Monday, June 7, 2010

Stavisky Faces Primary..Who is John Messer>>> Who cares No Toby!

Rumors are abound that Senator Toby Staivsky will have a true challenge this September! This is a first...Senator Staivsky has been absent from our community for years. Rumor has it she does not even reside in her district.

As a resident and activist I salivate at the chance of voting this woman out of office. Name something she has done for Flushing? She is the Poster child for Albany Term Limits! The relationship between her and her son's business is well documented, and should be subject to criminal investigation.

John Messer announced he is running I saw his Poster in the Palace Diner...Do I know him? No (which is scary), Do we know what he stands for? No. Has he ever been involved in our community? No.

If he is the only choice I am sure he is better than Senator Stavisky. Petitions will be circulated this week lets see if some other candidates jump into the Fray!

I went to his web site noticibly absent is any indication of anything he has accomplished, any civic involvement, never a member of a civic association or fraternal group. I worry that he is just another Attorney looking to Albany for Power and Influence.

If it is Toby Vs Messer Then Messer it is.....


  1. Sasson For Senate

  2. Are you crazy!!!! He nows nothing About real people all he whats is to by votes with his winnings. Furthermore Sasson has been seen with Martha Flores Velasquez she defended a wife beatter. What do you expect. Messer and Sasson are both the wrong choice for aur comunity. Do your homework

  3. STATE SENATE candidate John Messer has spent the past few months campaigning on a platform to save small businesses and middle-class homeowners.

    But the 40-year-old lawyer once headed a firm embroiled in a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud and identity theft ring that targeted vulnerable, middle-income New Yorkers.

    Messer was the president of Griffin Mortgage Corp., which had offices in Queens and Long Island.

    Three years ago, one of its branch managers, Jacob Milton, was arrested for taking customer information and using it to buy homes and open credit card accounts without their knowledge.

    Many victims were recent immigrants who trusted Milton because he was from Bangladesh, investigators said.

    Messer was never charged. Milton is behind bars on Rikers Island and is to be sentenced this month.

    Messer is one of two Democrats challenging incumbent Toby Stavisky in the Sept. 14 primary for the 16th District seat. He said the scandal should not scare off potential voters.

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