Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Future Depends on This Tuesday Vote Peter Koo Vs. Yen Chou

With the race for City Council coming down to the last days… we here at Save Flushing Queens ask that each of our readers exercise our right to vote and make a decision! Failure to vote is abdicating your civic responsibility and only empowers others over yourself.

The choice for City Council in District 20 could never be clearer. The Choice is Peter Koo. Peter deserves a chance to represent us; he has lived in Flushing, worked in Flushing, Employs people in Flushing, and has financially supported so many charitable events and organizations in Flushing but more important he is a man of honor and unfortunately his opponent Yen Chou cannot say the same.

Yen Chou has desecrated the RKO Theatre with Illegal Posters
Yen Chou has Failed to Vote in 10 years
Yen Chou’s AIM academy failed to pay rent and was evicted having to pay $9300.00
Yen Chou Missed or was late to 70% of her official meetings and was forced to resign in disgrace.
Yen Chou used anti-Jewish propaganda in her Primary Election
Yen Chou was petitioned by 300 angry parents demanding her School Board removal accusing her of specific acts of fraud.
Yen Chou has accepted all the Special Interest money, and will be the special interest best friend
Yen Chou may face an investigation into her Campaign Finance Fraud
Yen Chou’s non-for-profit raises over 115,000 and does not show where it is spent leading to potential Fraud.

Yen Chou is simply unfit to serve. So this Tuesday Vote as if the future of our community depends upon it…because Ladies and Gentleman IT DOES!


  1. Thanks for bringing out all these things about Yen Chou. You forgot to mention she just moved into the community. She never worked in Flushing nor does she give a junk about Flushing

  2. Hey guys I have a few more days till Election I am making a ton of money and cash from Yen>> You should come here and make money too. I have enough cash now to build a new kitchen and add a Hot Tub to my upstate home.

  3. oh so thats why she does't have enough money to pay for her rent and had her tutoring academy evicted..

  4. I voted for SJ Jung in the Primary and I'm calling on all Democrats who voted for SJ Jung or Isaac Sassoon to join me in voting for Peter Koo.

  5. If Yen Chou gets elected, God forbid we need to go to her office for help, only to find out that she's been evicted for not paying rent.

    With no office, she won't have to go to work, so it will be just like old times for Yen Chou.

  6. Former Dem StafferNovember 1, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    As I sit and read this blog I realize what a huge mistake I made in voting for Yen Chou in the primary! I voted as a favor to a friend who knows David Weprin. I attend her fundraiser just the other night and for the first time got a chance to talk with her. She does not know a thing about the City Council I worked at City Hall for Councilman Sanders, I know how hard it is to get things done. Yen Chou will take one month to find the bathroom! Now way she will be able to work for her community. SJ was who I should have voted for, but now I am voting for Republican Peter Koo on the Independance line never the Republican.
    Democrats have to run real candidates not a woman whose one talent is raising money for special interest and giving out cash.

  7. My company had the chance to talk to her and her campaign... they had the sleeziest group of staffs running the campaign. Birds of a feather flock together huh?

  8. Peter thinks he can roll out Democratic rethreads like Terence Park, and Paulune Chu and Political sell outs like Martha Velasquez and win? Please real Democrats like Yen Chou know how to win on the first time out.

  9. Peter Koo has all that it takes to be effective Yen Chou is being sleazy with her campaign. I hope Peter wins.. we need him in the City Council.

  10. Wow I got a phone call from Rudy Giuliani for Peter Koo! I am so happy I can't wait to Vote for him.

  11. I smell the victory for the people in Flushing with a right candidate, Peter Koo. Good work guys who helped us to understand what this election is all about, thanks to TERENCE. Sorry I misunderstood you before. I thought you are out of your mind supporting Republican as a loyal Democrat, but now I understand. You are the real hero, win or lose, in this election for your courage to stand up for the betterment of our community.


  12. In 24 hours we will have new Council Member please god not Yen Chou

  13. I want to volunteer to help Peter Koo win. How can I help? Who do I call?