Friday, September 4, 2009

Say No to Yen Chou

It is not surprising that the anti-white candidate, Yen Chou, decided not to attend a debate hosted by the Flushing Jewish Community Council. It is obvious that Yen Chou is not only ignoring White, Hispanic and African American voters but she is also unwilling to defend her anti-Semitic remarks she made in the local press. Clearly she hid in fear that her agenda would be put on public inspection prior to Primary day.

The 20th Council District needs a representative that unifies our diverse community and not divides us. Yen Chou will be a disaster if she is elected to any public office. As a community we need to act now and prevent her from continuing her politics of hate, prejudice and divisiveness.

If elected, Yen Chou will be unable to work with her fellow colleagues or the Mayor rendering her useless and ineffective thus hurting our community every other Council member will bring back the necessary funding we to support the many programs their community rely upon except Yen Chou, she will be sitting with Charles Baron wondering why hate hurts.

若周燕霞当选,她的无能与无效将无法与其他市议员和市长一起工作,进而伤害我们社区的权益。每位市议员都会分配到一定的政府经费,资助本地的各项计画所需,她将会跟 坐在一起,然后还不知道仇恨带来的伤害。
As a community, we need to say NO to Yen Cho.


  1. Sasson, do you think you can win this seat simply by kicking all other candidates' ass? You are wrong! Even all of them are as bad as you said, I would rather just stay home on Sep 15th!

  2. Yen Chou has a host of Skelatens in her closet, from signing over her AIM busisness to her father, to using her School Board position to advance her private busisness and maybe campaign Finance Fraud Time will tell..

  3. Where is Yen Chou she has a history of not showing up when she is obligated to.. She loves the Position She Loves the Power and she Loves to profit.... but she hates to work!

  4. A person in the knowSeptember 7, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    James Wu is the only candidate who is running a campaign on the issues. Yen Chou will be arrested if she is let into the City Council she already has Investigators looking at her.