Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Yen Chou I Needed The Laugh

Yesterday I received in the mail a piece of Literature to my home from Yen Chou. Now I realize that in Politics, Politicians will say anything to get elected! No matter what! No truth? That's OK! I am Yen Chou what I saw must be true even when it is a lie.

Point One:

Yen Chou has photo's of herself with Various ethnic groups saying she is "bringing our community together" Really Yen? Then explain to the Jewish Voters why your campaign's anti-Semitic rants during the primary were made and explain to the voter why you never apologized? Maybe because you needed to divide the Community to win!

Yen why did you say this Council seat is a "Chinese Seat" are there not others who can represent this district with honor? Maybe a Korean American or a Latino American or African American or yes even a White American. Why Yen do you needed to divide our community to win the primary? Maybe you have no record of experience and the things that you do are mired in corruption and illegality or lack of civic responsibility.

Point Two:

Yen Chou shows herself with Congressman Ackerman calling him her mentor. Really Yen then explain why you never voted for your "Mentor" Is that what the Congressman teaches? Did your Mentor approve of you missing over 60 percent of all your CEC meetings? Do you make your Mentor proud? I am sure he looks at your record and is embarrassed.

Point Three:

Yen why have you accepted the endorsement of Council Speaker Christine Quinn? Do you read the papers? She had an illegal Slush Fund and is under investigation by the Federal Government for Fraud. Already Council Staffers and Council Members have been arrested and charged. Is that the leader you will support if you are elected? I say yes because you are not independent you are a tool with no original thoughts.

We need Real Change we need a Council Member who shows up for work! We need a Council Member who votes we need a leader not a tool of Politics and Special Interest.


  1. Yen Chou has a history of exagerating she believes she has done so much good all she does is make money for her family and herself. She cares not for the community.

  2. Please Vote for Peter Koo...Yen Chou can not lead!

  3. Point One: Yen Chou is pretending to be Chinese to get votes, but she is Taiwanese. She couldn't unite Siamese Twins.

    Point Two: How is it possible for Congressman Gary Doolittle Ackerman to be Yen Chou's "mentor"? Didn't they just meet last week? On the other hand, maybe that says something about the depth of Yen Chou's mentoring. Also, let's not forget that John Liu claimed former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin was his mentor--of course, that was before McLaughlin was busted by the FBI, indictged, convicted and sent to Federal prison on a reduced sentence in consideration of his helpful snitching on another political crook, former Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio.

    Point Three: At least Yen Chou is consistent in accepting endorsements from all the sleeze. Then again, who else would endorse her?

  4. If Ackerman "believed in" Yen Chou "from the beginning" as Yen Chou claims, why did Ackerman stay in the closet until last week?

    Does Ackerman approve of Yen Chou's "Chinese-Only" mentality and her anti-Semitic remarks that were directed to Isaac Sasson during the Primary campaign?

    Like everything else, it looks like Yen Chou missed a few lessons during her alleged "Mentorship" by Ackerman.