Monday, August 10, 2009

Yen Chou Political Novice, Rank Amateur And Campaign Finance Fraud?

Yen Chou Political Novice, Rank Amateur And Campaign Finance Fraud?
政治新手周燕霞是否搞不清楚状况 还涉及竞选财务欺诈?

We hear that Yen Chou is calling on her opponents to give back theirmatching funds from the City. While we here at Save Flushing Queensare not the big supporters of the NYC Campaign Finance Board... but itis the Law!
In order for Yen Chou not to be considered a whiny political hypocriteshe should stand up and announce that she will not exceed the spendinglimit set forth by law. Is she willing to do that? We doubt it!
Will she be a Slave to Special Interest? Most certainly!
Will she owe everyone under the sun if she were to get elected? Yesand when that happens it leads to corruption!
Yen Chou is coming under scrutiny for potential campaign FinanceViolations including what some are saying may be illegal tactics.Investigators from Democratic circles are following a lead that somecontributions are illegal because someone is fronting the money fordonors. Is this true? Time will tell!
One thing is for sure, those who live in glass houses should neverthrow stones. Might be wise words for Yen Chou to listen to.


  1. Chou contributed $8,250 to her own campaign. mm...that's an interesting number...

  2. I totally agree what Ms. Yen Chou said. Bill Thompson and David Weprin should give their matching fund as well as James Wu does.

  3. "fraud" is a serious word. this blog should provdie more concret evidence...