Wednesday, May 5, 2010

109 Police Precinct Ticket Monsters Not Crime Fighters

All one has to do is travel up and down College Point Boulevard and see the 109th Police Precinct Police cars poised to pull you over and issue summonses! Park for 2 seconds and BAM! Ticket!

Random stops to try and find anything wrong to meet quotas! One officer blatantly told a driver "Sorry buddy command needs the numbers".
As a Flushing resident whenever I am in Downtown Flushing all I see are NYPD Traffic enforcement agents hoovering over cars waiting for the second they can pounce with a command has our "Real Men in Blue" doing the same? Shame!!!!

You would think if the 109th Command would read our local papers like I do they would see that Latimer Gardens had a shooting and residents had to take to the streets to fight for Police protection, the residents are angry about illegal drug peddling, prostitution, random acts of violence against kids and families.

And what is the Police Response? Lets find more tickets! Lets harass every law abiding citizen if they park for an extra minute. God help you if your inspection is past due for 15 minutes! Be damned if your tail light is broke!
Let the Police Fight Crime! Don't use them for Tickets. The residents of our community deserve Police Protection not harassment!


  1. The 109 Precinct does not represent the interest of the Asian American population. Try and file a Police report and watch as you get pushed to the side.

  2. I thought I was the only one who noticed this the 109th Police precinct is about generating revenue not providing safety.

  3. They are nasty, disrespectful and arrogant blues.

  4. I don't live in Flushing, but my wife is of Chinese heritage and loves to shop in Flushing. I find it outrageous how the traffic police prey upon law-abiding drivers in Flushing. One cold night, I stopped to pick up my wife (who has been suffering from a head injury at work). As she was getting into the car, a traffic officer, who was waiting to nail any driver who stops, came up to me and quickly issued a ticket for double parking. When I stated that this is unfair, he said in cold words, "She doesn't look so bad." My wife suffers from severe head trauma from the accident. At this point my wife and I were incensed. He said the ticket was "nothing." Nothing!!! I was charged $115 for it! I protested by mail and paid $90.
    A week later, my wife and I were shopping in Flushing and saw a man waiting for a driver to pull out of a parking spot. An over zealous traffic patrol officer stood in front of the poor man's car and issued a ticket. When the man offered to move his car, The officer yelled at the driver, "Go ahead... hit me" and he pointed to the police badge on his shoulder. My wife and I were disgusted by what we saw and felt sympathy for the driver who accepted the double-parking ticket. The man was of Asian background. I am a life-long New Yorker, born and raised here. What is going on??? These patrol officers commonly park where they are not supposed to and go through red lights at will. Why are they not compelled to obey the law and be fair to law-abiding drivers? I feel utterly ashamed. This is a great city, but WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT THIS?