Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bearak Quits Civic Congress

Amid Scandal Corey Bearak has resigned as President of the Queens Civic Congress. It appears that Corey approved an Anti Jewish flyer using the hateful symbol of a swastika in the recent State Assembly special election. It was bad enough to use it...then he defended it.

This clearly will not bode well for Corey, and will damage him in his career as a lobbyist.

Corey has managed to dodge the bullet while under investigation with his former boss Sheldon Leffler who was jailed on campaign finance fraud.

We at Save Flushing Queens were the first to point out the inherent conflict of interest with Corey serving as a Lobbyist, Campaign manager and President of the Civic Congress.

Fare Well Corey...Its nice to see you go!

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  1. This fat bum ate all the evidence thats why he didn't get indicted.