Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mayor Mike Stop the Bleeding

We in Flushing have seen our fair share of crime this year, even if the 109 th Police Precinct refuses to take reports especially from Asian residents. We still see things slipping back to the times when our city was not safe.

We are down nearly 6,000 Police Officers from just a few years ago. Gang violence is a huge problem, recreational drug use is on the rise, and people are not feeling as safe as they once did.

So what do you think Billionaire Mike Bloomberg has to say when asked about this trend: "Our Police can't be everywhere" Yeah Mike...We have a budget that has wreaked with Fraud, with both Council and Bloomy Slush Funds. We continue to fund every failed social program you can imagine and even spend millions of dollars in City Council Pork and we are willing to let Police officers go, and close firehouses.
Mark my word 2010 will be a crime filled ugly year and our Billionaire Mayor won't care. Why should he...he is protected. Mr Mayor Stop the Bleeding Hire New York City Police Officers NOW!

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