Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liu and Koo at Fundraiser Signals New Generation Of Leaders Who Put Community First

Councilman Elect Peter Koo hosted a fundraiser just a few days ago to apparently assist in paying down debt from his successful campaign. The turnout was quite impressive, I attended as a guest of a prominent Korean leader who was a full pledged Koo fan, he is unaware of my private life as a blogger.

Well it is true Koo always stated "This is not about Republican or Democrat but Leadership and Experience" His fundraiser showed that to be true. Leaders from all Parties flocked through the door enthusiastically showing Koo's broad appeal. Senator Frank Padavan, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, Former Senator Serf Maltese, Democratic Council Candidate Isaac Sasson, Mike Niebauer Independence party Chairman, Former Republican Council Members not sure but I think Tom Ognibene, Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, Democratic leader Terence Park, Vince Tabone Executive Vice Chairman of the Queens GOP.

The list goes on, but perhaps even more impressive was the racial and religious and political diversity of the 350 attendees. Democrats sitting with Republicans Jews sitting with Hindus and Catholics. Chinese with Koreans, Whites with Hispanics and Blacks sitting with Indians.

The fundraiser proved one thing to me Peter Koo is a Uniter and if this is an example of how he is to govern we are in good shape!


  1. Elected officials should toss aside political party and work together this is a good sign perhaps these arrogant elected officials will realize they need to work for the people and not themselves!

  2. It was good fund-raising. Peter is a good guy.
    Padavan is an entertainer, Grace was graceful, Martha Florez Vesquez was too long, John Liu is a big shot now, Terence was a Kilimanzaro,inspirational and well spoke.

  3. I don't get it. I am a big fan of Terence. Why he is a Kilimanzaro? With no disrespect, Do you know what Kilimanzaro is? It is the highest mountain in Africa? It doesn't sound bad, but why? I'm just curious.