Friday, June 19, 2009

Broken Clock Avella is Right Twice a Day

Iannece Unfit for Office

Councilman Tony Avella the world's largest egomaniac took time from his favorite topic ...HIMSELF to decry that Jerry Iannece is unfit for office. Avella stated in an interview with City Hall newspaper "I believe that he is inappropriate for public office,” Avella continued, “and that a lot of other people also hold that sentiment.”

Well Tony it is a rare occasion that you are right! Iannece is known throughout Political circles as a hot head who involves himself in organizations so that he can get elected to the City Council. Iannece can be a raving lunatic one minute then kissing ass the next. We deserve better. After 10 years of running for office you would think he would have learned to be genuine...NOT. That’s why for the first time we can say we agree with Tony Avella... That was tough to admit!


  1. This Iannace guy is one arrogant fellow I am active in the Italian American Community but I am also a preservationist. Iannace only wants to preserve his ego from attack. He is a disgrace..and not fit for public office.

  2. I happen to think that people are going to be suprised when Markel wins that seat afterall she has a strong background as a former Giuliani and Bloomberg Commissioner

  3. Thanks for your Email Link to this Site I live in Flushing and want to help Save its Character!