Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save Flushing Queens To Be BiLingual

Since we started our Community Site Save Flushing Queens. We have received many different emails. Some saying we are the tools for a political candidate, some saying we are ignorant, some saying we are the voice of the silent majority.


Well thanks to the offer of a trusted friend our post will now be translated into different languages. We purchased an email list from a list broker and it seems that we were attempting to reach out but some did not understand our message.

So look for our new feature! Have a Great Day!



  1. This will be a nice gesture to include more people in your quest for social involvement.

  2. Yes we fully intend to be an active part of this election process. The time for us to elect true leaders is upon us and it is up to us to stand up to Special Interest and fight for local power.