Tuesday, September 1, 2009

S.J Jung Steps in Acorn Dung

In a recent mailer sent to voters, S. J Jung proudly announces that he has been endorsed by the notorious left wing radical group Acorn. Unfortunately for S. J, it is illegal for any candidate to be endorsed by an organization claiming to be a non-for-profit organization.

We guess that S. J Jung doesn’t care that the FBI launched an investigation into ACORN, because of allegations that the scandal scarred anti-American group has been accused of voter-registration fraud across the country.

We will give him a pass on taking the leftist Working Family Party’s line. We will even allow him to tout that he has been supported by legislators who wouldn’t know where Flushing was on a map, but those who are expected to lead with integrity and honor should be denouncing fraud not praising it.


  1. For a person who speaks of Integrity and Honor.. How could he accept the endorsement of a group that caused our Federal Bureau of Investigations to take time away from fighting terrorist to invistigate them.

    If this guy gets elected he owes all the special interest that you see on his flyers.

    God help Flushing if he manages to win

  2. SJ Jung's new song " I OWE I OWE ITS off the City Council I go" He will have to pay special interest before he takes care of US. Issac Sasson is the right Choice.

  3. Mr. Sasson. Stop attacking other candidate behind the monitor!

  4. I am a Korean American and I really don't know what the hell this blog is talking about. Those organizations also endorse a lot of candidates all over the city.

  5. I hate carpetbaggersSeptember 7, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    SJ go back to Jersey and take your anti US buddies with you. Is it true you asked someone where Roosevelt Avenue was? I believe that story!

  6. White people are scared of S.J. he is the best candidate, even the NY Times support him!