Friday, January 21, 2011

Assemblywoman Grace Meng: Out of Touch with Community

New York Observer Article:

In a recent article on the New York Observer website, Flushing's very own Assemblywoman Grace Meng is featured discussing her "calling out" and demand for apology from Conservative Party member, Rush Limbaugh.

Assemblywoman Meng has been a relatively good representative for Flushing in Assembly and has remained as a stable representative not yet being subdued to Flushing's taboo of having a new Assembly member as what appears to be every Assembly election cycle for the 20th District.

The judgement of rather or not Rush Limbaugh comments was out of order will be tried in the court of public opinion, the concern here at Save Flushing Queens is if Assemblywoman Grace Meng is out of order?

With the New York State deficit looming in the range of $8.2-$11 billion dollars, a tanking economy, exuberant government spending and slumming revenues, countless numbers of displaced workers and to mention the least an out of control legislature; Assemblywoman Meng should hone in on issues in her own backyard.

Our once beloved Flushing has become home to illegal brothels disguised as "Massage Parlors", murders at what appeared to be on a monthly basis in 2010, increased population and decreased housing opportunities. In addition, the question of how long can Flushing's exclusive economy be sustained is brought into question.

In short, if Assemblywoman Meng is going after Rush Limbaugh for what was suppose to be seen as political satire and comedic, why not go after "Saturday Night Live" for their political satirical skits and every other late night talk show host and every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a bit of humor!

Reflecting back on an earlier article "stop the, stop the non-sense", Assemblywoman Meng take your pick at the slue of problems in Flushing to tackle and leave Rush Limbaugh to the court of Public Opinion.


  1. Grace Meng should focus on getting rid of Sheldon Silver and saving our State from Disfunction, Rush is an asshole anyway.

  2. Is Grace meng really that cute?

  3. i agree 100%..she needs to be more in touch with the whole comunity not just her small circle....