Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Park Endorses Koo Yen Chou Weakened

Terence Park a fixture in the Korean American Community has publicly crossed party lines to endorse and support Peter Koo for the race for City Council. Clearly Park long known for thinking clearly and then making an educated decision must realize that Democratic Council candidate Yen Chou is in deep trouble. Park has also made the determination that Political newcomer SJ Jung can never win on the Working Families Party Line.

As the election comes closer Political pundits are wondering why Yen Chou's opponents have yet to come out publicly to endorse her. The reason is that most of them believe that Yen Chou is incapable of leading the community. Rumor has it that most of the Democrats that sought office are working with Republican Peter Koo.

Hold tight this Election is not over yet!!!!


  1. The brave Park did the right thing. Peter's been around but Yen never has been. In fact, she moved into Flushing last year from Bayside. Although Park is a loyal democrat, he always follows his heart for the people of his community. (He did it in 2006 running against the will of Queens County Democratic Organization) This time supporting Peter Koo over incompetent fellow democrat Yen Chow. However, I'm concerned about Park's political career for crossing party lines. God bless him!

  2. The brave Park did the right thing again for the community. Peter Koo's been around when Yen Chow just moved into Flushing last year from Bayside. Park seems he always follows his heart for the people over just being loyal to his party line. God bless him!

  3. Park crossed party Lines to support Rudy Giuliani over David Dinkins despite being a Democrat employed under Dinkins, He stood up against the radical militants in Brooklyn who were organizing boycots of Korean Market Places. Peter Koo did the same. We need leaders who fight for what is right rather than what Party dictates.

  4. Yen Chou is Bad plain Bad she really is a woman who is Bad.