Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Corey Bearak Ethics Reform Should Start at the Beginning

Hey Corey Bearak Ethics reform Should Start at the Beginning

I recently was invited to attend the Queens Civic Congress annual event to meet and greet the Legislators of our great Borough. Now I really don’t know too much about this organization so I decided to Google and do a web search and I was shocked what I found.

Corey Bearak the President of the Queens Civic Congress is a registered Lobbyist and Political Consultant! Joe Bruno gets indicted for using his influence, Corey’s old boss Sheldon Leffler gets sent to jail abusing his Power, Assembly Members Seminerio and McLaughlin both will spend time in jail for their transgressions, and yet a community leader can use his Political clout and his community position to make a ton of money and to pad his pockets.

Now Corey is rumored to be running the election of David Weprin for State Assembly. Isn’t this a conflict? How can he purport to be a “Volunteer for the Community” as he gets paid by campaigns and Lobbies Legislators and uses his Community business card to garner entry and influence?

Yes we need to reform Albany Right Away! But we also need to reform “Civic Politics” where the corruption starts.

Corey B. Bearak Biography of Political Service: A professional Hack

Government & Public Affairs Counselor Attorney-At-Law

Consulting Services
Public Policy and Government Affairs
Political Consulting and Strategic Campaign Management
Media and Public Affairs Political Lobbyist

Corey Bearak provides strategic consulting services for public officials, government and community agencies, unions, institutions, private firms, individuals, and political candidates, and manages non-clinical operations of a human services agency

Corey was named Legislative Counsel to then-Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer in 1999, where he developed issues and new policy initiatives, counseled the Borough President on legislation and served as a legal, media and policy advisor. Through April 2003, Corey served Mr. Ferrer's successor, Adolfo Carrion Jr., as Director of Planning, Policy and Budget. Before heading to the Bronx, Corey served more than 16 years as Counsel/Chief of Staff to a northeast Queens City Council Member who chaired the Public Safety Committee and previously the Committee on Environmental Protection. From June 2003 through May 2005, he authored a weekly column on public policy, The Public Ought to Know. Corey also served as an Assistant to then-Secretary of State Mario Cuomo and in the Office of Bronx District Attorney Mario Merola.


  1. Will new Ethics laws preclude Lobbyist and those who profit from government from serving in an offical capacity? It is wrong to have someone look like they serve the interest of the public when they serve themselves!

  2. Hey come on now Corey works hard for the community. So he makes money at it so does all the other Pols. I thought it distasteful to link Corey to Sheldon Leffler, no proof existed that Corey knew Sheldon was a crook.

  3. The Queens Civic Congress all have people who play politics what do you expect? All the civics care about the community so they are involved even in political campaigns. BUT no President should be a Lobbiest!

  4. Please Corey needs to make alot of money.. do you know what is monthly food bill is??? Do you know how many ties he has to buy because food stains destroyed the others?

  5. In Corey Bearak's bio he mentions he worked in the City Council.. but he failed to mention his Boss went to jail while Corey was with him... Begs to ask the question What did Corey know and when??

  6. Corey must not spread his legs in two places, one as a civic leader and the other in money hungry political consultant. As a political consultant I grade him not F but somewhere bet. D and C. (I'm trying to be really objective here) I saw him at Ackerman's year end Party yesterday, and he was so arrogant along with David Weprin. Weprin is another one, both gotta problems with interpersonnel skills. They are so stiff and fresh!


  7. Corey screwed me big time. He is an incompetent political consultant. He has no understanding on our diverse community like ours. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON HIM.