Friday, January 8, 2010

The Politics of Terence Park

As this New Year begins we at Save Flushing Queens are begining to wonder what is in store for us politically this year. We know about the State Asssembly and we are standing by Grace Meng she is a proven leader we only wish she would run for State Senate and rid us of the horror show of Toby Stavitsky. But what will become of the Democrats seeking to occupy the District Leadership positions and in particular what will happen to Terence Park?

Terence Park was chosen as on of our Political Winners for his crossing party lines to support Peter Koo over the candidacy of Yen Chou. It was a smart and courageous thing to do. It is clear this decision has revived him as a formidable community leader in Flushing. But how long can he maintain that position? Can he withstand the new leadership of SJ Jung? Time will tell.

We believe Terence is a good man who is not as politically astute as SJ. If so why would Terence speak at the Swearing In of Councilman Halloran? Terence sometimes makes decisions based solely on Politics and not always on the merit of the issue.

We watched him closely in this last City Council race and were impressed we are not so impressed with what we have seen since.

We at Save Flushing Queens hope Terence can beat Carpetbagger SJ, but if he is to be successful he must put community first and himself second. We believe he can. But decisions like fronting for Halloran are just plain stupid! Terence this is the begining of a new Political life take advantage of it! Don't ruin it!


  1. Park has lost his mind! He spoke on Anti-Korean Halloran's inauguration and talked about Obama's victory on Koo's inauguration in front of James Oddo and Marty Golden. Koo should never invite Park to speak on his event anymore!

  2. Well, let's be fair. I don't think it was that stupid. I am sure he's got his own agenda for himself. I think he lost his golden time and the chance in 2009, there were just too many Korean candidates; John Choi, Ron Kim and S.J. (Social Justice)Jung(what a name!) I just don't know when his time will come. I feel sorry for the guy because he tries hard, you know? He is a gentleman.

  3. I think you guys are giving way too much recognition of S.J. Jung for his unproven service to our community. I've been a CB7 member for more than 20 years. Jung said that he served our community for 20 years in Flushing, but I never have seen him doing any kind of community activity at all for last 20 years. I just don't get it. Why you guys even consider him as a community leader? I don't agree with that.

    CB 7 Member

  4. There are just too many Chinese. Terence can't win against Wu. Simply because there are too many Chinese. Unless Terence takes Chinese votes away from Wu,he can't win.