Saturday, June 5, 2010

SJ Arrested Now Announces Run

SJ Jung under investigation and subpoenaed by the Feds was recently arrested. Jung who says SJ stands for Social Justice appears to believe that violent protest is the way to achieve attention for him.

The same SJ who failed to speak out on behalf of the Korean merchants, now decides to speak out and get arrested.

SJ seems to feed his ego by reading his press clips.

For the record this man is s selfish self promoter who moved into Flushing to run for City Council, then changes his address to run for District Leader.

Please let us have one candidate WHO IS FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR HIMSELF.

When SJ gets arrested again this time
lock him up and throw away the key.


  1. SJ is such a showboat and self promoter...but he is more charming and less arrogant than Terence Park... If Terence were not such an idiot at times he would walk all over SJ the phony.

  2. Social Justice Jung is not going to win running against Terence Park. The Park is charming and meek... I don't see any arrogance in him, but he is a very proud man. That's required characteristics as a politician, even certain arrogance is needed as a politician. Best wishes to Terence Park.

  3. Self proclaimed Social Justice (S.J. Jung) should seek Social Justice in New Jersey where he came from. Give me a break Social Justice! What have you done for our Flushing community besides being arrested for outsiders?

    Flushing Residence J.C.

  4. I know SJ personally and the one thing I can say about him is that he is sincerely passionate to serve, empower, and advocate on behalf of the community. he worked for many years at a small community organization in Flushing without pay, and this very organization is now the only place in Flushing offering free, comprehensive legal assistance and representative- and the only organization that fights for and organizes low-income folks.