Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

The Race for City Council is only 13 days away and the pace is picking up with community leaders now taking sides and some jumping sides and some playing both sides. If you put your ear to the ground you can tell that people were not expecting this close of a race in Flushing. We are not surprised Peter Koo and Yen Chou are waging this epic battle what we are surprised is how many people have emailed us encouraging us to continue with our site. We admit we are angry at the way Yen Chou sent out nasty attack pieces directed at James Wu and John Choe in the primary. We are angry how Yen Chou puts posters everywhere making our community look like a slum. So we accept the criticism that we have shown anger towards Yen Chou but we challenger her to show us that she can live within the law, if she does we have less to be critical about.


  1. Yen Chou may prevail because there are too many democrats and too short time to reachout to democrats. Koo should've reached out to TERENCE way before primary.

  2. Yen Chou believes she is above the Law, no one is just ask John Liu 558K in fines for Posters.

  3. Peter Koo is one tough customer! he will fight like the Dickens for us in Flushing!

  4. I get why everyone here hates Yen Chou. Because I totally agree. She thinks she's above the law by putting up pictures everywhere.

    But why do so many people support Koo? Koo's just as terrible as Chou! He'll fight like Dickens, but he sure ain't fighting like Dickens for us.

    Peter Koo is a coward. If he had any guts, he would've ran in the Democratic Primary. Maybe if he did we'd have a real community leader like Isaac Sasson or S.J. Jung as the Democratic Nominee.

    Peter Koo stands for everything this community is against. He's thrown over a hundred thousand dollars in this campaign. His english is terrible. Have you watched his NBC commercial? Clearly Peter Koo has no idea what he's saying and is just reading someone else's script. The man is totally incoherent and clueless about local issue.

    If you visit his website, it's totally empty. He has these silly naive ideas and grand empty promises. And whenever you ask him about his status as a Republican, he starts sprouting non-sense about a "mayoral connection".

    Let's not vote Yen Chou OR Peter Koo. Let's vote a real leader like S.J. Jung, or not vote at all. Down with Chou, Down with Koo.

  5. I agree with the Poster above that Peter Koo is not the best candidate the world has to offer.. but a vote for SJ JUNG is a Vote for Yen Chou. Peter is honest and real is he perfect no. But he respects the laws and respects the people of Flushing. Yes he has spent his own money on his campaign that is better than being beholden to Sam Chen and every other developer and speical interest group the world has to offer. I believe that Peter Koo is a very bright man as evidenced by his degree and his success in business but he does not speak english well.. My friend millions of immigrants come to this Country and don't speak perfect english and they play a role in keeping America strong and vibrant.. when you attack on how someone speaks you attack my mother and father who were immigrants who learned to speak the best they could.. You offend me and my family who work hard each day without speaking perfect english but we try!

    I say a Vote for Peter Koo is the right Choice and the only choice!

  6. I am not going vote for someone who never votes.

  7. Peter Koo has been with us all these years, years in community board #7, co-chair for the Lunar perade, BID committee president and business in the heart of downtown Flusing. Yet, Yen Chou and S.J. JUNG both moved into Flushing in November 2008 only to run for City Concucil. Jung even voted in NJ in 2008 and Chou never voted since she registered in 1999. They are B.S. and opportunitist. We don't want them. We need and want someone who has devoted their time and energy in our community. Peter is the one.