Monday, August 3, 2009

Only the Strong Will Survive

It is my understanding that tomorrow all the "Political Wanabees" and "Political King Makers" will swarm to the Board of Elections to fight to knock candidates off the ballot and to try to stay on the ballot. You see our archaic system of operation allows for opponents to keep candidates off the ballot and deny voters the right to a real choice in September and even in November for the most minor of reasons.

Yen Chou has become the "Queen of the Political Challenge." She must have something to be fearful about after all her minions are telling the Chinese press they will get her opponents off the ballot... we will see if she does knock anyone off the voters should deny her the right to be elected. What is even more deceitful is hiding behind attorneys and "challengers" I would have more respect if Yen Chou or anyone who was challenging would put their name to the challenge.

Never they are too scared! Well we will give you an update as the decisions are rendered. Only one fact remains for sure.... Taxpayers are losing money as these self serving candidates continue to run up a bill in Board of Elections overtime and soon Court cases. Shame Shame Shame... Let the Voters decide!


  1. Yen Chou is not the only person to challenge a petition why do you focus on her? I am not a fan of her but she is only one of the candidates who try to knock people off the ballot.

    Please be fair.

  2. People may be suprised if peter Koo wins in November.

  3. Toxic_Avenger@live.comAugust 4, 2009 at 4:06 PM

    I had promised my self I would not comment on this site anymore, because of the misinfomation this site produces. But alas, here I am again writing to correct the misinformed. First, I read the Chou campaign stated that General Chaellenges would be for all candidates, as by right to make sure all candidates collected proper signatures. As you may recall sometime ago a certin candidate did collect bogus signatures and should have been brought up on charges for that. So I believe they were trying to keep everyone honest. Second, if you checked public records (as I have), you would find that the camapign has as of today only persued one candidate, Mr. James Wu, for what ever reason they may have found valid. So once again you print misinformtion without due diligence.

  4. Mr Toxic Avenger please check your facts yesterday at the Board candidates were challenged. Not only Yen Chou but James Wu, and the Republican Peter Koo were challenged. In addition the greek kid was challenged alledgedly by Sasson. You seem to be so far up Yen Chou's ass you can't see the facts.

    I am not a fan of this site it seems to be Issac Sassons personal pet project, but I am no fan of racist like Yen Chou!

  5. Toxic_Avenger@live.comAugust 7, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    Mr. Anonymous, you must be on a different planet than the rest of us, but I was at the Board hearings and there was no board specification challenge to Yen Chou's petitions. As for your "up Yen Chou's ass" comment. Wow!! That sounds personal. The only reason I mention her in my comments is that she is one of the few candidates in this is race not supported by SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. I am a firm believer that if you run for local office and promote your record as a community person their should be no need for SPECIAL INTEREST support or endorsements, let the community support your efforts and you should win. Only two candidates in this race fit that bill and they are Yen Chou and Constantine Kavadas. They are also the only two not using my hard earned tax dollars to support their bid to represent me.

  6. Mr Toxic Avenger you seem fair and well informed...Are you telling me that Yen Chou has not paid an Attorney to try and remove people from the Ballot thus denying citizens a true voice in determining who should be elected?

    Does that mean on the next Financial disclosure we will not see spending used to deny ballot access for all candidates?

    If this is true maybe I will support Yen Chou but when I called the office of the Attorney in the paper asking if the represneted Yen Chou the answer was YES.

    Trying to remove someone from the ballot because someone did not dot an I or Cross a T is reprehensible, and undemocratic! Yen Chou and her bretheren fit the mold win at all cost her Special Interest is spending more than any other candidate if she wants respect for not spending Tax dollars agree to the spending limits that is fair!

  7. mm...looking at Chou's contribution list(big checks and people from the same company max out), none can say she won't be affected by SPECIAL INTEREST in the future!

    Mr. Toxic, how much do you get paid from Chou?

  8. Toxic_Avenger@live.comAugust 9, 2009 at 9:36 PM

    Mr. Anonymous, first let me thank you for the compliment. I never made a statement as to when her campaign purchased legal services, but I do not have the particulars as to why her campaign is challenging Mr. Wu, I will review and get back to you one that issue. As for undemocratic the jury is still out on that one, the saga continues. As far as spending limits of privately raised community money verses candidates who use resourses of special interest groups and do not report them to campaign finance is truly an issue. If you look at the filings of some of these candidates in the 20th, you will find some intersting omitions, like no rent paid; no in-kind services charged to campaign. These groups bypass costs of staff by using so called volunteers to do their bidding, and do not report this inkind service as required by camapign finance rules. Someone such as a Chou or Kavadas who have only local community support must seek fundraising means to a least try to level the field. This is a major problem and loophole within the campaign finance reform rules. Those candidate who garner union and special interest support are taking advantage of the rules by not reporting inkind services. Is that democratic?