Friday, October 9, 2009

Yen Chou Mudslinger and Dirty Campaigner

Yen Chou has become the perfect Politician in the most negative of ways. Let us for the moment forget her blind allegiance to the developer of the Caldor site Sam Chan, who continues to try and pad her pockets and allegedly makes illegal contributions for what I am sure will be future favors should the public turn a blind eye to honesty and integrity and put Chou in office.

Let us warn you she is poised to attack her opponent Peter Koo and was ready to attack SJ Jung before he pulled out of the race. Why may you ask?

Because when you can't win on substance, experience or record you lie, cheat and demean honest people!

You heard it here first.

What will she say??? She was ready to attack SJ as a candidate who can't win, who had connections to Korean leftists and just moved into the district. She will try to divide Flushing by telling Chinese you can't have a Korean representative like she did in the Primary. She will tell you that he has the support of Unions and he is a Liberal Democrat. She was going to use the politics of fear and hate.

What else will she say? She will lie and say that Peter Koo can't win despite the polls that say something else, she will spread lies about the amount of time he has represented Flushing, she will attack that he is an immigrant and he does not speak perfect English. She may even talk about how Peter was unsuccessful in his first attempt at Public office. So what?

In the Primary Yen Chou started false rumours against Isaac Sasoon a good man and leader.

Yes she will attack and attack and throw mud all so she does not have to answer questions about her own record.

Call Yen Chou ask her how many times she was late or absent from her official department of Education Position representing parents on the Community Education Council.

Call and ask Yen Chou if she has the proper license for teaching?

Call and ask Yen Chou why she did not support Flushing's own John Liu in the Primary but instead David Weprin.

Why do candidates Mudsling? Because they are hiding their own failures. Yen Chou you can run but you can't hide your record of failure and corruption follows you where ever you go.
周燕霞最近已经把政客能做的坏事都一一做尽了。像是大开发商Sam Chan不断把钱塞进周燕霞的口袋,还非法利用人头捐款给周燕霞,我相信这些将来周燕霞要昧著良心把这些恩惠一一回报给她。













  1. I wanted to Vote for SJ in the General but now I can't he will not win. Im must look at Koo

  2. I am more offended that Yen Chou has a personal voting record that sucks.. She won't even know how to pull the lever! She has no experience!

    Yen wants us to take civics and community service seriously and she does not practice what she preaches. She and her Thugs go and try to intimidate Business owners and voters.

    She may be suprised on Youtube with 2 Videos one of a man on her payroll tearing down posters and a leader in her campaign using mafia type tactics on a property owner saying that she will have the power to destroy him if he does not support her... nowdays stores have video cameras some with sound!

    I will never vote for Yen Chou!

  3. Yen Chou paid one person Cash for a job in violation of the law. We all know she paid many more except one person keeps bragging about the $4000 ON TAPE.

  4. Although the campaign itself was meant for the betterment of the whole community of Flushing, Queens, this campaign has been tainted by corruption and dirty tactics thanks to the likes of Yen Chou. Her posters are swarming every alleyway ranging from the corners of northern boulevard to the tree trunks in the botanical gardens. She needs to realize that we are all capable of reading the letters compromising the name "Yen Chou" and campaign in a more efficient way without polluting the environment. The picture posted on Oct 1 represents the thoughts of many people who walk by that street everyday who wonder "Why are there so many signs placed on public grounds?". I hope a more able candidate takes the lead and the likes of Yen Chou be excised from the race.

  5. I found Yen Chou a very arrogant person. She expects people to pay respect or something. She acts like she is something. She says John Liu is her strong supporter which Liu's close associate denies it. My friends have a bitter taste in a mouth because she is saying that she has a power to hurt you if you don't support her. Anyway, she is a not good person I think. Because her campaign manager MIKE OLMEDA is attacking Terence Park for supporting PETER KOO. That's is a very unwise thing to do. They will lose votes by attacking well respected community leader like Terence Park. Poor Terence... I think he is unlucky. Well, who knows what's gonna happen in the future. It ain't over till it's over, right? Let's watch him. I don't think he will give in. He has too much pride in him for serving people of Flushing.

  6. Who is MIKE OLMEDA? He lives here? I wanna see this guy! He is Yen Chou's campaign manager, right? I heard he is a kind of guy who stabs you in the back for money, no matter what. I heard Terence did good things for him like getting him a job and making thousand dollars of donations and etc. What a despicable man!

  7. Terence Park should always support Democrat no matter what! He should support his Party and be loyal and shut up about it

  8. I see a patern here Democrats crossing party lines to support Republican Peter Koo how interesting..... Can Koo win? I think YES!

  9. I hope more people have the moral cpourage to step out and support Peter Koo or Vote for SJ Jung Yen Chou is such a liar. She said she supports John Liu but she never did she Voted aginst him. She told ME John Liu is corrupt!

    Don't trust Yen Chou!

  10. Yen Chou The Liar SaysOctober 13, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    A couple of days before the primary, Chou began circulating a flyer alleging that James Wu never had a job, never graduated from college, never served in the military, etc. These are all complete lies. Not only is Chou running a dirty campaign, she's a libel case waiting to happen not to mention possible criminal proceedings.

    During several news conferences, Chou claimed that she is a professional educator, even a professor. In fact Chou does not possess any New York State teaching credential nor has she taught in any New York State public school. She runs a tutorial school as a for-profit business. She tutored mathematics in Chinese to new Chinese students at the Queens Borough Community College as a result of Sam Chan’s donation of $250,000 to the college in a span of five years. Chou also received much of her political favors because Chan donated a lot of money to David Weprin’s campaign and asked Chou to be Weprin’s Asian Assistance. Don't just take what I say, check these facts for your own sake.

    Recently, when some Flushing residence confronted Chou with her actions, she threatened to “fix these ******** once I’m elected.” Is this someone you would like to represent you? I certainly hope not.

    You can’t win Flushing without courting the Chinese voters. Chou has repeatedly played the race card during her campaign. But just how does she treat her fellow Chinese Americans? While representing the 26th School District, the Chinese parents complained that Chou consistently refused to help them. Her usual reply was that her position did not give her a salary, and that it was not her job to help the parents.

    In February of 2002, after learning that many Chinese parents of the 26th School District (including several PS, IS and Chinese language schools) were jointly planning a Chinese New Year party at IS158, Chou told the School District that such party is the Chinese parents’ way to “confront the leadership of the school district.” When such tactic failed to produce the desired result, Chou resorted to fabricating the existence of asbestos in the IS158 auditorium the day before the event, and thus forcing the party to be held in the much smaller dining hall. IS158 later clarified that there was no asbestos in the auditorium whatsoever, and that it was a hoax.

    When the Chinese parents of the 26th SD tried to organize a Chinese parents PTA to alleviate communication issues with the schools (due to Chou’s derelict of duty) Chou deliberately sabotaged every effort.

    I cannot help but to ask, why is she so hostile toward the Chinese community that she is supposed to help and serve

  11. Response to a man who wrote on 10/12 at 5:15 a.m. as "Terence Park should always support Democrat no matter what! He should support his Party and be loyal and shut up about it"
    Can you say in a nice way? Come on! It is perfectly O.K. to have your opinion. However, you don't have to ignore civility if you are a decent human being. Yen Chou, her campaign manager Michael Olmeda and her supporters all are so mean!!! Don't you have better things to do at 5:15 in the morning? Instead of saying "shut up" somebody like TERENCE PARK? I know him but don't know him a lot, but I've seen him many times in public and when he spoke. He seems very nice guy.

  12. Party matters sometimes we have to have one bad apple to control everything. The Democrats are in control why would Park want to destroy this. Terence go read a book to your child and forget Politics. Yen Chou is god! Just look at her Posters all over the community!

  13. Don't you get it!!! This guy, Mr. Park, cares about our community, and he stood up. Mr. Park can't rely on Yen Chou, who is from no where. I buy that. I think voters, regardless of party affiliation, should stand up like Mr. Park to protect our community from an intruder who has no experience and respect for people.
    What? "Yen Chou is good! Just look at her Posters all over the community!" Yeah! Right! Go look at posters at RKO and other places. She is graffiting with posters all over the town. Come on voters, let's stand up for our community. Let's teach a lesson that this is our community and it belongs to us. No one can't just move into our community just before the electon and take it away form us.
    P.S: Terence doesn't need to read books to his child. His child is all grown up.

  14. Live him alone. Terrence did good things fo me and my wife. He is a nice guy who works hard for his family and community. If you messing with him you're messing with me.


  15. Yeah! Park wants to destroy Democrats? Why would he do that? He is a democrat. He ran a few times, right? I voted for him. Too bad he lost, he was so close. I felt bad for him. What happen to him this year? Why didn't he run?

  16. You know what, I think Terrance Park is a terrific community leader. Much better than Peter Koo. I have no idea why he endorsed Peter Koo really. I've heard Park speak and I've heard Koo speak in public. Koo spends most of his time trying to make sense of the script other people write for him. Terrance Park however is a real leader with a good grasp of the local issues and a strong sense of Civic Commitment.

    So you know what? This election, don't vote for Yen Chou and don't vote for Peter Koo. Let's vote for a REAL LEADER instead. Down with Koo, Down with Chou. It's Terrance Park or nothing because he's a far better leader than anyone. Terrance Park is the greatest community leader in the world.

  17. I was so happy to see the Department of Sanitation issuing summonses to Yen Chou for defacing the RKO

  18. You know why TERENCE PARK didn't run this year? Becaue There were too many Asians. He is Korean American and there were 3 Korean candidates. All are ONE FROM THE CUCKOO'S NEST. S.J. JUNG flew from New Jersey in 2008. RON KIM flew away and flew back home and fell out of the nest while try to fly, and JOHN CHOE from Liu's nest and will he ever fly by himself? They're all CUCKOOS. Terence just didn't see himself wining when all these cuckoos running around. One day, I think Terence will fly in His time. When that time comes let's all come out and support him because he truly deserved one. Come on! Terence! Fly! Fly! Fly!