Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yen Chou in Serious Trouble

So the Primary is over and the results are in and Yen Chou appears to have squeaked by despite spending the most money, buying off supporters and dividing the community with racially hurtful statements and a campaign that pitted Chinese vs. Korean, Asians vs. Jews and Hispanics vs. Whites.

The Flushing campaign is an example of what we all hate and despise about politics. During the Primary season, Special interest groups came into the district and tried to buy a City Council Seat by pouring money into political coffers so that if a candidate gets elected, they are forever indebted. Yen Chou’s financial disclosures read like a who’s who in “I’m going to screw Flushing”. But the good people of the 20th Council District in the Democratic Primary manage to recognize this and 76% of all those who voted rejected Yen Chou and her politics of hate and divisiveness. A political upstart in S. J. Jung, nearly toppled Yen Chou despite having only moved into the community a mere few months ago.

Let’s review why Yen Chou should have lost this primary despite being the overwhelming favorite.

1. People rejected her politics of hate.
2. They were angered when they learned of her abysmal record as an official representative of the people for the Department of Education.
3. Her anti-Semitic statements galvanized the Jewish vote and nearly propelled Isaac Sason to victory.
4. Yen Chou’s campaign finance disclosures are under investigation and people know where there is smoke there is fire.

All the political pundits had Yen Chou walking away with this Primary race, but now she faces the fight of her life in the November election. This district was perfectly suited for a true leader like Isaac Sasson but absent that, Peter Koo, the Republican candidate may be able to overcome the enrollment differences by beating a divided Democratic ticket as S.J. Jung stays on the “working families” line.

Yen Chou’s voter base will be divided and Peter Koo with 3 lines in November may very well pull off the upset of the century in Flushing. Yen Chou can be defeated and her vile brand of politics can be eliminated.

Stay tuned folks, the fight has just begun.

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  1. I always vote Republican after the Primary.