Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where is SJ Jung On The Commons?

I for one am most interested in finding out where is SJ on the Flushing Commons? He has attended the meetings, lurched in the rear as if an FBI agent was looking to slap him with another subpoena, but never, never even came forward to speak on behalf of the Korean merchants or on behalf of the Union workers who are starving for jobs.

Why is it" Maybe, because he is in the middle of a political quagmire? SJ was a tool of the Unions and Working Families Party, he was also the wonder child of the Korean community...A white night moving in from Jersey or wherever he came from to run for City Council. Here in lies the problem it is impossible to please both sides! So what does he do? Hides like a political wannabe who has no courage.

We may not always agree with our Political Leaders or those who have run for office and are seeking to run again, but we respect those with the conviction and courage to take a stand...They are leaders! Those who act like SJ is acting now are those who go into Politics to fuel their own ego.


  1. I'm Chinese American. I live in Flushing and I have one girl and one boy. They are 10 and 12. I watched Mr. Park speaking in Community Board #7. I like what he said because he is thinking about the entire Flushing community. But I think that doesn't mean that he is not thinking about Koreans on Union Street. But Mr. Park is in trouble in Korean community since he supported the Muni Lot Development. Now, S.J. is a coward, opportunities and dispicable man who takes advantage on the situation when the Union Street merchants are against Terence Park for he supported the Flushing Commons and Macedonia Affordable Project. People look, Union Street merchants doesn't represent Koreans in Flushing. They are just a small segment of Korean community in Flushing. I think there are about 50 thousands Korean Americans in Flushing. I spoke my Korean friend white friends and they all like the development. S.J. said that he is going to fight for the rights of Koreans. He is taking spot light from Terence. Hey Terence don't step aside. I admire your courage for standing up for Grace Meng, Peter Koo and the Muni Lot #1 development. Keep on fighting. Don't let the man from NJ take your spot light.

    C.C. L

  2. I don't blame Korean merchants turning against Terence. However, Terence is right on this. You've got my vote. I noticed that there are other Koreans for the development like construction workers like us. S.J. is despicable opportunitist. He is trying to steal the show from Terence. Where were you all this time spying on us or waited until merchants turning against Terence? I must say those Korean merchants are so stupid and unreasonable. Where were they all this year when we were discussing the issue? Why are they always showing up at the last minute to oppose things that we already agreed on? Just don't understand them.


  3. Right on Brother! And they think they can buy friendship with buying us lunch. Heck with those merchnats! We will remember Terence who's been supporting Macedonia project. S.J.(Self Proclaimed S-ocial J-ustice) Jung? is to .....

    AME meber J.B.

  4. I am Korean and It seems media is playing against Terence because merchants are their blood line-they make 100% profit from Koreans only. Poor Terence and Ugly Social Unjust:S.J.

    PK KIM

  5. Social Justice Jung is a joke! Social Justice?
    Sneaky Unjust Jung

    Shui W. Ching