9:14 AM EDT

The campaigns of five Democratic candidates vying for City Councilman Tony Avella’s (D-Bayside) soon-to-be vacated seat called for a moratorium on petition challenges, but were all subsequently challenged by the supporters of the one candidate who declined to enter the agreement.

Tom Cooke, Kevin Kim, Steve Behar and a representative for Debra Markell stood outside the headquarters for the Queens County Democratic Party Friday morning to ask for the campaigns of Paul Vallone and Jerry Ianecce to join them in agreeing not to challenge the signature petitions each had filed with the city Elections Board by yesterday.

“We’re doing this not because our petitions are weak, but because they want to tie up our limited resources by taking our campaigns to court,” Cooke said.

Each of the four campaigns present said they filed more than 2,500 valid signatures with the board, well over the required 900.

Vallone’s campaign later agreed and said it could not attend the news conference because the real estate attorney was receiving the endorsement of Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Flushing at the time.

But Richard Rapp, an associate of CB 11 Chairman Jerry Ianecce’s campaign, filed an objection to all five who entered the agreement, drawing the ire of several of the candidates.

“I respect the New York State Election Law and the safeguards in place to ensure that the democratic process is protected from abuse and fraud,” Markell said. “It should not be used as a political tool, I believe that’s what Jerry Ianecce is doing here.”

Ianecce and his campaign declined to comment.

Challenges to petition signatures are not uncommon, however, and can often be tied up in courts for weeks. In many cases, the fields in highly contested primary races are whittled down as successful challenges toss would-be candidates from the official ballot.

Behar blasted the Democratic Party-backed campaign of Ianecce and Vallone, an attorney who hails from one of the most politically powerful families in Queens, for declining to enter into such an agreement.

“Sometimes you use the system to its advantage even though it’s not the right thing to do,” Behar said. “So when challenges begin to come in, we’ll know where they’re coming from.”

Although one of the campaigns, Vallone’s, said it will not be from its end.

Vallone Campaign Manager Chuck Apelian said his campaign does not plan on issuing any challenges, but could not join the coalition in Forest Hills, and questioned why Cooke and Behar were critical.

“We agree with them. We told them we just couldn’t get there because of the timing,” Apelian said. “I don’t know why they’re saying that. Now they’re the ones playing the negative card.”

Vallone received the endorsement of Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Flushing — an event that took place at the same time.

Ianecce could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Time to Play Nice Ladies and Gentleman

The time for all the shenanigans is about to begin! Lets hope that when the candidates for the 19th and 20th Council District file for public office that they think about the voters rather than their self interest.

You see each year one candidate or another is thrown off the ballot by their opponent. Why because these candidates are afraid to face a real challenge, afraid to let the public make the determination of who should represent them.

Well Save Flushing Queens has purchased an email list of 5,000 households off a Political List Broker and are poised to do weekly updates. We will be sure to include all those who are going to waste our courts time with law suits and waste taxpayer money by frivolously challenging an opponent, we will oppose anyone who denies someone the right to seek to represent us!

We as private citizens are seeking a choice, a real choice and this year we have that, if candidates use our archaic system of “Petitioning” to limit our choice we will work hard to oppose said candidates.

This Post will be sent to all the candidates Please tell us if you plan on Challenging your opponent or if you believe in true Democracy!

Tribune Questions Yen Chou

Campaign Refutes Tie To Anti-Semitic Slur

By Brian M. Rafferty

The campaign of Council candidate Yen Chou was hit last week of rumors that it supported an anti-Semitic position in helping Chinese-Americans retain the seat set to be vacated by John Liu.

Liu (D-Flushing) is the first Asian-American elected to the City Council, and Chou had met with supporters a couple of weeks ago to discuss strategy for maintaining a Chinese presence in the Council.

According to Chou’s Campaign Manager Carlos Olmeda, Chou met with a group of Chinese business and social leaders who had cobbled together notes that discussed the nationalities and ancestry of the candidates in the race - two of whom are Chinese, two of whom are Korean and one of whom is Jewish, of Lebanese descent.

Identical copies of those notes were obtained by a local blog, saveflushingqueens, as well as local newspapers.

When translated independently, the notes read as strategy, stating that a Republican (in this case Chinese-American Peter Koo) cannot win the general election, and that the only way to ensure a Chinese American candidate would be to encourage Chinese American voters to come out in full force during the primary.

The translation, however, reads "If you waited until the general election to vote for Peter Koo and forgo the primary, you will have elected a Jewish candidate, assuming the two Korean candidates cancel each other out."

The majority of the rest of the document states the talking points for Chou, but comes back again at the end to say "We Chinese people, we usually don't participate in the primary, therefore we are helping the Jewish people win."

"This was not generated by the campaign," Olmeda said. "This was a compilation of someone else's ideas in response to something that Peter Koo put out in the Chinese community stating that he could win in the general election."

Attempts to reach Isaac Sasson, the Jewish candidate in the race, were not fruitful. A spokesman for the Peter Koo campaign said the Ming Pao Daily, a Chinese language paper, would be able to explain the notes, but calls to that paper were not returned.

Olmeda said that literal translation from Chinese is often difficult, noting that he has asked the Chinese campaign staff to allow him to formulate the wording of press releases going to English-speaking media to be sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

The independent translator used by the Tribune indicated that the notes appeared to be less organized than one would find in a press release, and sounded almost as if the text had been translated into Chinese from English beforehand.

Olmeda said Chou, if she were to lose the primary, would most likely put her support behind the Democratic candidate, even if it meant that the only Chinese American in the race was a Republican.