Wednesday, March 10, 2010

City Government Debt Addicts and Crooks!

Our City and State are in such a bad way! Our Legislators are looking for additional ways to Tax our citizens. The latest "SODA TAX"!

Now they choose to promote "Health Reasons" to further Tax! Next the Ice Cream Tax??
Perhaps the "Cup Cake Tax" ?? Please maybe the "Lollipop Tax"?

Maybe if our Government officials represented us in good faith we could use real programs instead of padding the pockets of corrupt Pols. Maybe we could save money on Criminal Investigations, Slush Funds could be used to help real people!

I wonder if we could have a public accounting to determine the price tag of how much money was spent Investigating the Slush Funds and I wonder what did David Weprin and Speaker Quinn know and when did they know it?

Can you imagine if you were in charge of Finances for a Corporation and the Stock Holders found out you were misdirecting their money to a fake account to spend on programs and services that helps you. How long would you last in your job? You would be fired right away!

Yet that is what happened in this City and what did we do: We elected and promoted David Weprin the Finance Chair without putting him under subpoena.

We give Speaker Quinn a new 4 year term without making her publicly testify before the State or City to find out what she knows.

We know this Council Staffers Council members are being arrested left and right and those in charge get promoted.....WHY?


  1. David Weprin should have lost his race except he ran against someone who is worse of a candidate. Bob the egomaniac. He ran around talking about swastika's and never spoke of anything else. If you know Bob you hate Bob. We are better off with Idiot Weprin then Bob

  2. Christine Quinn should be removed from office like Hiram Monsarette was removed. She is overseeing the most corrupt Council in history! She had to know if she didn't then she is a failure as an overseer of our Government